A New Day For The Outlaw

It was dark

But it was not the hot dark of embers, or a soft, hopeful dark. It wasn't the dark that comes just before the sunrise, a kind of dark that helps the orange and gold blossom across the sky, like a small flower trembling open in spring. There's a dark that encourages you to fall asleep as you close your eyes, tossing and turning in a futile attempt to slip away into the depths of unconsciousness, blissfully unaware. The type of dark that occurs in a complete solar eclipse, blocking out the light, the noise, the feeling of being, leaving you in the silence of serenity, if only for a few seconds.

This is Bludstone.

That type of darkness doesn't exist here.

Hope is void.

Here darkness hurts.

Here Darkness kills.

But now they have a hero.

Or more of an Outlaw.

Bludstone 12:30 A.M Friday, February 4 2020

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Thomas Richards sat atop the Greenbury building with his left hand rested on his bent knee with a glass of scotch in his right hand. The Assassin's famous jacket slung across his shoulder and his crimson helmet lay behind him forgotten as he took in the world around him. The air punctured his lungs as he took deep breaths in and out with a small smile on his face.

His favorite gargoyle rested beside him and Thomas would clap him on the wing. "Beautiful night isn't it Jacob? King's handling the company, Damian's in San Fran doing who knows what with that team of his, and I get the night to my self

Shaking his drink slightly and raising it to his lips he would exhale with a smirk plastered on his features I give it a few more minutes."

Leaning his head back against the side of the building he would match his breathing to the cold soft breeze around him, his onyx and ebony-colored hair caressed his skin.







{PZZZZT Outlaw! Outlaw you there?!} A panicked voice who Thomas recognized as the Captain of the Bludstone Police Department Peter Jackson resounded from the inside of his helmet and Thomas shifted his weight, and pulled his helmet from behind him, placing it on his head, which instantly scrambled and disfigured his voice.

"Called it, what do you what Jackson? And skip the formalities before I hang up on you. "

{Fourth and Lincoln has turned into a warzone, My men are surrounded and outnumbered. They need your help.}

Thomas personally despised most of the Bludstone police. But Peter and the Commissioner had managed to get on his good side by getting rid of most of the corruption that resided there. They were good cops, and while he wouldn't normally say it. He respected them, and when they called he would listen.

And more importantly, he would help.

After several long seconds of serene quiet, The Crimson Crusader would finally say: "Yeah. I'm on my way." Rising to his feet Thomas would quickly check his gear to make sure it was all there, and he would slowly pull his arms into his jacket.

"Well, it was nice while it lasted I guess. Now it's time to go to work." With less than a step until he was placed directly on the ledge of the building Thomas would look at his gargoyle and give him a two-fingered salute. "Don't let anyone touch my scotch, Jacob. Or my muffins..."

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Then he would step off the ledge and plummet into the city below him

Cause when you're a badass...you don't need to look where you're going.

Ten long, yet uneventful minutes Later

The motorcycle ride was a ritual. After the practical miracle of Thomas not dying on his way down the Transhuman gunman would walk to his bike and sling his leg over the side; now seated behind the oversized fairing he would turn the key and just sit for a moment, listening to the purr of the engine. It was a solid machine and comfortable, built by Thomas himself, it was sleek, but a monster. Reving the engine once he rode onto the main road where once there he disregarded speed limits, opening the throttle wide. Sometimes his knee would be just skimming the ground as he took the bends. He had a hard job and this was his therapy.

But now as his bike pulled up to the shootout Thomas lifted his legs and clawed his armored boot into the ground where he looked at the scene around him.

It was utter chaos.

Cars were over-turned and burning, debris littered the streets and it seemed as if the sky itself was on fire from this point of view. One survey from his helmet said that there were none dead...yet. But there were plenty injured. Taking a stride forward the Transhuman's powerful footsteps would bring him toward the Police blockade and he would look at the Sergent next to him. But before the scared officer could say anything Thomas would raise his hand telling him to shush.

