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@DedmanWalkin said:
" He can take on many even without prep, he just hits the Batwing summon button and goes on a rampage. Sentinels don't attack humans without provocation so he'll have a couple seconds to do this. He could then summon the Batmobile as well if need be. "
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 Before I go on this rant I just want to make it clear that I have no ill feeling towards Bruce Lee. In fact as I stated before he is one of my personal heroes, and as a martial artist someone who I aspire to be like. But that does not mean that I am blind to the truth.
You speak as a fan of Bruce Lee, not as a fight fan. Yes I am completely aware of all of the feats you mentioned about Bruce Lee, and again I mentioned some of those before as I stated that Bruce Lee sidekick and hook kicks are the stuff of legends.
But I thought it was somewhat obvious that this about a fight and not physical feats. I mean I don't even like Brock, but dude is one of the best athletes in the world right now. Just to educate you when Lesnar tried out for the NFL his numbers were: 
 475lb bench press, 695lb squat, 4.7 second forty-yard dash, 10 foot standing broad jump, and a 35 inch vertical leap. All while weighing in at a staggering 290lbs.
To put some of those numbers in perspective, Emmit Smith, Vince Young, and Jerry Rice did not run the forty as fast as Brock did.
Now I am not gonna even champion any of brock physical achievment; because they are not the core of what we are talking about. I have no idea if anyone here as ever trained to fight; but to say that Bruce Lee is magically the best martial artist ever is ridiculus. The fight sport is an evolutionary process, survivol of the fittest, that is a linear path towards improvements. For example take BJJ, the Gracie family created the sport; and at their peak their best grappler Rickson Gracie was thought to be not only the most dominate grappler but most dominate fighter in the world. He had a self proclaimed record of 300-0, yet now days top grapplers like  Garcia, Roger, Jacare would completely dominate him; because the BJJ as a sport has evolved during the past 30 years. 
By the same token MMA has drastically changed since 1990s, nowdays guys like GSP, Silva, Fedor, Lesnar, Aldo, Penn are the best fighters the world have ever seen..... No one, and I mean no one that Bruce Lee fought was even 10% percent as good as a fighter as fighters nowdays. You look at GSP or  Anderson Silva, Aldo and the stuff they do is completely amazing; these guys are DOMINATING top tier fighters who TRAIN for a living, and who spend months preparing to face each other. These guys are fighters, not part time fighter/trianers, not ex-fighers doing movies.... all they do is fight and train to fight and they get better because they are fighting the best, and are training for the best.
Now fighting has evolved so much past  Jeet Kuan Doe, now a street fight is only different to an mma fight because of the following. Eye gouging, fish hooking, hitting the back of the head and spine, stomps and knees to the grounded opponent....... And I know for a fact that  Jeet Kuan Doe does not specialized in eye gouging, fish hooking, and head stomps......  Jeet Kuan Doe is only one style, and MMA fighters have to train multiple of styles, and yes some fighters like Anderson Silva and Ben Saunders utilize aspects of  JKD in their fighting style and it is not their only style.   And EVERYONE here who champions Bruce winning this fight says he is "too fast" to be taken down..... please if you have EVER wrestled in your life you know that a beast like Brock Lesner (who has a legendary power double) taking for all acount  a small as dude down. (no matter how low his body fat percentage is), Brock lesnar is not "just big" dude is technically very, very, very, good wrestler and a very good grappler, and yes if he hit someone with one punch  and CONNECTED he KTFO him out. It is just physics, in real life you don't have some sort of magical resistance to physical damage, X-amount of force will knockout someone.
And you say stuff like how crazy strong Bruce Lee kicks were (and they were as I mentioned before) but it is scientifcly proven that top fighters today hit even harder. Look at the fight science episdoe with MMA fighters like Bas Rutten and Randy couture. Bas liver kicks had so much impact that it broke sensors in the target... a target that is sued to measure the physical trauma of a car going 35 mph. Randy couture ground and pound had lethal level of force under it; and furthermore they proved that these guys have an enormous threshold for strength since they are taking these shots with no problem. Aside from that they brought top of the line Martial artist for one of the earlier episode and they showed a retired champion MT fighter delivering one knee that was the equivlant of getting hit by a truck going 45 mph...... size will just amplify that...... technique can only get you so far in top of fighting.
