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Hey guys and girls names Mike short for Michael and I'm an underground philosopher/writer hoping to make it big. I was born in New Jersey, obviously I'm American, I am multi racial my father was pure 100% Puerto Rican my mother was born in Cuba, her father was Chinese ad her mother was Chinese Cuban with a hint of Mexican. I recently lost my dad around five years ago in a car accident, no he was not drunk, and he was not speeding. I enjoy writing fan fiction whenever the inspiration hits, before I got into writing i was into art something i picked up from my mom. Anyways just to say I'm Mike/Thunderstone and I approve this message :D 
Alternate Account(s):: 
Hero- (E C L I P S E) 
Villain- Blood Storm 
Teenage Hero: Daniel Grey
Neutral Spy- Hunter-X 
 "Maybe I'm dreaming, maybe dreaming is what it really means to be dead. Or maybe I made a deal with the devil. Either way this all seems like something out of a comic book." - Thunderstone,Trent

Based Thunderstone account on the following: 
Ghost Rider
Max Payne 
Light Brigade
Clive Barker's Jericho


As for religon goes:Religion I find to be a very interesting topic. It desperately seeks to understand and balance the universe and it's meaning, and in doing so it expects infallible from it's practicer's  and doctrines, when in reality religion still falls under the human condition and can therefore never truly reach it's goal for harmony and peace that will not change until people can learn to understand each other and love one another Unconditionally, beyond the human capacity to hate. And that will only come with time, and social evolution as a species.