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Stay safe, people

It's great to support brick and mortar stores but it's even better to not get gunned down.

Also, murder is wrong. I shouldn't even have to say this.


The best part of the awful Marvel vs. DC crossover

... was Darkseid's rivalry with Thanos. Thanos was portrayed as a real powerhouse (as he should be) taking on Lobo, Captain Marvel, Wonder Woman, and Green Lantern. But Darkseid was able to match him in their scuffle with eyebeams. Darkseid was portrayed as a real powerhouse (as he should be) by taking on Storm, Silver Surfer, and Thor (all winners in their respective fights against their DC opponents).

Come to think of it, Thor and Surfer have never looked that good against Darkseid in crossovers. Too bad it's not canon.

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Hulk's last click is absurd

Good attack and damage value, with what could be the most broken special power ever. If he gets on this click, there's less than a 1/6 chance of defeating him. They covered everything from penetrating damage, push damage, outwit, and pulsewave. On top of that, he has toughness. Seriously, if he stops on this click it's game over. Luckily you can send him past it, but if he alter-egos then he's already on it. What were they thinking?

And of course with my luck they'd roll double 2's and KO me.

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The greatest villain of all time (IMO)

The Joker. He's iconic, he's the antithesis of a Dark Knight and mocks everything Batman stands for, sometimes making Batman seriously question his no-kill rule. His kill count is staggering, he's unpredictable, and he's even stumbled on godlike power more than once. Other villains may be stronger, but he has done so much damage to Commissioner Gordon that it's personal. All that, and he's a genius of a mastermind. While I personally don't rank him as my favorite villain, I always give him mad props.

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Lobo was never paid to take a dive against Wolverine

As much as it makes sense, as silly as the outcome in Marvel vs. DC was, it is an Internet myth that Lobo did anything but lose due to fan vote. In fact, he dodges the question in his lettercolumn. Personally, I would've had some sort of knockout gas accident happen, making it more plausible. As big a Lobo fan as I am, I am against the spreading of misinformation.

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It was fun to see all the characters. The art was great. Lobo had a good showing. But above all that, it was thoroughly researched. It must have been a Herculean task to compile and condense into 4 issues! Bravo to Busiek. I don't know why people badmouth this crossover. I for one enjoyed reading it.

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Proof is hard for some people.

It's important to remember history, not only so we can learn from our mistakes but so that we can know the truth. It's pretty scary when people refuse to accept irrefutable proof, but it's even scarier when others back them up.

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