"Just out of curiosity, is every Asgardian a God? Like everyone that lives there I mean? Thanks" No. Most Asgardians just have ...

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Actors play chracters that have a symbolic meaning to previous characters played in other movies.

Its not a coincidence that Dreed is now Executioner. Judge and Execution are highly related

Chadwick played the first black person to play baseball. and now he will be playing the first major black hero of this era.

jim carey who played the Mask played the Riddler. Riddler and Mask are very similar.

Arrow guy now plays casey jones. they are almost similar.

Scarlett played black widow who went under various mind control...then plays Lucy another character under mind control.

The guy playing joke is as demonic and dark as he can be. He was chosen to play the deranged character and now the spirits of playing that character have ripped him apart.

Ben Affleck plays daredevil. Then he just happened to be playing batman someone very similar to Daredevil.

The list goes on.

These actors are chosen to play certain characters because of symbolism. Not because of talent, not because they auditioned, not because its easier to hire an actor who played a similar part. Its because hollywood operates using symbols. Symbols. Symbols Subliminal messages. Symbols.

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My Theory Occultic Prediction for 2020

Disney is the Occult King of all companies. Disney has numerous occultic subliminal messages in their movies.

DC by 2020 maybe 2021. Will be owned by Disney.

DC movies will be like an up and down rollercoaster that will leave fans and Executives near angry and bankrupt.

Disney will save DC uniting DC (Blue) with Marvel (Red). 2 occultic colours that have meaning.

This may cause an outburst by fans.

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Heimdall In THOR movies.

Heimdall in the THOR movies is no more than the typical n*gro slave. There are a few references that I found a bit odd.

Casting Has nothing to do with diversity or talent.


Why I feel DC/WB is sloppy 3 or more short reasons.

1. Unconnected universe.

It looks sloppy with the Arrowverse and movie verse.

my solution: reboot or cancel arrowverse. I mean Arrowverse sucks now.

Marvel: Has done a great job connecting everything in just 7-8 years. You wonder why Marvel is on top of the world.

2. Batman batman BATMAN batMAN

that's all DC will do jam batman down our throats because they have no faith in there other characters.

my solution: only use batman in JL movies. Batman solo movie should not come out until 2030. Don't make him be the focal point.

Marvel: Has done a great job not shoving a character down out throats.

3. I feel they are rushing

Already they are in talks of a Harley Quinn movie. JL will come out before the other solo movies. It seems all confusing and rushful.

My solution: Take time, don't rush.

Marvel: Marvel has taken their time. IMO. if they have to push things back they do.

4. Make movies fun

MOS was a depressing movie. BVS looks like another sad dark movie. Why does every movie have to be dark and batman like?

How can you develop different characters then have them all be like batman. dark and depressed.

My solution: Add colour, fun, humour, have a balance of seriousness and fun. Make characters different. Make them a bit different from comics too.

Marvel: Does a great job with balance. They are fun serious movies. All movies feel different. All characters are different.

5. Catch up

DC/WB had like a 46 year head start to do a live action universe. But Nooo. lets waste time making 7 batman movies. while only 1 out of 7 were worth watching.

Marvel is dominating.

My solution: Do what Disney/marvel does

Marvel: Has their own studio and they've done really well.

In-conclusion: DC's live action looks like rushed, unorganized depressed crap that over do's batman every chance they get because they know all their characters basically suck.

I mean Marvel just did an Ant-Man movie? And now they are working on an Antman 2 FCOL!! Jessica Jones TV show?

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Top 3 psychopathic villains who are right and the Heroes are wrong.

1. Magneto. He has a point. The humans want to kill mutants and have been killing and oppressing mutants for years. While X wants to just talk it out peacefully. How has that worked for Professor?

Magneto tried the talk. Yet they continue to harm mutants. Magneto despite his aggressiveness cares for mutants and will do whatever it takes to save them if that means killing the humans.

2. Ultron. In a reality sense. Humanity in reality are stupid, selfish, lost, confused, they are rude, they kill each other, steal and the list goes on. Many humans ask for peace yet only do unwanted harm to get it. Humans are proven to be unruly and the follow whatever the media says to do. They have destroyed this earth with their propaganda.

In order to save the world you must kill the cancer that lives on it. Not reason with it. Ultron is right, if you want peace on earth you gotta kill the humans. since They are too far deep in their brainwashing and fail to realize the harm they are doing.

To me Ultron is a hero. Humans don't care and never will you call them out on their behaviours then they want to attack you.

