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Captains of the Omniverse.

Companion to the omniverse lists. This one is reunites the analogues & archetypes of Captain America wannabes.

To be in this list, the character requieres to have at least some of these characteristics. Not necessarily exclusionary:

  • Military background, training and rank.
  • Superpowers given by goverment/military/conspiracy.
  • Master strategist and inspirational leaader.
  • Man out of time
  • War veteran.
  • Patriotic iconography in his suit. (Banners, stars, eagles, flags, etc.)
  • Use and mastery of an specific weapon (shield, spear, sword).
  • Penchant for soliloquies and motivational speeches.
  • Old school values.
  • Living legend.
  • Motivated by patriotism or a similar derived faith.

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