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Just Incase...... Don't want to lose it again.

(Right to Left) James, Jeffery, and John Jamison


  "There are many types of Lycans. Blood thirsty, non-thirsty, and then the Spiritual thirsty. The Jamison Lycans are the last one. Feeding off of the living Spiritual Energy around a persons body. This substitutes the thirst of blood or the fight against it. It's truely a sound proof way to keep yourself as hidden as you can be, no marks, no mistakes....nothing.... Being a Jamison is not to be of warfare or peace, it's about being a selfless being. Someone who knows what they are doing ,even if not ....themselfs. A person who holds a vast amount of raw power.  So who are the Jamison's exactly? Well let us begin back in 400 A.D." - Micheal Jamison

    The Jamison clan originated in Spain. Three brothers,easily tempered, hailed from Saffron Jamison II. Their mother, Clarrette, and Saffron died when the brothers were (left to right) fifteen , seventeen, and sixteen. This left the three brothers, mixed emotions within them, with the family house. Known now as Jamison Manor.James, Jeffery and John where the brothers names. Food was becoming scarce on the outskirts of the woods nearby so the oldest brother, Jeffery, decided to go deeper. When hunting for a deer though, Jeffery was the first to be attacked by a ferocious wolf. It was big in stature and was not normal size. With only a bow and arrow, no melee weapons, Jeffery was a sitting duck. Gashed on the right side of his body by the Wolf's claws and bitten above his left collar bone. The wolf stopped after that and fled. Jeffery


was ,amazingly, able to escape back to the Jamison's Manor . His brother John, in rage and the second youngest of the three, decided to go after the wolf. After a few days of hunting and skirmishes with the wolf he was slashed in the back and bitten around the same exact spot as his brother. He was also able to get back to the families house the same way. James was calm, taking care of his brothers until they were able to care for themselfs he decided to get personal revenge. James was smarter. Instead of attacking it straight on he waited for it to gather on a hill. Then he came from behind. He wasn't able to follow through with the plan and was attacked. Bitten and gashed on his leg he was able to kill the beast. Although with the wolf dead, James, with the last of his strength , made his way back home by crawling.

Village Home
Village Home

Their victims, left alone, mutated into the Lycans the Jamisons were. They fed more and more upon the village. Infecting each one. Finally when they knew there was to many to be handled they took initiative. On the next full moon the brothers convied with howls to the other Lycan within the forest. At the gathering, atop a stone bluff, the three brothers transformed into their regular human forms.

  Seeing the many the brothers taught them how to act. To only suck the spiritual energy from humans ,not the blood. They explained this would make them keener in their human forms, giving them ten times the strength, speed, sense, and agility they needed. The process was within yourself....find the thirst....quench it with a substitute......and you were a Jamison Lycan. Everyone with the Jamison bite or born of it's blood was family , no matter what. With many gatherings the brotheren talked about their accomplishments atop the bluff. This helped the Jamison's keep control over their Lycan form and helped maintain the advanced bodily processes.

Transfomring into their adapted forms at any time of day the Jamison's where strong. The clan spoke to their brotheren, the wolfs. Individually they could see for miles, hear for miles, smell for miles, and even live longer than they should of. These Lycan's healed. The powers bound by their secrets. Even with the dedication to Spiritual Energy the Jamison Lycans were averagly better than any other being in the world. They had the strenght of a hundred men, the speed of three hundred. They were scientificly a head of any other, whether be Vampire or Lycan alike.

  After awhile though the Jamison Lycans became a ghost on reality.Their whole village turned to Lycan's meant keeping it under wraps. So to do that they sometimes traveled miles

One Hill Divide
One Hill Divide

to find the proper food. In so they also injected many people with the Lycan Enzymes. The Jamison Lycan's spread throughout Spain. The people who , witnessed, Lycans where often drained of spiritual energies on many occasions and by the time they appeared with these apauling stories...vanished....more like hidden because of becoming what they feared. Lycans...Werewolfs, the Spaniards called the Jamison clan and many others who where not like them. Being peacful didn't last long as the year A.D. 1000 appeared.

What happens........
What happens........


" Ah so you ask why we are so few.... since you know how the Jamison family started. Let us learn how they lived for the next five hundred years....before you were born..."- Micheal Jamison

Being spread upon Spain didn't help the Jamison family keep on the ground. Many Lycans refused to call them brotheren. Shunning them for not tasting true blood. For not drenching themselfs into the red liquid the others heeleded to so dearly.

That is how the war started. The vampires, haters of all Lycans decided to jump in. Not on any other side but on their own. There being three sides, the Jamison Lycans, the Lycans, and the Vampires started a Civil War. With each one trying to eradicate the other the time for war was called upon. An estimated thirty thousand Jamison Lycan's went against the impending three hundred thousand Lycans. With the Vampires also going at four hundred thousand the fight was on. It roared for centuries, the Jamisons using gurilla tactics to fight. The dwindling numbers of all three sides ended up ultimatly ending the battle.  Without the right soldiers each held back their attacks.

  The total fight had ended in only three hundred years. But in those years the Jamison Lycans had fallen to near oblivion. The three brothers were dead. Each slain by over powering. No one was left to lead. Someone had to be chosen soon. With only three thousand Jamisons left across Spain the Lycans went into hiding. Not wanted by their Lycan comrades or Vampire enemies the group fell upon themselfs.

Attacking travelers for food and only mating within their own tribe. The fight was just beginning. With the population growing, throughout the next hundred years ,the Jamison's came back to the known world. The Lycans and Vampires alike, thinking the Jamison's were all but dead, were shocked. Some scared some angery with this unfolding events. As the Jamison's solidified themselfs as a top power in Spain their leader came to be named. He was the strongest at the time. The fiercest and was the most planned power in the Jamison Lycan league. His name......Clerance Jamison , would lead a new era of Jamisons. Those who relied upon raw power to lead themselfs. The raw strenght, thought, and speed would lead to swift victories. Not prolonged deaths. This was the doomsday of the Jamison family and the reawakening of the Jamison Lycans.