It was between Lex and Loki. Loki has reasons to his actions and it makes him more of an anti hero that needs love, honesty and respect. Imagine if your parents 50 years later told you that they are not your parents and that we killed your parents

3. Lex Luthor. I don't know much about him. I know he has a lot of wrong. However, he is right to want capture superman. superman is an illegal alien. I believe everyone should have a right to know who this Superman/clark kent guy is, just in case.

They allow an alien to be a symbol of america (hahaha!!). Its not fair to the american born people. Plus Clerk kent and his other Superman counter parts are aliens who are taking jobs away from real humans. He probably made a few news reporters homeless and caused them to become villains.

Clerk didn't have to work for anything.

Not taking anything away bad from Lex Luthor, but I support him to take out the alien. Lex is the real superman. clerk kent is just an alien.


Why Luke Cage and Black Panther movie and TV show will be doomed! And more

3 reasons and more.

1. They are so called black. Hollyweird doesn't want to represent so called black people in a positive manner.

2. white supremacy doesn't want young black children to be influenced by positive black role models

3. they are and have white washed them both. How you ask? Since the comics Luke has been dating a umm...a pale skin. Now on Netflix, his rebound chick is the same pale skin.

The truth is. Black couples on Television/movies have a powerful spirit. Plus the elites want and have destroyed the black homes by taking out the father.

You comicbook dorks wouldn't know that. All you know is semi-fictional propaganda.

4. already in civil war. Black panther was tricked by the pale skin girl known as Black widow. Same thing happens in reality, black men get *Censored* by pale skin women all the time. I mean BP was comfortable that BW was on his side then, what happens? She black balled him in surprise.

pale skin women are black men kryptonite.

5. If you can understand, see, hear subliminal messages. You'll be able to decode a lot of "racial" attacks against the so called black "race". You really think hollyweird is going to make a so called black A-list probably the first black hero in this time get a free walk in the park without subliminally getting attacks. You must be out of your damn mind.

6. Many things in Luke cage and BP will have true dialogue, plots that reflects reality.

7. Rhodes is so White Washed.

8. Falcon is probably subliminally the first gay movie hero and or gay hero of MCU. If you can watch closely it seems like Falcon has a crush on Captain America. Once Winter Soldier came along, It seemed as if Falcon was jealous. I wouldn't be surprised.

9. Diggles to from arrow is white washed.

Most of you are not use to information like this so i suspect the cliche insults. And if I'm a so called racist. Why are my favourite character THOR and the Punisher?


Reasons why THOR is the Greatest hero of all time.

In 10 short reasons...because I'm too lazy to type a lot and its been over a year since I've first started this blog.

10. He's a God: Other than aliens who else can defend against huge major threats. It takes more than a sheild and anger to defend against guys like Galactus.

9. Avengers need THOR: THOR doesn't need the Avengers. Take away the Avengers and THOR will still be alright. Take away THOR from the Avengers then the Avengers are screwed.

8. He has flaws: Nothing hurts a hero than being perfect. *superman*. Even as a god THOR struggles from time to time. He neglects his brother sometimes and can be arrogant and blind.

7. He has a complex position: There are different versions. Nevertheless THOR may be a prince or king but his life and story is complex. He has so much responsibilities, problems and baggage. He has to balance all the 9 realms and its hard to do as one guy but he gets it done.

6. He knows when to kill unlike superman: THOR is always looking to fight whomever dare violates or harm innocents. If he has to kill a foe he will. He won't play "I beat you, but i want you to live". At the same time if THOR respects you and you turn on him he'll hold back, hoping you come to your senses. if he really respects you, he'll die in order to not hurt anyone.

5. Can rock a mullet and still be super badass: There are not many male characters that can get away with a mullet and not be taken seriously.

4 love for his family & friends despite conflict: loves Loki and his dad despite all the ruckus they've been through. He is a true friend to Asgardians, mortals and others. He maybe a brawler but he`s a cool dude to sit down and have a beer with.

3. Can go toe to toe with anyone: While other heroes have a limit. THOR doesn't.

2. Mjolnir: swords, guns, super suits are over done. To have a hammer as a weapon is unique, different and prestigious. Mjolnir can do it all.

1. Has to protect 9 worlds all at the same time: Plus sometimes Space, galaxies and other planets. Where as other heroes their duties are primarily on the streets or its just a global threat. THOR has enemies practically everywhere. So THOR is always on high alert always willing to give up whatever to save someone.

THOR is battling street levels to cosmic to gods. So its never easy for the thunderer.

Galactus is beginning to consume the world as all other heroes can only watch and do nothing.

Thunder RAGES loud.