"Give me your megaphone."Thomas' tone left no time for question and the officer instantly obliged, handing the Outlaw his megaphone.

Lifting his arm to place the megaphone to the front of his helmet Thomas' voice would boom forward enveloping what seemed like the entire block. When he spoke, gunshots momentarily stopped, and the shooters and anarchists themselves halted their movements, staring maliciously at the crimson-clad assassin.

"Look, I get it. Everyone has to do something for a living. But I'm telling you guys that this is not worth your lives. This is stupid. And pointless, you haven't killed anyone yet. But once you do you'll be guilty.

Guilty as sin.

You know it.

I know it.

Buuuuuuut I'm a nice guy.

So here is what I'm going to do. You have ten seconds to put down your guns and leave the area as fast as you can. Don't look back and you're home free.

After that?

I'll take it as a personal request on your part that I kill every last one of you.

You've got five seconds left."

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The police around him looked at him incredulously as he stated his terms, and the lenses of his helmet narrowed as he waited. Then one of the anarchists put his gun down and walked away. Then another, and another. And soon only six remained out of a good 35.

And Thomas stepped forward throwing the megaphone behind him as he did.

"You bunch aren't very bright are you? Because your time is over."

One idiot decided to raise his gun, an action to which Thomas took no time in acting on, and a huge BOOM burst through the sky as the Outlaw withdrew, aimed and fired his gun.

The anarchist never stood a chance as the bullet ripped through his head. And neither did his friends.

As Thomas fired he used the chaos around him to vanish completely out of view, enveloping himself in the shadows and smoke, then he sprung out from his cover catching the criminals from behind.

His limbs sprung out with crushing force, his heels cracking the concrete as he stepped, he shifted his momentum, and lifted his arm allowing his elbow to crash against the temple of his closest opponent, while twisting on the flat of his foot he would grab his gun and unleash a quick string of bullets that took out three more.

Which left two. Who stood in complete fear, trying to keep from releasing on themselves, and they backed away,

"P-P-Please!" One said. "Please don't kill us! We didn't want too! They made us! PLEASE!"

But two more bullets materialized from Thomas' gun, and the criminals fell still. Lifeless, and Thomas walked away toward the police, but he didn't stop, he just kept walking forward. But while most of the present police officers looked at Thomas in fear one lady officer walked towards him and grabbed him by the shoulder.

"Thank you she said "It would have been a lot worse if you hadn't shown up. So thank you."

But all he said was: "I hate when they beg. It's demeaning.

For both of us."

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Then he walked away, letting the smoke ripple against his armor and it seemed like the Outlaw dissipated into thin air.


Thomas Richards Speaks About The Outlaw

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Thomas Richards approached the podium of the press conference that he had called. The crowd flowed down the wide space the same way the Thames always meets its banks. The mood of the people swirled in unseen currents beneath the dark surface of their faces. In a thousand strong men and women of the city of Bludstone there wasn't a single bored expression of doubt. The only sound was their feet shifting into place and the howl of the wind rising above them. Every one of them must have been feeling the first bite of winter through their tired clothes and worn boots. Pictures were snapped and newscrews were present as they started to film the billionaire.

The secret Outlaw of Bludstone City stepped up to the podium and cleared his throat.

"My name is Thomas Richards, I am a billionaire, adventurer, philanthropist, humanitarian. And according the world around me a very very influential person. But from my time coming back to this city, after returning from a life far, far, far from here I've learned something. I may be many good things. But I am not a hero."

He would place his hands on the stand and lean forward. "This city is in a warzone. It's police corrupt, sometimes running around committing more crimes than the criminals they are supposed to stop. That is not ok. Children get killed on the street. That is NOT ok. People like to scream at the ones who run around with masks on their heads, or capes flowing from their shoulders but who else is out there fighting for you?"