Clerance Jamison

A New Era

" So you know how we started, how we ended, and how we were reborn again. But do you know the events that led up to your birth. I know...and...i'll tell you.."- Micheal Jamison


When Clerance took the helm of the Jamison Lycans and he was only three hundred years old .Making them stomp on other Lycans.  Simply enough the Jamison's started to relie on the raw strength they each held. No other Lycan Civil War battles conversed through history but small skirmishes, with the Jamison's winning, have been noted.

As Clerance led the Lycans  in their golden age. They ruled Spain as the only true Lycans and even went farther. To Germany, Italy, Rome, and even parts of England. All Jamison Lycans ran through that open land. Fighting off other Lycans. Sending them back to the old ages while they ate on the golden apples.

Many Jamison's like this form of rule. Others didn't . They wanted to be kept out of the spotlight. Clerance personally talked ot these people and tried to reason with them. It didn't work though. They became more aggressive to Clerance and the people who let him lead. To stop a civil war Clerance decided to marry the opposing side in order to stop a Civil War between the Jamison bloodline.

Sephirime Jamison
Sephirime Jamison

Clerance did not expect to fall in love with the woman he had married. She was striking. The clearest of Jamisons and she was her own individually. Sephirime never depended on anyone else and she didn't depend on any Spiritual Energy either. If she got into a brawl she ended it herself. After marrying Clearance Sephirime became a well known Lycan fighter. 

 This showed her ability to work alone. Clerance respected her. Feeling nothing for eachother they both fell deeply in love. Within another ten years a son... Micheal Jamison, was born in 1450. He retained his mothers charm and his dad prowless. Still being the strongest Lycan power in Spain they let their son go through the books and history of the Jamison Lycans and many more. He became a scholar and was known for his abiltity to know every important detail of the Lycan civilization.
Utilizing this position he taught other young Jamison Lycans to be a more resourceful era than the past. He taught them how to read a battlefield and when to retreat even when instincts would take over. This earned him a part in the Jamison Royal Army. A group of specially trained soldiers, scholars, and brawlers who would be led by Clerance when war was needed.

Unable to deny Micheal excepted the offer and trained years to learn both fighitng and historical information. His father and mother though, around 1502, gave birth to another boy in Spain. His name was Thomas Lee Jamison. Undeniably he had inheirented his traits from all of his family members.Being striking like his mother, strong and resourcful like his father, and acedemically talented like his brother Micheal. Soon after Thomas's birth though, the Lycans decided to rise up again. This time the Jamison Royal Army stepped into play. With Clerance leading it and Micheal as a respected captain they traveled to the border of Spain.


Setting up a defensive line the Jamison Lycans were hit by a endless barrage of their supposed brotheren. They fought many days, soaking the ground with red blood. The Jamisons, still vastly outnumbered. Where not heped when the Vampires decided to step in again. Knowing they would loose the battle Clerance told the rest of the Royals to flee the country side. Escape. When they ran Clerane, alone, held up the Lycans and Vampires until he was stabbed through the chest seven times with a silver bladed dagger.

Miles ahead of the enemies Micheal traveled home, grabbed his mother and his baby brother and all three escaped on a boat with one other Jamison Royal Army family to the tipmost point of England. When they arrived both families built a a mannor atop a hill in the fields and grew themselfs a family.The townsfolk never asked why they were there. Mostly because they kept atop their hill.  The era of the Jamison Lycans had ended unexpectatly and was going to always.......Micheal knew he would not be able to lead the next era of Jamison's himself, but with his knowledge, his brother Thomas, would. With only two hundred or so Jamison Lycan's  around the world they could grow again. Many were slain during the days it took to cross the ocean, but some had escaped. This era  was one of hiding.... one of expected death...and one of learning....

Thomas Lee Jamison


" If your to be the last stand against the other Lycans than show it now. Your raw power will be known to all if you show it.. So hide it... like we have for many years.... for if you don't this will end up a more bloodier war than expected."

Growing up on the countryside like a farm boy Thomas was taught by his brother, Micheal about the Lycan history. His mother helped him with his physical training from everything from Lycan Combat to Human Kung Fu. Learning about his deceased father helped Thomas find the flaws in war and democracy all the while finding out why it fell sometimes. With his mother though he kept these feelings at bay, never questioning her about his father. She didn't seem to mine though . The teachings were fairly easy though. Sephirime taught him how to use agility against a opponent. Making their efforts look useless , dodging each blow, bringing fear. That fear fed into a Jamison's strengths ,and when the opponent was helpless. Thomas learned to strike hard with this ability to refrain from anger and turn it into brute strength.

  He also learned how to master his senses ,his mother ,who sent him on hunts for prey that was miles away never had him come home without his target. It was a necessity to come back with the target otherwise, he didn't go home. This seemed cruel at first but then he understood why he didn't go more then Lycan range. Sephirime never sent him to far in fear that he would be found and killed by Lycan and Vampires who still searched for Jamisons as prizes. Micheal could deal with them but he was still not ready to face off in the midst of battle with numbers not leaning to his side. After this though his teachings became more humanly. He began to learn english liturature, geometry, and many more acedemic things. Even though home taught he was not good at this calculated stuff. He was a go by the flow thinker, always on his toes, and always looking to strike.

When his fifteenth birthday came around, late for most Lycans, Thomas's body was chiseled to near perfection 

New age Jamison Manor
New age Jamison Manor

Immediatly when the thirst for blood came he was sent into meditation to find his innerself. Soon he was too able to feed on the Spiritual Energy his kind fell upon. He took it a step further. He didn't need anything to suck on. His brother, Micheal, decided to follow in his footsteps and stopped any interactions involving Spiritual Energy. The family living across from his also had their son , Corvious, getting his powers. The two trained together and were both taught by Micheal. Even with the teachings of war and death within the Jamison Lycans ,Thomas did not know the true threat other Lycans and Vampires posed on him. When his young years became his pre-adult years his Lycan form was that better of any others. He was bigger, chisled in every aspect. Totall control over his strength, speed, and agility along with his senses made him become a fear..Dark brown fur envaloped him.He stood out. Silver Talons and teeth, and two yellow eyes. Thomas was perfect ......plain and simple...

