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Underworld : Rise of the Lycans Review

Alright lets start this off. Well like in the others they mentioned Sonja and Lucian. They tell only some parts of the story of the two lovers, Etc. No spoilers though can't give that away. So lets just say they brought in people that related back to that time. Lycans are a breed lower than Vampires. They are given status as animals and work daily for the Vampires. The human nobles also appear here, giving tributes to the Vampires and etc. Well lets just say they use a Lycan to bite humans to give them a Lycan blood type, that of Lucians. Lucian is the first Lycan and is not necessarily a werewolf. He's held in high regard being the "first" of these "beasts."

For someone who likes action you'll get some of it. They broke into a 300 movie session in some parts and in others they became to love lovey. To me their was to many kiss scenes, and " Oh, you are well?" and " don't let Them go out there, they'll get slaughtered!" ..blah blah blah. Bottom line , just so you can go see the movie, this is it. It's a great mixture of ACTUAL story, action, and love( to much though).

Some parts seem dumb if you dont' understand or havn't seen the other two movies. If you havn't, watch sections of the others to understand WHY they burned Sonja , cause appearently at my movie theatere I heard alot of .."huhs?"...and" Why'd they do tha?." lol you would think ,but no, not everyone's seen the other Underworld. Thank Heavens they showed alot and made it all fit together.

I also heard alot of " Cools " and " Awesome" or "totally rad, that was SICK!" , seriously when they were fighting you felt like you were in a 300 movie recolection. So let's get down to how i'll grade this.  One out of ten is how i'll grade it.  One more thing though, don't listen to the reviews, my mother didn't want to come see this movie because a " review" gave it a 1....loser , watch the movie and believe it can happen XD

anyways , not to get off track. I'll give this an 8.8. I give it this for two reasons. One, to much lovey dovey things, and two they kinda packed to much into a 1 1/2 .  Really those are the only things wrong with it, and also it was a alittle blurry during fight scenes. Otherwise I loved it.

One more thing. DO NOT Bring your 10 year old daughter or son to see it. Or anyone under that age. It's rated R for a reason. Partiall nudity and some really gorey scenes, just giving you a heads up.

So that's my verdict. 8.8

If you like Lovey Dovey it gets a 9.3