Spidey:It's the end of the world I'm freaking out... Why aren't you freaking out???

Cap:Because I can hear it.

Spidey:Hear what?


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How could Dc comics be better than Marvel?


First off. I like both DC and Marvel. I like Superman, Green Arrow, Green Lantern, MMH the list goes on. However, I'm real big on marvel because there are a lot of things they've done right while DC is still struggling.

This blog is based on the company as a company, promoting, movies and diversity in characters. This is not intended to be a hate or bash blog. I believe in respect and if I contradict myself or it seems like I'm being a hypocrite please politely state what you think I did wrong. I feel its okay to debate Marvel vs DC but to insult someone over the debate I find unacceptable and foolish.

I got into comics/superheros when I was 18 I mostly was exposed to Marvel. (I'm more of a superhero fan than a comic fan yet I still know a lot about each universe that is marvel and DC.) I knew of Wolverine, Spiderman, Superman, Wonder Woman but didn't know them until I read or watched shows/movies about them. Then THOR intrigued me and the rest is history.

(Note: When I say Marvel films this may or may not include movies that are or were under Fox or Sony)

Anyways... How could DC be better than Marvel?

Both are companies. DC was bought by WB in 1969 (correct me if I'm wrong) that's 46 years in 2015 under a major company that has produced Bugz Bunny toons, Harry Potter, Matrix, Inception, Hobbit just to name a few. Marvel still recent was bought by Disney in just 2009, that's only 5-6 years. DC is so much older than Marvel in publisher years. DC is the true father of comicbooks/superheroes. Marvel has many copies of DC characters.

DC drew first blood as a company and first to merge into a major company.

DC drew first blood in creating certain characters first then Marvel followed.

Marvel drew first blood for getting on the big screen with Captain America in 1944. Where as DC had Superman in 1951. Then after that marvel disappeared for while until 1986 bringing in Howard the Duck. Yet DC was very continuous with Superman and then eventually with batman. DC dominated with movies for along time period, then 1998 happened introducing Blade and that's when Marvel started to bloom. Where as DC was still doing mostly batman movies, they introduced other characters to the big screen but they didn't make an impact. DC continued on with more batman films. WB/DC allowed batman to have 2 series of movies within 20 years while WB/DC failed to put anyone else on the big screen.

Now there is Marvel. Who has introduced a load of characters and movies to the big screen. What Marvel is doing right is not flooding the big screen with one character over and over. Marvel has put a load of heroes and villains on the big screen and and more on its way. Who would have thought Black Panther would have been getting a movie or Klaw would be introduced in a movie? While DC is still dependent on batman and Joker. Wonder Woman and Aquaman should have had their their own (updated) movie already. Marvel isn't perfect with their movies, but they have made attempts which is better than only giving one character a chance at the big screen.

Which would you rather have only batman films or 4 to 7 characters who have their own solo movie?

DC/WB has failed in terms of diversity. I think it maybe because DC is more focused on realism in a fictional universe that it becomes difficult for characters that we want to see never get a movie (That's my opinion). Marvel knows they can't be 100% accurate like in the comics, they know costumes, personality, story will need tweaking for it to work in a movie vs comic. Marvel is on the right path. DC to me I feel are struggling and are too afraid of risks and change. To me DC is far behind. By the time they get a JL movie up Avengers 4 will be at least get a date. (Avengers Infinity P1 and P2 is only counted as Avengers 3)

Its subjective to know who has the better movies but overall Marvel beats out WB/DC in the movie category because DC has mostly produced batman films while Marvel has THOR, Captain America, Iron Man, Hulk, Avengers, GOTG, Avengers, Various X-men and Spider-man under their belts.

Marvel wins by KO when it comes to movie diversity. I'm aware of what DC/WB have in store but its more clear that marvel is doing much better currently and with their future plans. Marvels easter eggs and cameos are important to their success and connections.

Promoting. When It comes to merchandise such as clothes, posters, toys or things like mugs or bobble heads, DC will more often than not produce mostly batman items. A prime example; When I go to the store and want to find a Flash, Aquaman, Deathstroke or Cyborg shirt all I can see are Superman and mostly Batman shirts. With Marvel if I want a THOR shirt I find one, if I want a Venom shirt I find one same with Iron Man, Punisher, Deadpool, X-men, Avengers and etc. Marvel is able to promote a load of merchandise with variety of characters. Marvel isn't just about Spider-Man. Marvel to me is about the Marvel Universe, however when I look at DC they seem to only care about batman that's just my opinion because of the load of merchandise that will vastly promote batman than anyone else. DC/WB have plenty of characters that they could promote but choose to mostly have batman. To me that's unfair and its minimizing because not everyone likes batman or will want to have more batman merchandise.