Thomas's Lycan Form
Thomas's Lycan Form




" story moves back to where it started...for you , it's just begun... Love to you , love to me, it's a special bond. Make good use of it...." -Micheal Jamison

 When Thomas returned from the shadows he was fit. Able to speak many languages, fight in many styles, and mastery of almost all weapons known at the time he was the top Jamison Lycan. Along the way his brother, Micheal, had also learned the same. They would both enroll themselfs to learn about the styles of humans who seemed to be graceful beyond belief. It was at the end of 1700's that Thomas revealed himself. By then most of the Lycans and Vampires alike had forgotten about the rule of the Jamison's throughout the years.

 Both brothers had appeared when the New World had been discovered. The brothers anticipated that it would be a way to escape the world they lived in and begin anew. The only known transports though , were leaving in Germany. Both men, in France now, knew it would be a long journy. Stopping at a pub along the way Thomas drank while his brother slept in bed in the one of the rooms above.  Not seriously drunk ,Thomas caught a eye for a young beautiful dark black haired maiden. She was more striking than his mother. It wasn't a one look never look back thing though. She looked back, entranced on him, as if love had caught up to them both.

    Within a couple of minutes of the staring back and forth Thomas walked up to her gutily, and asked to escort her back to her home like a decent gentleman. She agreed and the both left in the middle of the night. Turning corners they both chatted, making time last longer and longer. Every move she made maked Thomas want her more. It was alot more than lust, or greed, it was like butterflies in your stomach.There they kissed, sealing a true bond. He had asked her name before the walk and had been Linda. All he could do was observe her as she had complete love in her eyes as he did. The peace couldn't last for the both of them, the attraction they had had brought Lycans to Thomas.

They appeared from nowhere, he hadn't heard them or smelled them. It was as if they just appeared by existence. Lucial looked surprised. She didn't scream but Thomas could feel there was something more to her than she let on. She just stood motionless. Not dwelling on her facial expressions Thomas transformed himself into his Lycanic form. One on ten was the odds, one out of ten he would win. Even with the odds he fought. Gashing at heads and legs he was invincible. Thomas knew he was fighting people with silver weapons. So he occasionally killed one and took a knife or a sword to kill another. Although it seemed he would win, Thomas was caught blind. While he killed, what he thought, was the last intruder, another had slipt behind him. It was a light footed Lycan Hunter, or a Vampire. Strong and built he was an adequet fighter. As Thomas looked blindly the mans smiled showing his white teeth. With a instant the dark figure stabbed Thomas in the back. Thrusting the blade into his lower abdomen from behind. Leaving a razor sharp silver point in his body the Vampire disappeared.

   Thomas dropped immediatly to the floor. A piece of silver seared into his body. It was painful. He rocked back and forth. Shaking and convulsing. By then Linda laid beside him, weeping. She and him were truely in love. Knowing so little about eachother they still had a connection. Thomas thought she knew he would die but he wasn't ready for the next event. Looking down at him Linda became hopless.  Her teeth became sharp and she smiled.  A Vampire? For centuries Lycans and Vampires had hated eachother, having blood wars for power and other what nots. Thomas's stomach gripped in fear, had she just playing with him, waiting to kill him while he was unguarded? Was that what she had  planned to do all along? He couldn't move , the pain burned more now, a sensation in his side.  Without the ability to protest Linda bit into his neck. A moment later, Thomas, blacked out. Everything after that he didn't remember.

--------------------------------------------------- perfection perfection

Thomas awoke later, his body numb. The mark had slightly faded but he could see it was visible. Amazingly he was at the pub. Lying on a bed adjecant from his brother. Quickly Thomas stood, he knew that his brother wouldn't except what he "was." So he gathered his things, a couple of books explaining Lycan and Vampire history, and was off. He wandered to Normandy, and stayed there awhile. That was where he studied what he could be. He quickly found he was a hybrid, someone bite by both a Lycan and a Vampire or someone born as one and then bitten by the other. Either way he realized he wouldn't be wanted, he read somewhere else that hybrids like him were not accepted by both kinds. It was as if they betrayed both sides of the spectrum.

So he wandered, never looking back. Fighting for countries here and there, shedding blood across battlefields. Yet his heart was devoid. He wandered and wandered. Forgetting about his past with booz, food, battles, and democracy. After awhile he realized his true calling. He had to fight for something, so he abandoned this previous life. That was when he started to read the books again, hunt vampires, find Lycan allies. Still he knew something was missing, he just couldn't put his finger on what. All through this his hybrid perfection won him many a name throughout Europe. For now he just traveled.





Everyone Needs A Proper Weapon or Two


" Every Jamison Lycan has had two blades. These, in war, made them legendary. Everyone ,fearful, of the death they would befall under these same blades......With our father, Clerance, gone, you must find the two weapons he held to continue the legacy..this will begin your story, find Blood, find Spirit.." - Micheal Jamison

After many years of travel and finally realizing he had something better to do then just fight, Thomas knew he needed a weapon. Not just any old blade or dagger. Something that would fit him perfectly. Thomas, knowing this, checked through the families history books. He found out a interesting fact within the old texts.His father had had two blades. Their names brought hope to his eyes. Blood and Spirit.  It was said they had been lost during the borderline war in Spain. That wasn't really the  truth though. Thomas read further, connecting the dots, eventually he found what he was looking for. The weapons had been put in a Keep. Far in the mountains of Spain by a Lycan family. They immortalized the Jamisons legacy, thats why the weapons were hidden. The Lycans knew this, so to hide the past, they pushed them far away from any prying eyes. The vampires, only wishing to destroy the Jamisons because of their stent of leadership, hadn't cared after Clerance's death, and disappeared behind a veil of darkness after realizing the Jamison's had lost their reign on the population. Even though shadows they occasionally appeared, hunting Lycans in general, tirelessly.