His voice would ring out with serious determination, with a seriousness unlike what most have seen from him. "Your police have left you. But there is one man fighting for you. He fights the never-ending war that rages on in these streets and in your homes every night. But the public refuses to acknowledge him as a hero, instead calling him a vigilante, a villain. An Outlaw. But no longer. After extensive talking with the mayor, and the Commissioner of the BSPD I have managed to get the heat off of the Outlaw and onto the criminals that deserve to be brought to justice."

With a smile and a cross of his arms Thomas would nod his head.

"As of today I am going to be funding, Franchising, and assisting the Outlaw in his allies. No longer will the men and women who fight for this city be hunted and put down. As of today they become the heroes that this city needs. As of Today, Bludstone get's better. Because we are fighters. We'll fight to the end. So give a hand for the Outlaw!"

As if appearing from nowhere King Betts dressed in Thomas' armor would immerge from the background, and he would shake the hand of Thomas Richards.

The True Outlaw smirked as everything came together.

Yeah. This can work.


Thomas Richards Speaking Against H.R 3911

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Thomas Richards stood outside, rain drizzling on him slowly. The familiar sight of the Bludstone was made hazy by a mist and for a moment Thomas raised a hand to his face to wipe the water off his eyes. It was cold too, billions of icy vaporized drops blew down his neck and up the legs of his pants. But Thomas Richard stood against the podium with the mic next to his mouth gazing upon the reporters and people who had gathered to watch one of the richest men in the world speak. With a subtle cough and a clear of his throat Thomas would speak, his voice strong and true and Bludstone ; listened.

"Alright everyone listen up. Sometimes it takes a few more words to say something right, and I'm not the best with words. But I feel that this; needs to be said. Don't worry I won't be blowing a ton of stuff down your throat" He'd place his hand on the podium and continue. "...Look; to be completely honest with you, this bill HR-3911 is a joke. It has to be. I want you all to take one long look at the world we are living in RIGHT now, and then I want you to tell me that this bill should be passed."

The billionaire spoke with passion and strength refusing to keep quiet about this any longer. "This bill is trying to make people who protect us and keep us safe, criminals?" A scoff would escape his lips and he would take a breath. "Valor City, Gothic City...Bludstone City. The very ground you are standing on now is running rampant with crime and corruption, one city is burning, brought down to its knees by an army of incredible danger. But through the combined efforts of S.T.R.I.K.E and several "Vigilantes", they have begun turning the tide. But let's call these "Vigilantes" what they really are. Heroes."

Standing straighter Thomas would flex his shoulders and continue "In this world, we have beings who can destroy cities with no effort, we have beings who defy every literal law in science that we can think of. And people like the Alpha Guard and even the JLA keep us safe from such threats. In Gothic all that it has is the vigilantes who keep them safe. Taking away their ability to assess and formulate a plan against these criminals is basically telling the men who kill, steal, and take advantage of the people this bill is trying to help that it is ok to kill, and steal and take advantage of the little man and woman. I came to Bludstone to help make a difference, I've opened therapeutic centers for these heroes so that they can properly deal with the horrors they come across protecting you. And the ones that give me permission to watch their files have stories that would chill your blood..because they were protecting you and your lives, and through those hardships, they are still there."

Thomas would breathe in deeply "A friend of mine once told me that: "

"There is a certain enthusiasm in liberty, that makes human nature rise above itself, in acts of bravery and heroism. ...A certain drive to make sure that mothers can put their children to sleep without having to worry about their little boy being slaughtered in his bed. To be a hero means you step across the line and are willing to make a sacrifice, Heroes always take a risk. Heroes are always deviant. Heroes are always doing something that most people don't want to or aren't willing too."

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"If you pass this bill you will ensue chaos, and things will go from bad to worse. Do not pass the HR-3911. Let our heroes continue to protect our world and keep us safe. Let them watch. Let them save. Thank you." Cheers would erupt in the crowd and while there were boos mixed in Thomas knew he had a majority here. And he strode off the stage fiercely untying his tie. The Outlaw had work to do.


