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Characters I respect but aren't my absolute favorites

I don't feel strongly about liking these guys in my favorites lists, but they deserve a mention after many fond memories reading comics.

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  • He isn't in it for himself. He doesn't use his powers for selfish desires or misuse them for personal gain. It's not about recognition. If it was, he'd have corrected that little girl when she thanked the actor who played Superman for saving her life when it was the real deal who stepped in. Instead he complimented the man for his attempted heroism.

    A lot of people say that Superman is boring. That he's bland - no personality. I strongly disagree. He gets mad, he makes mistakes, he can't make everything right. That doesn't mean he didn't try to feed the world. Sure, he's killed before, but that was when he had no other option to save lives, and it haunts him to this day. Thats why he took a vow, that he's done a terrific job at keeping. Even against someone as powerful as Emperor Joker, he is "Super" by his own words only in his belief that there is always a way. So he was born an alien. He's proven to put us genetic humans to shame powers or not time and time again. When Etrigan was revealing people's inner beings, and all their evil sides were exposed, Clark was a simple farmer, spreading goodwill to all. It doesn't matter if it's his friend Josh Riverstone back in the Civil Rights era or whoever. If you treat people wrong he will stand up for them. I mean he mouths off to Darkseid. Even LOBO doesn't dare. Superman may not be invulnerable, but he is brave. Brave enough to face adversaries who can (and have) killed him. Brave enough to make Mammoth back down while he had no powers. From telling off Kenny Braverman's dad to teaching the Elite that their methods were wrong, the man is a legend, so much that even Batman would vouch for him with no idea of what his new powerset was capable of.

  • Ok, I admit I don't read his books, but Spider-Man is a relatable guy with real life problems and a chilling rogues gallery. Sure he has messed up on occasion, but with what power he has he is responsible enough to do the amazing, from impressing Thanos enough to save a young girl he didn't even know, to taking on the Juggernaut.

  • True story: I was going to put his action figure into storage until I played 358/2 Days. Now he's where he belongs - being proudly displayed next to his best friend Roxas on my shelf, eating ice cream together. He may not have a heart, being a Nobody, but you sure could've fooled me.

  • Yeah yeah. When Civil War was rolling around, I had this guy pegged for a Government tool and thought I knew what side he was on. How wrong I was. No matter how outnumbered or outclassed he is, they haven't won if one man is left to fight, and just because there may be more of them doesn't make them right. Plus he's a war hero defending rights for all - Mutant, Japanese, whatever.

  • I hate to admit, but I picked up Tieri's run just to see Logan get humbled by Mister X, and I found myself respecting the little guy. He doesn't back down, and he keeps the animal in check. A man is only as good as his word. He doesn't kill just because some yahoos tell him to, even if it is an (obvious) scumbag who crossed Spidey. To be quite honest nowadays I get a bigger grin remembering him almost giving Mr. X his "prize" for winning the tournament than I do remembering him getting robbed due to cheating. But as Lobo's biggest fan, this is our little secret right? Shh.