Deciding to change direction , Thomas put his Vampire form into use for the first time. He covered ground faster. Day after night, alone, wishing he hadn't left his brother. Jumping from trees when they were there, over buildings, under bridges. Each step brought him closer to the two weapons. He couldn't stop , the legacy of his family continued with him. Well at least until he found others like him. The swords though ,were, his main priority. 

Through many days of traveling Thomas came to a village at the bottom of the mountains. The mountains before him were called Dead Man Mountains. Not one who ventured , ever returned again. Thomas knew there had to be Lycan guards killing off hikers. He had guessed it because the moment he smelled the town he knew it wreaked of Lycans. As if everyone there was just waiting for something else to come. A trap almost. Thomas was unable to advance. Instead of sleeping in the warm comfy beds in the Inn, just on the outskirts of town, he had to sleep on the floor. The morning ahead of him would be brutal.


Not happening......sleeping on floor...nice dream though
Not happening......sleeping on floor...nice dream though

Thomas awoke the next morning. His eyes wide awake since the appearing of light. The town was asleep,save for a couple of early day farmers. Brushing himself off from the dust of night Thomas went around the town. Stalking through the bushes and trees until he had completly one eightied the area. The mounains appeared before him, luckily he had come in the way of a vallies leading into the mountains. Observing the creaks and crevices within the mountains he slowly climbed the smallest one, which in height, was about 500 feet tall. For him though, it was a easy task. With his meditations , Thomas had learned how to transform parts of his body and not the whole to keep him from being noticed. Easily metamorphing he clawed his way through the mountains. Moving fast. Jumping ,sliding, and twisting , the mountain before him remained ever long. Within a couple of hours though he had reached the top. It gave him a clear overview of the surronding mountains and the town underneath.

From his vantage point he could see the Keep. Ontop of the highest mountain in the region, it look menacing. A road led up to it, rubble and dirt. From Thomas's eyes, there seemed to be Lycan patrols throughout the road. Even more so he could see that they had set up different guard houses around large trees for signals, maybe if someone got by. The guards, unhidden, seemed to be clustered in fours. Taking a break to observe the rest of the days frequences he spent a day atop the mountain in a cave.

 From what he could see, two groups were sent out like clockwork. From the four guards , they were divided equally and sent out on eleven hour shifts. Thomas's odds of getting to the Keep depended on those two hours that started from Ten o'clock to Twelve o'clock.  Even if he reached the Keep he would have to be evasive and totally silent when he got inside. The guards around had to be the cream of the crop seeing how they always followed their commands.

Being awake the whole night Thomas was ready. Fear gripped his stomach. Nothing could control the future ,if he died, he died, if he didn't, well ......good..... Hiking over the mountains Thomas moved with speed. Having transformed into his Vampire form, his fastest form, he ran. It seemed dead, eerie, nothing lived. No birds chirping, no racoons wallowing in burrows. It was as if everything had been killed. Eradication didn't make Thomas lose his mind. He felt peace. Nothing to destract him, but then again, nothing to keep his footsteps from being heard.

As the two hours were coming to a close Thomas emerged behind a bushy thicket. He was concealed behind the smell of strawberries and other fruits that were growing around the Keep. His breathing was calm, as he hadn't pushed himself to his limit. Thomas's efforts had paid off. To his estimation he was about fifteen minutes ahead of his two hour time break.

So good....and a hidden too
So good....and a hidden too

A great feat considering the Keep had been more then two hundred and eighty miles away.

   Creeping up the side of the dirt road he took precautions. Battling for two weapons wouldn't be easy, and he wasn't that good at stealth unless he needed to be. Instead of seeing patrols the road was empty. Barren , the guards had gone on break and were at the bottom of the mountain. Eating, laughing, and cheering for a reason Thomas couldn't come up, quickly disgarding the probably drunken guards he continued.

Slowly the minutes he had left returned and by then he was at a door on the side of the Keep. It was small, wooden, and rotting. The door was old and out-of-place in the picture perfect Keep. Silently opening it, Thomas slid in. The swords would probably be at the top of the castle, the levels above would be infested with Royal Guards or some kind of Lycan forces. Taking no heed to being off guard he slowly inclined up a back staircase. When he came up the spiraling staircase he was caught off guard. A Lycan sat at a desk, reading papers, sifting through lists, writing names, and then moving on with a new set of papers. He was entranced on his work, ignoring the sounds around him. He hadn't heard Thomas at all. Seizing the opportunity to advance he jumped out from behind the staircase. Not letting a retaliation occur Thomas jumped on the Lycan and covered his mouth and nose with his own hand.

Le Blueprints
Le Blueprints

The man tried fighting off Thomas, but his hand firmly stood still. Within a minute, the futile attempt at resisting stopped. Thomas's victim laid dead. He had tried to fight ,but without air, he couldn't continue on. Standing up Thomas looked at the dead Lycan. He was maturily old, probably causing him to not assess the problem fast enough. Stepping over the sprawled body Thomas picked up the names on the list. None seemed to be important. Grabbing the castle blue prints he folded those and put them in his pocket. Crumpling the paper and throwing it on the floor, Thomas fustrated himself over nothing. The room he was in was a dead end. No other entrances or exits, but he could hear the footsteps of soilders on the other side of the wall.
There was one opening though. One window . It overlooked just a sea of trees. Opening it Thomas jumped onto the ledge and transformed to full Lycan. Quickly he clenched his claws into the concrete wall. Climbing only using his upper body shape, Thomas used his strength. Eventually he reached the top floor. It was opened to the air. The only concealments were around it where the wall surronded it on all sides.