Thomas Richards: Updated Bio

The Outlaw
The Outlaw

Personal Information

Name: Thomas Richards

Codename: Outlaw

Alias(es): The Crimson Hood, The Scarlet Assassin, Red Hood, The Gun Toting Businessman, The Other, Last Of The Caste, The Smooth Talking Sharpshooter, The Crimon Slaughterhouse

Species: Posthuman

Sub-species: Transhuman

Gender: Male

Ethnicity: Caucasian

Nationality: American

Orientation: Heterosexual


Age: 24 years old

Eye Color: Blue Greyish Silver

Hair Color: Midnight Black

Height: 6'2

Weight: 200 llbs.


Birthplace: Bludstone City

Residence: The The ClocktowerBludstone City

City of Operations: Bludestone City

Base of Operations: The The Clocktower Bludstone City

Relatives: Scott Richards (Father, Deceased) Selina Richards-(Mother, Deceased) Kylie Richards-(Twin Sister, Missing) Damian Knight (Adopted Son, Alive) Raysh Al Shaytan-(Adoptive Father)


Alignment: Chaotic Good

Identity: Secret

Occupation(s): Businessman, Former Assassin, Former Mercenary, Vigilante

Marital Status: Single

Relationship(s): None

Status: Alive; Active

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Thomas Richards as The Outlaw can be an extremely cold and frightening man, his actions can be incredibly ruthless and lethal and he believes that there are no lines if you're willing to cross all of them. But on the completely opposite side of the spectrum, the Outlaw can be an extremely sarcastic and rude individual, usually toying with his enemies as if they are toys, whatever role he is playing Outlaw is an extremely cunning and devious individual who will go to any means to accomplish his goals, and torture and killing are not beneath his methods, he is an extremely capable and ruthless killer, training under some of the most dangerous people on the Planet Earth, including the Father Of Assassins: Raysh Al Shaytan himself.

Thomas Richards, on the other hand, is the complete opposite of his Alter Ego, Thomas is an extremely charming and nice person, and never refuses to go the extra mile to help someone. Using his vast fortune Thomas has put many projects into place that he believes will better the lives around him, Thomas believes the Outlaw is the solution to the current problem; but he hopes that's not always the case, and that the world can find a solution that ends the suffering. Some beleive that he alterations and differences in his personality is due to his Posthuman and Transhuman biology.

The Story Of The Outlaw
The Story Of The Outlaw

Early Years

Born January 2nd 1995 to Scott and Selina Richards, Thomas and his sister had relatively normal childhoods for some of the richest children on the entire planet, Thomas was a happy and carefree child who loved to play with his parents and his sister. Thomas was a mostly ordinary boy, though he possessed things that made him different they never really appeared. Until one day that Thomas was caught in the aftermath of a superhuman attack that left his child body, disfigured and near death. So at the age of 3 Thomas underwent a surgery that had never been attempted. Transhumanism is something that had never been attempted on this world, something that was deemed dangerous, inhumane and disturbing. But due to Thomas still young and developing body they decided that it was worth such a risk

Refusing to let his son die he performed the operation using his vast fortune to save his son's life, and that's when Scott and Selina discovered that their child was a Posthuman, and now he was also a transhuman. The operation saved his life and restored his body to normal but it also made him incredibly different from others, even more than before. His parents stopped taking him out of the house and made him stay inside, refusing to let him play outside or with his sister.

The Night Everything Changed

While on a trip with his parents to somewhere in Asia, Their plane crashed killing Scott and Selina, and throwing Kyler somewhere else where Thomas never saw her again. Left alone and afraid on a mountain Thomas struggled for days until he was found by a monk and matial artist...

Thomas' Training

The 4-year-old boy was found and taken in by a martial artist named Chu Chin Li on Mount Qingcheng, there he trained and for several years learning how to fight and survive. The Day he turned 7, Chu Chin Li, set the matured and skilled child onto his next journey, Thomas' path took him to one of Chu Chin Li's old friend Tsunetomo, he had served under Sensei Yoru at a secret ninja training dojo and had become a renowned swordsman and martial artists. He taught Thomas Ninjutsu and swordsman techniques. For two years Thomas trained under him until eventually, he left when his master joined the Yakuza Clan.

