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Introduction to War: 13th Black Crusade Prelude, Part 1 of 3

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The galaxy... is burning.

Across thousands of star systems inhabiting millions of worlds, countless armies clash in desperate struggles, mighty battles, hopeless sieges, and bloody wars of attrition. This is a battlefield unlike any other, one that has been nurtured by the barbarous nature of bloodthirsty aliens, power-hungry warlords, immortal demigods forged in lightning, and daemons whose very existence is to sow discord and carnage amidst the mortal realms.

Not even Earth has been spared the ramifications of this conflict. Rogue extraterrestrial threats, godlike beings born from the depths of the void, all of them owe nothing to the Eternal War and are yet unconscious byproducts of it. They breed an era of slaughter through nefarious means, whether it is to push their own agendas or to push the doomsday clock ever closer to its final toll. Whatever the reason, whatever the purpose, ultimately does not matter. The Eternal War is not something that factions can be labeled with. It is not something that can be easily divided or understood with names and icons describing different parties within the infinite and bloodsoaked death marches. It is a natural phenomenon, much like a star imploding or a solar system dying. It is the ultimate calling of survival of the fittest, of bringing what a species is fully capable of to the fray and unleashing it in a hellish storm of gunfire and battle-cries. The noise and smoke drowns out the weak, and the heavy footfalls of their mightier counterparts grind the bones to dust.

There are no factions within the Eternal War. Merely species, alliances of convenience, and the ultimate survivor complex driving them all to a singular goal. Earth has not been spared of this in the slightest. Scars of endless war pockmark its cities and continents. Human, mutant, New God, all of them have contributed to not only making themselves strong through conflict after conflict, but they have inadvertently attracted the attentions of the major powers within this latest cycle of violence called the Eternal War.

Ruthless Orks from beyond the Southern Rim, having invaded long ago and established ramshackle empires along the entire Eastern Fringe, rooted deep in the stars, have begun to pry into Earthen space. The Immortal Legions of the Symaarian Imperium have held these barbaric aliens in check for most of their unnatural lifetimes, but the ethereal lightning in their armored hearts is beginning to fade. It will not be long until they disappear forever. Then, most unsettling of all, the insidious powers of the Chaos Clan have laid their eyes back upon their homeworld Earth, crown jewel of all creation. Their intent being to reawaken the furnaces of the First Men, and plunge mankind into an age of unprecedented devastation as the seas boil and the very ground begins to melt.

But, just as the Immortals of Symaar stand in the way of the Orks, so too do they have defensive measures against the tides of Chaos. The centerpiece of it all lies directly between Earth and the Chaos Clan's encroaching daemonic longships, and it is named Ferravius. An icy fortress world prepared for any kind of potential threat, it is the foremost world in a ring of planets specially terraformed by the Immortals to surround various key points around the galaxy. As is the case of the Earthen sectors, most of the time they have been fighting amongst themselves. To have even one additional enemy such as the Orks or Chaos Clan emerge in the present day would be a total disaster.

Besides, the Immortals seem to hold the planet Earth in high regard for some unknown reason.

If there are any questions before the other lore drops and the eventual RPs I have planned, now is the time to ask them.