The Beast
The Beast

Wasting no time ,Thomas jumped over the remaining feet and stood there. The swords infront of him. Almost a grasp away. It had taken many days to travel to the remote place ,and even more to get to the swords. So close to victory Thomas grabbed the weapons. Playing with them, like a child getting a new toy, he felt like the weapon he had been looking for had become the weapons. The swords had perfect grips, the perfect weight, everything was absolutly perfect. The one problem, the weapons were made of Adimantium and Silver. the adimantium didn't bother him, the silver did. He would have to take precautions. Superb the weapons were in Thomas's mind. All he had to do now was...........slip away...and if the blue prints showed right..he could slip away in under the ground, not above it... all in all..... no extreme violence,just....complete silence....

A New Beginning

" Most men in history were alone for a short time. They achieved much, but they never filled that gap. That was the flaw in every outsider, they were advice...keep together...."-Micheal Jamison

It had been months since Thomas had stolen the Jamison twin blades back. In that time the Vampires had started raids, killing Lycans, slaughtering them. It was becoming a bad situation. Thomas decided to go back home, back to his roots. He traveled by boat back to a sea town just by the beach. The boat dropped him off and Thomas was going back home. The familiar sounds took him in easily. Thomas had more important things on his mind though. The ability to turn into a Vampire had stopped completly. The power had given him great speed but now it had faded into a distant dream. The bite mark still stayed, nestled warmly on his neck. Even with the ridden problem it was time to continue on. Drifting on through the town he drifted into a dirt road. From there he walked a couple of miles, not wanting to be seen in his supernatural form, to the outskirts of the family property.

The building looked more tidy. It was stunning, and it was in the middle of nowhere. Still the serene sounds that came with the Manor seemed to be a blast to the past. Walking onto the green grass, Thomas smelled something familiar. It wasn't his mother or his brothers scent, it was other Lycans. Quickly Thomas hid behind a bush. Swords behind his back, Thomas advanced along the bush line until he met a window. It was opened alittle, and inside, his mother sat at a table, faced by two unfamiliar faces, most likely Lycan. Thomas's brother, Micheal, stood in the shadows, intent on observing the talk.


Sephirime Insight:
A gruff voice started the conversation." Sephirime we need your clans help. We realized that the Jamisons were a threat in the past, but now they are more peaceful. We have no wish to attack you anymore nor shall was treat you unjust. We just have on agreement. If you've been kept in the Underworlds circle than you should know the Vampires are slaughtering us. One by one we fall. Nothing to stop them. All we need is your help , and some of your clanmates also. After the war we plan on having is over, you can come back to the Lycan society, not hated, but admired, for you bravery. Do you except m'lady..?"

Sephirime laid back in her chair. Thinking hard she fumbled her hands on the desk infront of her which kept a steady rythm. She knew that the people asking for help had been helping in exterminating the Jamisons. The gift they gave brought her to great heart though. The thought of ending the pitiless war against brotheren was heart felt. The men before her though were inpatient. Giving a quick anwser back she hoped it didn't come off as a knock off.

" Well , you give me no choice to except. I can gather my small force and we can begin to take these Vampires to their long awaited graves. The short anwser, yes. We will fight with our brotheren 'till the end. Let me see the treaty and I will sign it quickly."

Immediatly the paper was before her. A pen at the ready she signed her name and watched the other men sign theirs. This was the beginning of a new. Now only if her son, Thomas was home. Even with out Clerance the family would be whole, Thomas had the same spirit as Clerance, and the making of a good leader. Now she had to contact the last remaining Jamisons throughout the world. Now it was time for WAR.....plain...and..simple...


Thomas sat silently, crouched, amongst the bushes. He watched his mother sign her name on a peace treaty and watched the two lycans sign it themselfs. What was to become of the Jamisons now, they were equals with the rest of the Lycan clans, but would they be excepted as easily or not? Waiting until the two Lycans had gone, Thomas emerged from behind the bushes, smelling like dirt Thomas knocked on the door. Within a minute one of the twin wooden doors opened. His mother stood there, appauled. She hadn't expected him so early. The bite mark on his neck caused him to see her think for a moment, smelling the air she didn't find what was supposed to be smelt. The curiousity though shifted to the weapons on his back...then her face went cold. " You found your fathers weapons? You truely are your fathers son... Welcome home son." 

 Giving him a heartfelt hug he was welcomed into the house again. Walking in his brother approached him. " You found them, god damn, you found them........don't I know best, so what happened, I can't smell what I used to smell, did the powers fade?" Shifting gears Micheal gave him a hug and looked questioning. Thomas answered his mother and brothers first aknowledgment." Yea, I found out in the family history books where they would be. I went to that place and took them back. Considering now that we arn't at war with the other Lycans now, I think were good.  For the mark you see on my neck. It seems it only worked for awhile. The bite is also just becoming scars now. I think it was temporary or something. Strange though right?"

All three moved to the Living Room and quickly sat down. Then they began to talk more on what had happened while he had been alone. The hours passed and finally the talk came to a end. Quickly the three went to sleep in their individual room. The family was again together, but war was just on the horizon, things seemed to be happening unexpectadly and quick in their life. Together though, they were undefeatable. They had the greatest weapon in history. Love for one another.

All's fair in war
All's fair in war

War for A Ending

" War is accepted, so lets get bloody...."-Micheal Jamison

The war hastily started after Thomas's arrival. It took his mother only a short time to gather the remaining members and together they spoked of achievements while out on their own. Within a month of the family bonding within the group,was sent to the front line of war, including Sephirime, at that time it was 1878. The war started slowly after. The Jamisons slaughtered the opposing Vampires like vermine. They were showing themselfs as the greatest.

