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After a 14 year drought I decided a fun after-work activity would be to catch up with Marvel Continuity and start buying monthly books. I hit up my local Borders and started reading the major Marvel storylines and branching stories from Secret War to Secret Invasion. I then started buying books from the start of Dark Reign. I am enjoying the overall Dark reign setting, but have found many of the main books disappointing and much too slow. It has been almost a year since I started buying books every wednesday so I thought why not start reviewing a couple.
Also for context, I grew up loving marvel characters and I mostly buy marvel books now. There are a few image books I get regularly ('76, Chew, Cowboy ninja viking) but despite having attempted to catch up with DC continunity I have found it much more difficult to grasp and feel that it is very inaccessible. I tend to be an optimist overall but I will not shy away from calling out any gripes with the books I review. 
Any feedback would be appreciated, and hope these serve some purpose out there in internet land!