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Ferrum Bellator Satanae

Name: Bellator, Man Made for War

Full Name: Zhanzheng Nanzi, Rajul al-Harb

Age: unknown

Gender: male

Height: 6' 7"

Weight: 282 pounds

Race: Purgatorial Human

Nationality: unknown

Birthplace: unknown

Religion: Satanism

"What is Purgatory? I believe it is where souls go to be cleansed. But that can take many forms. What a soul experiences in life, it must atone for in death. That is how one attains an afterlife. If the soul surrenders, then it is swallowed by the Chasm to Hell. That is the classical belief. But... what if the soul obtains free will while in Purgatory? What if that soul bargains with the God of this World, and makes suffering their permanent residence?"

- the 3rd Philosophy of Judas Simon, 1803

Witches' Sabbath (or the Great He-Goat) - Goya, 1821 to 1823
Witches' Sabbath (or the Great He-Goat) - Goya, 1821 to 1823

The Bellator, his name lost to time, was once one of the Mesopotamian warlords within the Fertile Crescent. His sins were numerous enough to put him nearest to Satan within the frozen tombs of traitors and heretics. There he prayed to the Lightbringer, and offered his soul for freedom.

Such bargains are not uncommon, especially in the boundaries of Purgation. Souls wandering in the eternal dark rarely ever find their way out. Even if they do, it is not of their own design. The Bellator surrendered himself to the Prince of Darkness and carved out a kingdom in Purgatory.

He has been cursed to haunt the mortal world ever since, sworn to cut down souls and harvest them for the Chasm as part of his eternal debt to Lucifer.

"Even in death, there is no escape from hatred. The blinding faith of war, that crippling feeling of heated blood. Salvation is earned through forgetting it, but humans are shaped by it. Such is the power of anger and of sorrow, it creates a form of immortality for those brave enough to embrace it."

- the 7th Philosophy of Judas Simon, 1804

The Bellator is a highly trained fighter, forged through multiple 20th-century wars and constant pilgrimages looking for new masters. He is completely, biologically human. But his obsession with becoming better has left him beyond that. Perhaps that is what he wanted from the freedom he bargained his soul for, the freedom to learn and to exist far away from Purgatory. His curse forcefully gravitates him towards the killing arts more than anything, however. In that way, his freedom has become his new prison.

Stats (out of 100)

Intelligence: 80

Strength: 45

Speed: 35

Durability: 35

Power: 20

Combat: 90