Following their mothers wishes Thomas and Micheal stayed behind obediantly. They trained together with axes and swords trying to distract themselfs  while the battle went on. Forty years quickly passed and the Vampires and Lycans were at a standstill. It was time to end it after Forty years. The sides chose to end the fighting. Peacefully they escaped back to their places. Silently rebuilding. Waiting to war against eachother in another time, a more advanced time.

Along with the end of the war came the Jamisons back to England. They were finally accepted by the brotheren who had helped to almost eradicate them. Thomas had become a great Axeman and had found his own weapon for his proffesion. His brother began to write books and poetry. They had turned out well achieved from staying behind.

Sephirime returned , stronger than ever, and the Jamisons' decided to inhabit England as their knew home. Everything returned to normal. For Thomas though, it was time to become something more, something better, something more known...

The Night
The Night

New Stories

" Everyone is on their own, even when they don't know it...."-Micheal Jamison

Thomas waited another hundred years, training harder than ever, slowly watching the change in life before returning. The technology was more advanced. Things called Phones were being used. Cars were being driven. Everything was new in the outside world. For the Jamison Manor though, it was old. It had truely stayed in the 1700 century.

Thomas was at his top performance now. A creature of the night, and a mongrel on the battlefield. He was the perfect specimen. With this, came the lust for the outside world. Newer and more efficient weapons were being built. Thomas knew he had to learn more , because with each century passing, new things needed to be learned.

In a act of rebellion Thomas abandoned the Jamison Manor. Leaving his brother and mother behind. He knew he would come back to speak with them about things, but he was going to be stable on his own first. Quickly he was thrust into the modern day life of luxury and pain. 

Learning quickly to not become a outsider Thomas rejected the most time to change into a Lycan. He got a job and quickly rose through the buisness ranks. Before he knew it he was a billionaire. With that though he had to keep behind lock and key. If his buisness partners saw him then they would know he didn't age. Instead he chose trustful people to continue his plans.

Even with the money, the fame, and much more aknowledgement it seemed like nothing more. He knew there was something else. People all over the world had powers. If he had the ability to become them why not.

Using the weapons he had during the years past he created a uniform. The color, jet black, kept him hidden in the night. He was a sure shadow. Only using his swords, knives , and twin pistols, he's  chased through the night, fighting off anything in his way. Thomas's kept to his own side and made sure he was the best at everything he tried.He kept his scent hidden, not wanting to be found, Thomas was now hiding his Lycan roots from everyone, unless he needed to tell them. Being rich, the money to provide him the state-of-the-art things and secrecy wern't anything but a few mere dollars to him. It was his time , his legacy, it was him, the Wild Card in a deck.........


A Team
A Team

Thomas quickly aligned himself with a team called Wolf Pack. It was a socialist group. It's beliefs are listed below. That's all you need to know. He's joined, he loves the team and his allies. This will hopefully last a fruitful, long time, especially with a fellow Lycan, named the Hunter on the team.

During the events of the Doomsday Crisis, the world was forever changed.  At Sector 13, Anderson had reached his limit.  Horrible acts of treachery occurred during Apocalypse's massive assault on the mountain fortress of Sector 13.  Anderson suspected that the United Nations were behind a greater threat.  Since their involvement, the entire operation had been sabotaged.

Then, the hero known as Kurrent was locked away for the acts of murder and insurrection.  All along, Anderson knew of Kurrent's innocence in the matter.  Furthermore, he had undeniable proof that would restore the honor to Kurrent's name.  However, certain powers did not want an investigation of the United Nations launched.

Because the world had suffered enough trauma with the destruction of New York City, the invasion of Apocalypse, and several other catastrophic events, certain authorities tried to justify their actions.  Despite his orders to abandon the subject, Agent Anderson defied his orders.  The world was at stake.  The time for politics and other niceties had passed and it was time for action.  Therefore, Anderson went to a man who lived his life in the shadows..... The Hunter, William Greystoke.


Going under the radar completely, he gave the Hunter the authorization to create an elite team.  This would not be just any team.  The goal of this team was to dispense with the barriers which held back progress in past times.  Instead of merely defending the world, this team would go on the offensive.  Sparing no one, this elite group of individuals would do whatever it took to get the job done.  At times, they would become just as ruthless and dark as the evil which they hunted.  Their motto would be "Relentless, Ferocious, and United."

Thus, they became known as..... Wolf Pack.

A Rose Bud Dead
A Rose Bud Dead


" I'm making my own history as I go, I know you want to be apart of it but thats my choice, not yours."- Thomas Lee Jamison

 The heated work with super heroes and the goverment reached it's breaking point. It was simple, one day they decided to act. A Bill called the Sentinal Act was passed. It outlawed non-registered heroes
and those registered to be constantly watched. To enforce this law with all the goverments furry was the Sentinals. The ability to have a ten to one ratio on humans to Sentinals led them to be succesful. That wasn't going to be as succesful as the goverment originally planned. Everyone rose above, heroes and villains alike opposed America's Sentinal Bill. France, the leaders being Esther Collitard LeBaeu and Gambler Jean Luc LeBaeu, two of the most well known villains called safe haven in France for all mutants.

 Thomas upon hearing about the act began to evacuate. He met an old friend, fellow mutant, and a general in the Army at a airport. Sadly they were taken, both trapped and with "malicious intent" the two were jailed in the holding facility for Mutants not registered. Unintentionally all the stronger known mutants were performing their own escape plans, on that fateful few hours Thomas escaped the place, not once looking back. Now the goverment was outraged and in even more fear of mutants, since the escapees would have a lust of hate for them, being the conditions in the prison even the worst treated inmate would say they were in the ghetto-ist jail known to the human race.

  By then Thomas was in England. He assassinated personally the Secretary of Defense of America, a man who had come to England to spread the bill on by his own account. Two bullets killed the Secretary of Defense and the Goverment never figured out who had done the deed. Thomas was the man, but he wasn't boasting about it. Shortly after that he orchestrated a flight back to America, the true heartland of the problem. Once there he searched for a Resistance he had heard about that his fellow teammate, The Hunter, had formed. Once there he met
people like the Punisher who was leading the operations, the Hunter was gone, that was the only information Thomas got. He asked for leadership and it was granted to him.