Thomas' path took him all the way to the Himalayans where he met Shihan Matsukada who was a legendary martial artist who resided in the Himalayas, living a secular life with his wife. However, this led to an estranged relationship between himself and his great love Shira, eventually resulting in her wanting him dead. For 3 years Shihan trained Thomas as his apprentice even helping him develop his Posthuman abilities, wanting Thomas to become a God amongst men. At the end of this training, Shihan's assassination was arranged by his wife, though he managed to kill her as well, his last words were a warning to Thomas to never let anybody get close to his heart. Thomas took the money of the dead couple and made his way to Paris France

At the Ripe Age of 13 Thomas found himself in the presence of Henri Ducart who was a skilled assassin wanted in many countries for multiple assassinations. Ducart was often hired for "manhunting", in order to find and kill targets who were in hiding or have fled. This is how Ducart met Thomas in Paris, when Thomas interfered in one of his assassinations and almost killed the skilled Assassin. Seeing true potential Ducart took him inand taught him "manhunting" skills at his request, along with giving him explosive, hacking and firearm training, turning Thomas from just a skilled martial artist..into a deadly marksman. Though Thomas only trained with him for a year

And finally, on his 14th birthday, Thomas Richards found himself in the presence of the greatest Martial Artist, and the Greatest Assassin: Nay, the FirstAssassin. And Raysh Al Shaytan saw the potential that Thomas held inside of him, and finally...he unleashed the killer inside. Under the training of this master, Thomas learned the way of the League Of Shadows, becoming a lethal killer, and using the skills he had acquired under some of the most dangerous and skilled on the planet Thomas quickly rose through the ranks becoming like a son to the Devils Head. And There he stayed until he was 19 years of age.

Death And Resurrection Under The Caste

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After training under Raysh, Thomas eventually formed his own assassins group titled the League Of Darkness, Titled after his Adoptive Fathers late League Of Shadows. Thomas led this group for several months until eventually there was an attack, that left them decimated, and through a sword in the chest, Thomas was killed. Six months after his death, Thomas' body wound it's way into the path of the Caste. The Caste is an ancient group of warrior monks hidden in the Chamber of Caste. Dura, their former leader, trained Thomas after he came back from the dead due to means by the All. The Caste and Dura's teaching instilled Thomas with the sense of Justice that brought him to Bludstone on his crusade. The Caste was attacked by an unknown enemy and everyone but Thomas was killed. Thomas trained for 4 and a half years under the guidance of Dura, earning the position of The "Caste." learning that the group lived within him. And Granting him the use of the Blades Of All. After the fall of The Caste, Thomas made his way to Bludstone where he made his return public, gained access to his parents' company and fortune and started his mission to honor the Caste who had fallen for his survival. Using his money and resources Thomas created his gear and strode out into Bludstone as the Outlaw. Taking the criminals of Bludstone by storm.

Posthuman and Transhuman Anatomy and Physiology

Born with the gift of power Thomas became prone to short tempers and high sense of self confidence as he grew older and developed his skills and powers. Thomas' strength, speed, agility, and muscle mass are above peak human standards. Allowing him to perform and operate at superhuman levels. After recieving the surgery as a child, his father healed and upgraded his son, naming him the worlds first Transhuman. This surgery not only saved Thomas life, but enhanced his body to higher levels. Built into every muscle is a special organ called a “Golgi Tendon Organ” When a human's muscle contracts and generates a force, the GTO fires off nerve impulses to your spinal cord, and your spinal cord responds with the inhibition reflex. This nervous system inhibition signals your muscle fibers to limit force production when the muscle has increased tension. While this mechanism can be a convenient way to keep you from, say, tearing your biceps while lifting a heavy object, it can actually inhibit your performance when you’re trying to lift a heavyweight, but the brain has overpowered the inhibition reflex, resulting in a higher threshold of the GTO. Thomas' father managed to increase the excitatory threshold of Thomas' GTO and vastly improve his power and strength while giving him other enhancements to enhance his physical output. With proper training and these enhancements, Thomas managed to trick his muscles into contracting at a higher force and speed before that muscle-protecting inhibition actually kicks in allowing him to lift extremely large objects

