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Start of a great crossover! 0

 The start of a fantastic series of crossovers. Void and Solar, Man of the Atom meet and soon their touch causes their home realities to warp and fuse together into a amalgamated world of Image and Valiant Comics!Good Too early to spoil things for all but the fusion of each of the teams such as WildC.A.T.s and Hard Corps made a great meld while some normally heroic characters turn evil and become a force which holds the fate of this new world in their hands! Bad Too early to say, some flaws h...

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Deathmate! 3

Ok so I'm a pretty big Valiant fan and when I came across the entire set of six at a comic shop I had to get them.  Good I'm not very familiar with the youngbloods, but this story made them seem really cool. From what I looked the team was split in half with most staying as youngbloods and the others becoming the protagonists Knightstrike. Seeing Bloodshot in an altered costume of his seems to suit him and having a pre-spawn Al Simmons in the fight was pretty cool. The main story of how Knightst...

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Endings and the future 0

This issue tied up plenty of loose ends and solved the whole Durian Civil War going on. Each character learned the truth about what was going on including    SPOILER WARNING: Click here to reveal hidden content.The Shield- Locates his father and is repaired to optimum health after suffering a severe attack War Eagle- Finds more of her spliced kind Inferno- Comes to terms with being an android and acts like a normal human being Eraser- Gets killed but he may return sooner or later...  Anyways thi...

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