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Batmen of the Omniverse.

Companion to Supermen of the omniverse. This list want to be the most complete Dark knight analogues archetypes list of Batman wannabes.

To be in this list, the character requieres to have at least some of these characteristics. Not necessarily exclusionary:

  • Human top levels strengh vigilante.
  • Mostly no superpowers.
  • Clever mind and detective skills.
  • Millionare
  • Higly trained in almost everything.
  • Night iconography in his suit. (moon, stars, owls, bats, black cats)
  • Use of gadgets.
  • Secret identity.
  • Solitary/ paranoid.
  • Use a sidekick.
  • Motivated by revenge.
  • Highly misterious, a urban legend surrounds him.
  • Avoid the use of firearms

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