Arcanum Arte Factum

As the Roman Latin name suggest this is a list is all Arcane Artifacts in the known Comic Book Multiverse

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List items

  • The Sword used by Lucifer during his rebellion against Heaven

  • A spear owned by a Roman soldier named Longinus used to pierce the side of Christ

  • The weapon used by the Norse god of Thunder Thor

  • A golden Arabian ring able to summon Djinn

  • The most powerful Alchemical Element

  • A ancient tome that holds the secrets of the universe past, present,future all is revealed

  • A mystic sword given to King Arthur Pendragon by the mysterious woman in the lake

  • The golden carrier of the Ten Hebrew Commandments given to Moses by the Hebrew God Yahweh

  • The golden chalice used in the Last Supper by Yeshua, during the crucifixion it was used to capture the blood of Christ, since then it provides healing properties that offer immortality to any who drink from it

  • One of the Thirteen Artifacts from the Top Cow multiverse, it is said to be the balance between the Ember Stone and the Glacier Stone

  • The powerful Tome Talisman used by the Charmed ones, it is said to be protected by a powerful that prevents evil from touching it's pages