The next day the unexpected events and the folding of Crimes of the Past started. Sylver, a teammate in Wolf Pack, Thomas's chosen team, showed up in distress. Before he could question her Sentinals showed up to the Resistance base. He immedialty went to fight, and the battle ensued with horrorific foldings. When it was done Thomas was furious at the loss. Four hundred had died for only about forty Sentinals. It pursued his mind until finally he just told everyone who wanted to stay to go to New York. Then he was off, little did he know that Gambler or Jean Luc was in America. He had told the President the law should be undermined or else the entire European Union would be upon his doorstep, and with most heroes and villains already fighting America it would be harder for the Goverment to win. So what will happen? Those events will be told in Crack In the Mirror.

Others in story

Jamison Lycans

Micheal Jamison (Brother)

Animal Allies


Kemo: White Wolf

Thomas found Kemo in Black Forest , Germany .After communicating with the wolf and feeding it he left thinking none of it. Uknown to him ,the wolf followed him, outside of the forest and when he turned around it was standing there. He decided to name it Kemo and kept the wolf with him. It wasn't particularly hard to keep Kemo as he looked like a white coated dog. Thomas feels a connection to Kemo as he is almost a brothern to any Lycan. He treats Kemo with respect and in return Kemo fights with him in the heat of battle . Kemo is a little less keener than Thomas but is a great help. Kemo follows Thomas like a dog would its owner. Thomas has injected his own blood into Kemo to keep him from dieing after he found out the wolf would die, there has been no side effects besides the healing, non-aging, and superhuman speed .They have formed a brotherly bond.


Linda: Vampire Bat

Thomas found Linda in a cave off the coast of Italy in a abandoned cave on a vacation with Kemo on Feburary .While adventuring through caves on a island Thomas ran across a couple hundred bats within one certain cave.After disturbing the bats by accident when Kemo barked accidently the bats flocked out. One though stayed on Thomas's back. After communicating with it for awhile the bat wanted to stay. Thomas named it Linda,meaning beautiful in spanish.  Thomas holds Linda in his jacket and when needs to have reconnaissence he uses Linda to fly through places he cannot. He injected Linda with his own blood in 1962 also like Kemo, her side affects were, healing, and non-aging. Linda to him is a half sister. Either way he considers all of his animal allies his family.



Thomas is a Jamison Lycan. They do not particularly choose to bout in battles. They like to remain on their own side most of the time. Although this neutreality has been broken Thomas does what he wants. Being born Lycan he has the powers of any other Lyans. When he was bitten later on in his life though he gained the powers of Vampires for a short while. He can still talk to bats. The marks have become now scars though. The Jamisons do not drink blood. They have extracted Spiritual Energy instead. Thomas does not need to do this as he trained himself not to but he does use it to weaken enemies or drain them of life, so he eats regular food, chicken, steak, lobser, etc. In this era the Jamisons have turned to a new leaf. All are switching from spiritual energy to the natural food around them.


Super Strength
Super Strength

Born a lycan, Thomas is immortal.  Although he is nearly  five hundred or more  years old, Thomas has maintained the look of a man in his prime.  He does not age like those around him.  With this profound longevity has come the ability to heal.  Whether in his human or lycan form, Thomas's body can heal itself automatically.  Lacerations heal in a matter of seconds.  Internal injuries heal in a matter of minutes.  A broken bone can heal within a matter of days.  If shot, Thomas''s body can "sweat" the bullets out and heal instantly, even silver ones.  However, if a silver bullet enters either his heart or his brain, then he will instantly die.  Overall, Thomas is highly durable and can take a lot of damage.

Wall Crawling
Wall Crawling


Jamison Lycans are more than average when it comes to strength. They , through the centuries, have worked on raw power, thought, and speed to take their enemies down. An average


Jamison can lift up to 50 tons alone in their form depending on the Lycans age. Thomas, being five hundred years old , can alone pick up 70 tons. In his human form he can lift 12 tons alone. Thomas has surpassed any Jamison for more than hundreds of years. In all his forms Thomas can use powerful jumps to go from one place to another within a mile. While in his Lycan form they are more toughter and durable making them slower to heal, depending from days to weeks. Thomas's claws can cut through titanium meaning he is a good wall crawler.and his teeth can break through steel. He has a form off Invulnerability while in Lycan form.  He is not injured from seventy foot falls, burns( his fur does not catch fire), or reguler punches. Even with that summary he has many more abilities yet to be discussed.



With a built body Thomas can run on two feet gracefully or ruthelessly. He can run up to 70 miles because of the more-than-average lungs he has inside his body. If he needs to run at a steady pace Thomas has to go at 68 miles an hour. Of course he can be pushed to his average speed but even in his average he out does many Lycans. When in Lycan form on all fours , Thomas can run up to 110 miles and if wanting a steady pace at 100. Even with that he does tend to get sores later on.


Thomas has learned to perform the most elegance an grace while he dodges blows from opponents, he considers that no one can hit him where it truely hurts while he's concentrating on not getting hit. He in the 1900's was a acrobatic, also teaching him how to loosen his muscles. He secretly practiced jumping upwards and can go at 20 feet high in human form. While jumping horozontially he can jump almost 30 feet long.  These ,to him, are average compared to his Lycan form which yeilds almost 90  feet high and almost a quarter of a mile long. While in non-flat terrain Thomas can maintain his agility. He learned this from his older brother Micheal who trained him and  also helped learn to use his claws to latch onto any surface at-will.