DC/WB have a lot of cool characters don't get me wrong. I'm just tired of seeing batman on almost every single item.

Marvel will even promote villains on merchandise.

Maybe Marvel does over promote Avengers as a whole. At the same time there is still more variety compared to DC when DC is only promoting batman while Marvel promotes THOR, Hulk, Cap, Hawkeye, Black Widow and IM. Now with the success of GOTG they are mirroring the Avengers success in promotions of merchandise. (This is what I've noticed). Who knew a tree and a raccoon would sell?

Marvel submits DC in terms of promoting a diverse of characters.

Last thing I'll mention is a connected universe.

Without a doubt Marvel is doing a great job with that, the only problem I have is with the Netflix TV shows. Its a good idea to force people to get Netflix but I'm not willing to spend extra per month to watch a TV show. (I never had Netflix so I'm unsure how the process works.) Nevertheless I'm still excited for the upcoming series. Marvel has done well in introducing key characters in AOS. Its an OK show, but their direction is still impressive.

Now there is DC who drew first blood and have plenty of TV series and are doing much better than marvel in terms of quantity. Once again mostly Superman and related TV series. (Its like they don't know there are other characters that exist in the DC Universe.) DC has done great with Arrow because now people are more interested in the Green Arrow and are willing to read Green Arrow comics.

With Arrows success they were able to add Flash. Then...come the problems.

Instead of promoting, moving forward or giving another character a chance with a TV series like they did with Arrow they take 500 steps back by making prequels with Gotham and soon to be Krypton. Eventually Super-girl will get a chance at a TV series. Doesn't WB/DC realize they have tons more characters than just batman and Superman that the audience would love to see. Honestly a Krypton Pre-Superman series sounds like a waste. They gave up on that Wonder Woman series and now they think a story before Superman will intrigue the audience?

None of the TV series of DC will have connections with the films. Currently I find that a shame and makes DC/WB seem sloppy. At first I was happy that they were not going to be connected but then after rethinking it over they should have been connected from the get-go. In Arrow I feel they killed off too many important DC characters.Then there is all these reports that Superman, batman and Harley Quinn can't make an appearance on Arrow because they are saving them for the movies and to me that sounds so rubbish.

DC/WB currently are doing very well when it comes to TV series and its quantity; However, Marvel is the most organized and their universe is very well connected which makes them so much greater than what WB/DC has been doing.

Marvel wins by TKO in terms of TV series overall by only by a couple of points.

DC dominates Marvel in the animation films/tv series before they can even get a punch.

Again most of DC animations are about the same person known as batman. Few JL movies/shows (That were great), yet still had that one person being the face of it all. WB/DC aren't utilizing there characters. I'd love to see a Question movie/series, Deathstroke, Deadshot, Hawkman, John Stewart or Cyborg animated tv series/movie, I know there are other people out there that want something else other than batman. batman has been over done.

Marvel has a few good animations such as Planet Hulk, Avengers of Tomorrow and EMH. They don't over do it with consistent Spider-Man series/films. Marvel animations has really been only targeted for kids which is a draw back in some cases yet I still find myself enjoying most of what they have to offer.. It seems DC is slowly making that transition to have their animations primarily for kids. And how many more times will batman get a tv series?

Same goes for videos games. A lot of batman games. Marvel has only a couple good ones still they have a diversity. I just get bored of the common bash enemies that never really stay dead and break boxes game play.

DC KOs Marvel in Video Games.

In Conclusion, how could DC be better than Marvel when DC is only promoting and using batman VS Marvel that is using a growing universe?

Does that mean batman is better than Marvel? Then how does that mean DC is better?

Would you want 1 hen that laid only 1 golden egg or a hen that laid a variety of eggs that you can eat and share?

Would you want a 1 trick pony or 2 worms that could do amazing tricks?

DC/WB had a big head start. DC could have had their own studio like Marvel has under Disney. DC's Connected universe could have been bigger with the addition of Arrow but that's not the case anymore.The Marvel connected universe is only 6 years old. While DC/WB had a clear head start kind of failed to utilize what they have. With Spiderman back with Marvel can only mean a steeper hill for DC if it matters.

When it comes to a debate of which company is better its subjective. But if you look at the stats and facts Marvel is beating DC at the box office, with movies, with a connected universe, with TV shows, with a future, with promoting and with diversity Marvel beats DC.

DC beats Marvel in video games and animated shows/movies.