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Spider-men of the Omniverse

Because it was asked for, the list for all (or most) the Spider-man archetype characters including doppelgangers/homages/parodies/evil twins/copycats/heirs/desecendants/legacy from Marvel and other universes.

The characters must have (Not necesarily all together) the next traits:

  • Loner Teenage/ young adult character.
  • Everyman kind of guy/gal. (not playboys millionares mostly)
  • Wisecracking, friendly personality.
  • Big sense of responsability... and guilt. Almost neurotically.
  • Animal emblem/totem/symbol, preferably spiders, bugs or minor animals.
  • Sleek suit, full masked. Mostly a physical small person
  • Best powers are his agility, speed and intelligence.
  • Prone to built his own gadgets.
  • Being a hero makes his life worse, yet he keeps going on.
  • Freak accident origin.

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