The MSTN gene provides instructions for making a protein called myostatin. This protein is part of the transforming growth factor-beta superfamily, which is a group of proteins that help control the growth and development of tissues throughout the body. Myostatin is found almost exclusively in muscles used for movement (skeletal muscles), where it is active both before and after birth. This protein normally restrains muscle growth, ensuring that muscles do not grow too large, all while making sure the acidity in his muscles were extremely low, and preventing interference of other metabolites to allow him to keep heights of physical application for a longer period of time. His bone and muscle strength and density were also increased; making sure he doesn't crumble under his own power and letting him take quite a beating without sustaining serious injury.

Fighting Styles
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Thomas has mastered several forms of combat, but the most he tends to use in an actual confrontation is usually Gun Kata, Thomas is an expert of use fluid motion with his firearms to get in close and use his firearms for sophisticated close-quarters combat. Though he also uses the fighting style of Keysi when fighting more than two opponents The key concept of Keysi -- which means 'from the heart' -- appears to be movement and protecting your head and body with your arms, in case you're attacked by multiple people. Instead of spending time on a lot of techniques, Its goal is to teach you how to react correctly yet instinctively, and use parts of your body such as elbows, hammer fists, aiming for the cranium that are durable both offensively and defensively compared to parts of your body that might be prone to breaking more easily, like the hands or sacrificing your base standing The theory makes sense in that when multiple assailants attack, most opponents crowd into you and all try to hit you and perhaps knock you down to continue the battery on the floor. But Keysi allows Thomas to be mobile and strike back at multiple opponents with minimal injury.

But Thomas is also aware that every combat situation was unique and that the best way to be prepared was to allow himself to adapt. Just like water changes and flows with the bends in a river, a Thomas must be ready to adapt to changing circumstances. Because every encounter is unique, if practiced moves and forms is all the he has to rely on, then there most certainly will be occasions where these will be insufficient for the task at hand. Thomas finds that the simplest and most direct method of delivering an attack or intercepting opponents is favorable. If you are overly concerned with form, you remove yourself from the present. Even if the moves are so well-practiced that they require no thought, the body itself is not responding immediately to its environment and so loses some efficiency. Thomas utilizes the agility in his footwork. His rapid bouncing movements allow him to easily switch his direction and speed, much like water changing direction against a rock. He is also a master of the non-telegraphed punch. This means that he avoids typical physical cues that a punch is about to be delivered. Instead of winding up, or even twitching forward, he would launch the punch immediately as the opportunity presented itself. This idea emphasizes simplicity, economy, and adaptability. The hero is simultaneously parrying and punching. It is critical to note that this is parrying and not blocking. Blocking forces Thomas to pause and absorb the blow, while parrying simply redirects it and keeps the opponent moving along that direction while completely freeing the Thomas to immediately direct a counter strike, this allows him to adapt, shift and learn other fighting styles. He is also able to use many weapons effectively, adapting to be able to properly use them.

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?: Thomas' Gear

. . .

?Helmet: Made from a mixture of Vibranium and Adamantium Thomas' defining feature is his helmet, the crimson design is based on a helmet one of his mentors used to wear before he died. Thomas wears this to honor his mentor.Bundled into the cowl are high-gain microphones and a radio antenna. The radio antenna allows Outlaw to monitor police and emergency-services radio frequencies so that he can always be first on the scene. The microphones in the ears are combined with special earpieces in the helmet that give Thomas superior hearing in the field. The microphones can also be used to amplify Thomas' voice and broadcast it through a discreet speaker in the suit. This gives Thomas' voice a distinctive, disembodied and unearthly sound. The helmet also contains shifting lenses that identify suspect's identities, as well as their weak points (through medical records), while simultaneously avoiding the possibility of eye identification. The lenses have special visions, like infrared vision (heat sensors), night vision, and ultraviolet vision that allow Thomas advantages in combat situations