I love Bruce Lee as much as the next guy, but I have foght an actual ring fight, and I help many people at my gym train for fights; Size matters, skills matter, and fighting has evolved past Bruce Lee time. Lesnar would rape Bruce Lee, if Lee didn't have a weapon, and if he was not aware what fighting was like in 2010. I'm sure if Lee was around in 2010 he would train to be one of the best fighter in the world but Bruce LEE from 1950-60s does not even know the meaning of BJJ or high level wrestling, in fact anyone who he face was just a martial arts practitioner and not a top of the line athlete.
And as for the hate on Jose Aldo...... you have no idea who I am talking about.  
Jose Aldo is an absolute beast, who is so fast and hits so hard .... and if you are talking about street fighting, dude fought his whole teenage years in no hold Barred Brazialian leagues, where pretty much everything is legal.
trust me bruce Lee would not want to fight Jose Aldo....... a high level MT fighter who is also one of the best BJJ guys in his division who also has physical gifts and one of the best Take down defenses in MMA
And PLZ PLZ PLZ if you like Bruce Lee never ever mention him training Chuck Norris as a legit feat. Chuck Norris is one of the most embarassing bad fighters I have ever seen, dude is a fraud as a martail artis. Amazing movie star and cool as F character..... but not a fighter. Bruce Lee is God compare to that piece of crap Norris.
 and to risk getting ridiculously flamed..... if I had to fight Bruce Lee in a street fight, I would of course be scared  shitless of his kicks and standup (literally the thought of taking a side kick from Lee should make soil yourself like *batman (lol topical)). And yes there is a very good chance that  I might never be able to catch him and I might get hit without hitting back till I get KTFO But I will be confident that if I got hold of him he is going to sleep in less than 1 min.  and I faced some fast 115 pounders but guess what speed can get you away so many times, good footwork and patience might make u able to cut someone off and be able to clinch up.... after that it is done. specially when he has no clue about any remotely advance wrestling or BJJ techniques because it is past his time.
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I'll be the first person to defend Bruce Lee as one of the greatest martial artist ever. Dude was unreal his sliding side kicks and hook kicks are stuff of legend...... but it absoultey absurd to think he would have any chance of beating Brock leaner.
Brock is not just "too big" dude is a legit wrestler, and from what he shown in his MMA run a damn good top control grappler.
Furthermore his size and strength make this fight totally idiotic and completely absurd. Bruce was 5'7 (some say 5'8) and 145 pounds. Brock lesner is literally twice as heavy and has freakish out of this world strength and athleticism. This is not a fight in comic, in real life size + technique usually wins big (specially if it is this big of discrepancy in size). That a side Bruce was notorious in having difficulties against ground fighters (at his time Judo fighters) who would be able to at least stalemate him on the ground. 
Fighting has evolved so much since 1970s that is totaly unfair to pit Bruce Lee a master of martial arts from 1950s-60s against the heavy weight champ of the world in 2010. Even a fight against the top 145 pounder in the world Jose Aldo would be a total anihlation for Bruce. No matter how good Bruce was, fighting has evolved past his era, specially ground fighting in particular submission grappling with the inlfux of top of the line wrestler into submision wrestling is dominate style now days. Fighting has become a science, and top MMA fighters spend 30+ hours a week training in different styles, and conditioning their bodies to peak human levels; furthermore fighting intelligence has greatly improved as your average martail artist nowd ays has to worry about all aspects of the fight.
And yes if Brock connects with one punch Bruce gets KTFO.
A better way to phrase this question is can Brock Lesner defeat 145 champ Jose Aldo, a man who is leaps and bound better technically in all aspects of the fights, and the obvious answer is yes. Lesnar would squash aldo
Better way to approach Bruce lee vs [insert today top fighter] is to A) give Bruce weapons or B) assume Bruce lived in today world and was training to adept to today's style.
Even then taking option B) it is not for sure that Bruce would be able to compete and dare I say dominate today's top 145 ponders, guys like Jose Aldo, Faber, And Marlos Sandro are amazing technically and physically gifted top of the line Martial artist. In fact today's martial Artist might be THE BEST martial artists we have ever seen in Human existence.