Siphon Lifeforce


When needed Thomas can throw off your Spirtual Energy. The victim will experience wooziness, death, unconciousness, paralized, and many more symptoms. He does this by biting you. No blood or anything is extracted from the person's body. Thomas uses the captured energy to amount his own strength, speed, and reaction time. It helps him get a boost in a battle during any part. While doing this he can speeden the healing process of wounds he has taken. Thomas uses this technique when injured and still in the heat of battle.

       Thomas has senses that many others do not. With both Vampiric and Lycanic blood running through his veins he, using his five senses, is advanced. First he uses Smell. He can smell anything from a dogs breath to a mans body. He uses this to find specific people and a variety of other things and his taste buds help when he decides to track. Thomas also uses Sight. This helps him maintain the visibility for miles around. He can see through fog, dust, or in the dark. He can use this to aim weapons and various other things. Thomas can focus using his sight to see things in slow motion within his head. Giving him a sort of edge to anything thrown at him.Thomas can also see the body heat around a person, letting him see behind walls, underneath chairs, etc.  He uses his hearing to hear the clanking of weaponry, footsteps, simple breaths, and


the organs beating within anyone.
When Thomas comes to the the sense of touch he has to concentrate considerably. He mostly uses this sense with his hands when he puts them on the ground. The vibrations flow into his hands and into his brain helping him to react to dangers. He uses this to make sure, even if the someone smells like his target, that it is his target. The ones Thomas has mastered woudl be Smell , Sight, and Hearing, which to him are the basics.  All of this combined helps Thomas with reflexes, stealth ,and tracking ,even though the Jamison Lycans use raw power more than anything else in battle.


Combat Master

Thomas learned how to combat others with experience. He has fought many people throughout the years. He is amazingly great at Parkour, every move is performed on perfection.Thomas has studied styles and has learned techniques also. He is superbe to his brothern and thinks his moves before even preforming the attacking move. Thomas also adapts to a persons bodily movement and after awhile can also learn how they would react to something as soon as he did. Thomas wishes he could use adaptness more but when he's fighting he must make sure to concentrate on both his opponents moves and his moves.Almost multitasking of sorts.Thomas's attacks along with all other Jamison's revolve around , balance, perceptivness, and raw power.

Weapons Master

 Thomas ,living in a sword world utilized them mostly. He mastered this by training with some of the best swords masters in Spain in around the 1540's. He didn't stay long with any of them knowing that they would see he didn't age. Although he kept moving he retained all his trainings and wandered Spain for almost ten years continuously before becoming almost a master swordsman himself. Throught the years after that Thomas mastered many various weapons from Polearms to pistols. In fact, most of the five hundred years he has lived was spent on him mastering weapons. Thomas shines most in Pistols, Axes, Swords, Machine Guns, and many more. He is a true wild card in a deck, you'll never know what he can do with a weapon unless you can read his mind.


Twin Blades
Twin Blades

Blood and Spirit

  • Made of adimantium and silver
  • Blades are ten feet long
  • One handed Grip
  •  Blade is two feet long,handle ten inches long, eight inches leather grip, two inches pommel


Twin Pistols
Twin Pistols

Profit and Gamble

  • Holds ten rounds
  • Custom Ammuniton
  • modified barrels
  • laser targeting


Eight Knives
Eight Knives

Death Dealers 

  • Holds Eight At A Time
  • Made of Silver


Start the Conversation

Will I GO to..............................................Hell?

Okay well...... I don't go to church. Today at my school , me and my "supposed" friends were talking about the bread and wine and that changed to do you go to church. When i said..." No..." I was bunched on. About ten people started saying stuff on " How can you live like that?!" or " That's wrong, you should go once a week!" I defended myself and finally I was told" Your going to hell for not going to church." Now seriously, do you think that people who don't go to church are bad? or are going to hell automatically? I know there's some bad people that go to church and etc... so am I going to hell?


Underworld : Rise of the Lycans Review

Alright lets start this off. Well like in the others they mentioned Sonja and Lucian. They tell only some parts of the story of the two lovers, Etc. No spoilers though can't give that away. So lets just say they brought in people that related back to that time. Lycans are a breed lower than Vampires. They are given status as animals and work daily for the Vampires. The human nobles also appear here, giving tributes to the Vampires and etc. Well lets just say they use a Lycan to bite humans to give them a Lycan blood type, that of Lucians. Lucian is the first Lycan and is not necessarily a werewolf. He's held in high regard being the "first" of these "beasts."

For someone who likes action you'll get some of it. They broke into a 300 movie session in some parts and in others they became to love lovey. To me their was to many kiss scenes, and " Oh, you are well?" and " don't let Them go out there, they'll get slaughtered!" ..blah blah blah. Bottom line , just so you can go see the movie, this is it. It's a great mixture of ACTUAL story, action, and love( to much though).

Some parts seem dumb if you dont' understand or havn't seen the other two movies. If you havn't, watch sections of the others to understand WHY they burned Sonja , cause appearently at my movie theatere I heard alot of .."huhs?"...and" Why'd they do tha?." lol you would think ,but no, not everyone's seen the other Underworld. Thank Heavens they showed alot and made it all fit together.

I also heard alot of " Cools " and " Awesome" or "totally rad, that was SICK!" , seriously when they were fighting you felt like you were in a 300 movie recolection. So let's get down to how i'll grade this.  One out of ten is how i'll grade it.  One more thing though, don't listen to the reviews, my mother didn't want to come see this movie because a " review" gave it a 1....loser , watch the movie and believe it can happen XD

anyways , not to get off track. I'll give this an 8.8. I give it this for two reasons. One, to much lovey dovey things, and two they kinda packed to much into a 1 1/2 .  Really those are the only things wrong with it, and also it was a alittle blurry during fight scenes. Otherwise I loved it.

One more thing. DO NOT Bring your 10 year old daughter or son to see it. Or anyone under that age. It's rated R for a reason. Partiall nudity and some really gorey scenes, just giving you a heads up.

So that's my verdict. 8.8

If you like Lovey Dovey it gets a 9.3