1. Outlaw Armor: Based on an advanced infantry armor system constructed from Nomex, the first layer of protection is an undersuit with built-in temperature regulators designed to keep the wearer at a comfortable temperature in almost any condition. The second layer of protection consists of armor built over the chest, calves, thighs, arms, and back. This armor features a kevlar bi-weave that can stop slashing weapons and can also deflect any bullet short of a straight shot impact, and reinforced joints that allow maximum flexibility and mobility. Sandwiched in between is the MR-fluid based liquid armor system. The proprietary Smart MR-fluid hardens in response to impacts, specifically designed to provide superior shock absorption, as well as enabling greater force delivery behind counterattacks. The liquid body armor layer is also more flexible, allowing for greater maneuverability and faster elimination of multiple targets in quick succession . The armor was then coated with a black latex material to dampen Thomas' heat signature, making him difficult to detect with night-vision equipment. The outfit is completed with the Leather Jacket and the Red Bat on the center of his chest.

2. Outlaw's Guns': Thomas carries around M1911 pistols .950 caliber hollow point armor piercing shells compressed in a pistol..those babies could stop a tank. But that was just his standard ammo. Thomas is always packing Adamantium rounds in case of rare emergencies with highly powered meta-humans. Along with explosive, corrosive and freezing rounds

3. The Blades Of All: A pair of mystical blades made out of copper and enchanted Uru designed to kill magic and godly-based threats, such as Amazons They are are most easily summoned in the presence of absolute evil. And the blades are powered by the soul of the Thomas Richards, and can even be empowered by spilling the Thomas' own blood. Eventually Thomas trully mastered the Caste's teachings, he gained access to the real Blades Of All, being capable of summoning them to his hands by will.

4. The Gadgets:

Grapnel Gun: Located in both forearms and coming out close to the back of his hands is the grapnel line that allows Thomas to traverse rooftops, giving him a boost to glide higher and further. The grapnel is a magnetic gas-powered grapple that shoots out a claw shaped projectile on a retractable high-tensile cord which grabs onto a surface pulling him to his target in order to scale sheer surfaces and swing across gaps.

Wrist Computer: Built right into the left gauntlet, this operates as a standard personal computer. Equipped with fax modem, GPS system, minidisk rewritable drive, access to the Computer via microwave link and can be used to remote control the car or other vehicles Tom has.

Smoke Pellet: An extremely fast acting smoke pellet when smashed against the floor, Thomas uses this when he needs to make a quick get-away unseen. He can also use this tactically in combat by making it impossible for his opponents to see and take them down.

Crime Scene Investigation Kit: Contains sample bags, blood-drying bags, fingerprinting kit, odor-analyzing chromatograph and independent detachable video camera. Linked directly to Thomas' uniform, his car, and the Batcomputer at the Clocktower.

Hand-Cuffs: Based on police-issue Ty-Cuffs, these restraint devices are made of sapphire-impregnated nylon with a stranded metal cable center

First Aid Kit: Mini medical kit to treat trauma related injuries for victims

Acetylene Torch: A strong miniaturized laser used as a cutting tool.

Universal Tool: Used to aid in electronics work. The tip contains various Phillips and flathead screwdrivers, wrenches, lock picking device, drill bits and other implements. Inside the base are full lineman's kit, multiline analyzers, cell phone analyzers and other electrical analysis gear. Can record and playback audio and video signals.

Aerosol Sprays: Tom carries a number of aerosol sprays in his belt. Once He uses one or more, nanotechnology reproduces more for later use.

Knockout Gas: When smashed against the ground and enhaled, the victim goes through intense moments of delierium and nausea before being knocked out. For 4 to 5 minutes