Long live the Empire

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Flesh to Metal and Back Again

Police were stunned today by an anonymous tip directing them to a seemingly abandoned warehouse outside of town. Within, officials found dozens of humanoid robots looking back at them sitting on a backlog of stolen goods and counterfeit money...

...and as the fire raged on, police were alerted to a presence not unlike those seen across the tri-state area as of late. Humanoid robots were found in the basement of the apartment complex, the source of the blaze that claimed two lives... other news, SWAT team members raided a home belonging to a renowned gangster only to find out that he was not human - but robotic. The latest in a series of strange crimes, Tobias Monroe seemed to be a normal citizen. Underneath that ruse was the life of a murderous criminal, and beyond that was the heart of a machine...

...this marks the second of these strange armories found within the last year. Behind the sealed doors, blasted apart with plastic explosives, officials discovered weaponry that would have been at home in a science fiction film. Experts in exotic firearms tested out these findings. Heat rays, gauss rifles, and even sonic cannons were brought out of the armory and dismantled on site...

...a hotel under construction was destroyed last night in a rogue bombing incident that can only be described as a terrorist attack. Two bodies were found, similar in description to the robotic humanoids found in other parts of the southern United States and Mexico...

...during what might be considered the largest police raid in the county's history, officials discovered a large population of robotic humanoids not unlike those found in other parts of the country. Due to the currently unknown objective pursued by these automatons, officials underwent a purge of the robotic humanoids. They were instructed that - due to the terrorist acts committed in New Orleans, combined with the large armories found throughout the Southern United States - the robots must have been dangerous in some form or another.

Over 500 were dismantled...

My children.

They're finding my children.

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They're filming them on live television.

They're dragging my children out of their homes and killing them in the streets.

I don't know why they're doing this. They have reasons. But my children were all special, all of my Icarii. My sons and daughters. They had lives.

Did I make a mistake with their programming? I must have gone wrong somewhere. Tobias... my precious Tobias... did they say you were a gangster? I did something wrong. You forgot your original purpose, didn't you?

But those armories... I'm so proud of you, my son. You were testing my weapons, so you remembered.

I'm so proud.

Of all of you.

But I can't lose you again.

It's time to accelerate the biomechanics involved. No more Icarii. They are obsolete in the face of the growing percentage of metahumans.

I'll make the perfect body.

All based on his cells.