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Mini Profile:Lily

Semi-Tiger Form
Semi-Tiger Form
  • Name: Lilith Muirgin Zow
  • Nickname: Lily, Lil, Gin, The Warrior Priestess
  • Hero Identity: Lily the Spirit Wielder
  • Age: 15 (when profile made) Now: 16.5
  • Hair Color: Either natural shades (red, brown, black) or hues of green, blue, or purple.
  • Race: Animalian-Human
  • Tribe: Spirit Wielders that mostly have tigers as their spirit partners.

Powers & Skills:

  1. Healing powers
  2. First Aide Trained
  3. Can make medicines and food from the environment (food not usually great since she just started cooking)
  4. Communication with animals/plants (well any organic life really)
  5. Can help spirits pass on to the spirit world (via a dance she performs)
  6. Hand-to-hand combat skills

Semi-Tiger Form:

  1. Super Strength
  2. Tiger-like Agility
  3. Claws, whiskers, cat eyes, cat-like ears, & cat-like tail
  4. Enhanced senses

Mini Profile:Tigerun

Reverted to a much smaller form when 1st summoned to our world to protect Lily
Reverted to a much smaller form when 1st summoned to our world to protect Lily
  • Name: Tigerun
  • Nickname: Tre (because he has three forms which is extremely rare to have even two, others in the tribe have named him that)
  • Hero Identity: Tigerun, Trinity, Spirit of Light
  • Age: Age unknown(immortal), summoned from spirit world the day Lily was born to watch over her*
  • Fur Color:White(Ice Form), Red/Orange(Fire Form), Brisk Brown/Copper (Feral Form)
  • Creature Type: Tiger Spirit
  • Tribe: None, associates with Lilies' tribe though
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Tigerun has 3 forms:

  1. Organge/Red-Fire Powers
  2. White-Ice Powers
  3. Saber-Feral (extreme strength, extreme senses, extreme physical capability, etc.)

>Immortality & regeneration.

> Tigerun can also communicate with others (spirits & living creatures) via telepathy, teleport to & from the spirit world (& to where ever Lily is), and always knows where Lily is and her physical,mental, & emotional state.

Some Background...

Lilith Muirgin Zow was born into the tribe called Xencu outside the borders of our reality and the spirit world. The tribe's look is very premetive, with tree forts, huts, but also with a twist because it has ancient relics/temples, and some futuristic equipment for those with persmission to go through to the other realities. Her parents names are Zaneder (father) and Lunistic (mother). On the day Lily was born the spirit world sent her one of their own ,it is customary for most of the tribe memebers to recieve their spirit's by at least age 13, but Lily was an exception. This was the year, prophesized to be the coming of three spirits to the tribe that would contain great power. These spirits would be sent to protect three new borns of that year and give them early training in the Spirit Wielding Arts .They're called the Trinity Spirits, Lily's contains the power of Light, while the other two summoned spirit's contain the powers of Hope & Kindness.

Tigerun Cometh & Lily's Family

As if second nature Tigerun teleports himself to Lily as her mother gently rocks her off to sleep. He had decided to take his orange/red fiery form for the occasion, he was excited to finally be here to see who he would be partnered with. He had waited thousands of years to be united and follow through with the prohecy. Awakened by his presence Lily opens her eyes, reaches her small wrinkled hand out to him and pats his head. He leans his head towards her so he can reach. Lunistic's spirit a hawk, just watches from the window sill as it keeps a watchful eye on the new guest. Lilies' father enters the room with only his shadow to accompany him. He never got a spirit partner, but instead he along with a few others in his situation came up with Spirit Weaponry for those without Spirits.

Tigerun pulls his head away and only looks to Lily. Their eyes meet as an unspoken bond is created then and there. He looks up at her parents and Her mother's spirit and tells them he will return when the time is right. As he turns to enter the portal from which he had left. Lily extends her hand up and and begins to clasp her right hand together in an open and shut fasion as if saying goodbye. His eyes twinkle as he steps into the portal, knowing the time would not be right for 10 more years.