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Anime Villain Legion of Doom

Dishonourable Mentions: Pain (Naruto), King Bradley (Full Metal Alchemist), Cell (Dragon Ball), Kaido (One Piece), Vicious (Cowboy Bebop), Big Mom (One Piece) and the Anti-Spiral (Gurren Legann)

List items

  • Villain replacement: Lex Luthor

    Obviously he’d be the Lex Luthor stand in for this group. This cunning and stupidly overpowered Soul Reaper was one of the best characters in all of Bleach

  • Villain replacement: Reverse Flash

    This terrifying alien (that just happens to be as tall as like a 10 year old) has been ravaging the Dragon Ball Universe longer than I’ve been alive! He shares a lot in common with Reverse-Flash, as he strives and achieves power similar to our protagonists, but for much more nefarious purposes.

  • Villain replacement: Joker

    This Psychopathic menace is even called the Joker- so I don’t need to explain who he’ll be. His String-String Fruit is one of the deadliest Devil Fruits in One Piece and is truly an unstoppable weapon in the hands of this monster

  • Villain replacement: Brainiac

    Even though he just seems like an evil Michael Jackson, don’t underestimate the sole leader of the monsters in Demon Slayer. Heks an extremely tough foe who lead to the deaths of many beloved characters- even Tanjiro’s family. His soulless nature makes him the perfect candidate to step in for Brainiac

  • Villain replacement : the Batman Who Laughs

    Though Aizen woukd lead, Father would likely be the one pulling all the strings. This Homonculi is obsessed with power and has an army to boot. He’s definitely one of the toughest villains in anime. Who other villains can say that they became a god?

  • Villain replacement: General Zod

    Though Eren would be an absolute loose cannon among the members of this team, he is an absolute powerhouse who’s willing to get the job done by any means necessary and could join up this fearsome squad for his own purposes

  • Villain replacement: Cheetah

    Though at one point I thought he was a B-tech Frieza, Meruem deserves his spot on this list for his overwhelming strength and leadership. His similarities with the wonder woman villain Cheetah go far back, and he would make a fearsome replacement for her

  • Villain replacement: Sinestro

    Once on the side of good with a best friend by his side (just like Sinestro with Hal & Abin Sur) he slowly realised that the world was darker than imaginable and that human nature cause pd much suffering. Though I prefer his minion Pian - who easily could’ve been on this list- I choose Madara due to his superior battle might and amazing monologues throughout the series. Madara truly brings the pain and has the capacity to be a one man army- like Sinestro

  • Villain replacement: Bane

    This villain is a freak of nature who’s trained his body beyond human limits. He’d make a great adversary to the Dark Knight like Bane because he’s the peak of human strength and shows no mercy to those he deems weak.

  • Villain replacement: Circe

    Though not as well-known for her new villainous status, Merlin should be feared for her dark curiosity and willingness to loosen her morals if she sees fit. This wizard could soon be at the top of every list for anime villains

  • Villain replacement: Darkseid

    This unstoppable force of destruction coukd easily take Darkseid’s place with his limitless reserves of power and appetite for mayhem and destruction. Buu is a force that only plot armour could ever hope to stop if he broke bad again.

  • Villain replacement: Gorilla Grodd

    This oversized user of the Shadow-Shadow Fruit may become the ultimate One Piece villain due to his superiority complex and effective cut-throat attitude to all. Blackbeard is definitely the most dangerous pirate in the series, and his parallels to DC’s monstrous ape are undeniable- from their massive and otherworldly size to their unique powers that put them in a league of their own compared to other villains

  • Villain replacement: Ras Al Ghul

    Dio is a monster in every sense of the word that has constantly returned to haunt the Joestar family with his immortality and massive amounts of allies. Hopefully, for everyone’s sake, he’ll stay dead this time…