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Thomas Arthur Caine

"Human nature is dictated by its tragedies and triumphs. But mostly, by its tragedies."

Thomas Arthur Caine, born 17--, in Canterbury, Kent County, England. A veteran of the Napoleonic Wars and inheritor of the Caine Estate north of Maidstone, Thomas began a modest life as part of the Caine family fortune. He almost died of a fever when he was very young, and the aftereffects left him adverse to being around sick people. As a result, he was very sheltered in his boyish years. Between the coddling spoon of his mother and the iron hand of his father there was little wiggle room for him to develop on his own.

One day, he watched British soldiers on parade and instantly became drawn to their bright red uniforms and stunning confidence and demeanor. He wanted to be just like them. As expected, his mother wanted none of it but his father couldn't agree more. A staunch nationalist, George Caine was a veteran of the American Revolutionary War and thus was so proud of his son that he gave him a rifle on that very day. They went hunting for pheasants to use in the evening meal.

As Thomas grew into a man he signed up for the youth program designed to turn bright-eyed boys into cadets of the Army. He eventually felt it to be his God-given duty to take up arms for Britain. Unfortunately, France felt the same way about its own country once a young Napoleon came into power. The fires of revolution turned into an engine of expansion as a veritable World War exploded in Europe. In his mind, Thomas couldn't sign up for the first deployment out fast enough.

It was then that he became intimate with the horrors of war, firsthand. Various battles throughout the European mainland broke and scarred the landscape, murdering thousands each day. Bodies mangled by cannon-fire were left to rot in the sun as the fighting carried on, point-blank rifle lines sending men falling to the ground in bloodied heaps. A chorus of violence, a tempest of hatred, as artillery burst and horses screamed it drew higher and higher into the sky - a raiment of red for the rising and setting suns. In the youthful eyes of Thomas Arthur Caine, however, the terror of it all subsided very quickly. The pain, the grief, the torment - they were as falling rocks in a stream. Thomas had absorbed it all, watching the fires grow, and knew that he had found his place in life.

He was awarded for his efforts throughout his career as a lineman, where fighting was thickest.

Life after the war proved to be inconceivably boring for Thomas. He stayed at the Caine Estate with his parents and they noticed that he had a limp in his leg - specifically his back foot. It would lock at the hip as if he were bracing for something. He was ordered a special cane, and given rehabilitation classes by the family doctor at the estate. They were loathe to bring him anywhere looking like that.

Thomas would carry that cane for the rest of his life, but the limp wasn't because of war injuries. It was a neurological symptom associated with high velocity movement and adrenaline, something he lacked and his body made him pay for. In the years following his time in the Army the disorder became worse, to the degree of him wearing women's powder and lipstick. He even tried to dye his hair a different color. His parents locked him away in another wing of the estate, allowing him to go outside under supervision, but he would outlast them.

Come that next winter, and they both died of pneumonia within days of each other.

Thomas was the only Caine left with claim to the manor, and so he took it upon himself to renovate it to his liking. Surprisingly, he had a rather modest touch to architecture and design. But he would change everything barring the indoor plumbing every few years or so. During this time, his neurological disorder slackened in intensity. It wasn't until the American Civil War broke out that he had reason to drop everything and leave once more. He signed a legal document stating that should he not return by war's end, everything would be left to auction. He was almost 83 when he went to America to fight.

A young man returned to the Caine Estate following the Civil War claiming to be Thomas's son. No other claim or dispute questioned this, and Thomas II was given the reigns of the Estate as well as the vast family fortune. A similar pattern happened following the Russo-Japanese War, both World Wars, the Korean War, the Vietnam War, and the Afghanistan War. Currently, it is Thomas VIII who has legal control of the Caine Estate.

Currently, no other Caine family members exist. A further mystery is the lack of any evidence suggesting a spouse connecting any of these young men all claiming to be sons and grandsons of the Caine family. Yet, no legal claim has stated otherwise.

And so the manor still stands, left pristine and polished by the hard labor of a great many staff members.

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Real Name: Heathen


Alias: Thomas Arthur Caine I - VIII, Dead God, Many-Angled King, the Fleshed, Red Maw, Mind Eater, Man Who Laughs, the Endless Smile, Kalibrax

Height: 6' 10"


Weight: 170 lbs

Hair Colour: green

Eye Colour: various





Identity: public

Relationship Status:

Gender: male



The thing calling himself Thomas Arthur Caine is a master of illusion. His ability to conjure an alternate reality extends from the physical sensory organs to the perception of time and space as well as memories themselves. Though he cannot alter memories or influence any living being on more than an imitational level, the illusions he is capable of making sometimes seem more real than what is actually there. Added to this, he is a master of manipulation as well and will use his abilities to open and exploit weaknesses in an opponent's psyche. Further, he often layers his illusions in order to escape from unfavorable situations easier.

What is not an illusion is his capability of breathing without oxygen and while in the vacuum of space. As far as physical needs and traits necessary for life go, Thomas doesn't seem to even need to eat or drink - though his time spent as a human has made him comfortable with the prospect of such things as hobbies.

He has an almost complete infatuation with having fun in any capacity, whether it is through the form of bad jokes, torturing somebody, or committing crimes just to see what would happen.

Once suspected of advanced telepathy, Heathen's illusions transcend mere mental aberrations. His victims are capable of physically interacting with his illusions on a grand scale, perhaps living entire lives or generations inside the span of a few minutes. Wars have been waged, loves had, children born inside his imaginary schemes. When he feels the time to be right, he sweeps that life out from underneath his victims' feet - all in the name of his own twisted sense of fun.

Thomas is still capable of experiencing death. He knows what death is like, since he faced it seven times already. It is an inescapable part of his psyche, unique to his own perception of reality separate from other similar beings. Since he understands it, he is susceptible to dying. Yet the inverse is also true. He is not afraid of dying, since he knows he'll just come back eventually. In one way or another, his kind of chaos never ends. It never dies, even if he does.

So, he plays his games and has his fun. No matter what happens, no matter who tells him to stop, it's all just a never-ending joy ride.

He has taken the abandoned rural town of Old Ackerby as his personal stomping grounds.