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A Summary of Ages: Alastor

"When the sun looks out towards the outer stars and the dead of space, it gazes most fondly upon an unified Alastor."

A popular show of faith between nations

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Alastor, perhaps, was best suited for life in the small cluster of worlds making up the Auxos Sector of the Typhonis Galaxy, many hundreds of millions of light-years away from the Milky Way Galaxy. In its huddled collective, Alastor managed to harbor the necessary elements for sentient life such as a balanced atmosphere mainly composed of nitrogen and oxygen as well as a large surplus of water that made up almost 80% of its surface area.

Upon its varied land masses, humanoid beings began to evolve from amphibious primordial animals. Food started to grow higher in the trees, necessitating longer legs. Predators became more fierce and cunning, making larger more complex brains an invaluable hereditary trait.

Stone gave way to bronze, then to iron, and the natural progress of these humanoids invariably led to border disputes and a great many wars. There were three great continents that stretched across the world, upon which many countries, kingdoms, and empires rose and fell across the centuries.

It is speculated that before the creation of the Titans, there were worldwide conflicts every other decade, and the death tolls only increased given advancements in weapons and technology. The natural elements suffered, and concerns about planetary conditions intermingled with the politics of a world embroiled in nuclear conflict with itself. Many tens of thousands of years had passed as this species grew and multiplied - and only now did it seem to be concerned with the footprint it would leave behind. In a new and unfamiliar Industrial Age, it seemed inevitable.

The decline of social balance, combined with the unknown fear of accidentally causing their own extinction in one way or another put this species on high-alert. Yet, the only threat was right in front of them. Global powers undermining the banks and stock markets made grave errors in judgment in the name of potential profit, and the world at large retracted from their clutches.

They created the Titans, and worshiped them as logic and reason, not as gods. They left the planet for a time, just long enough for those who did not believe in such things to destroy themselves. The world they were sent back to by their creations was nothing short of a disaster. Nuclear fire had consumed it all, but also washed it clean. The canvas was now open once more for a new beginning. The Titans would leave to explore the galaxy and reap the knowledge of the stars for their own vast purposes.

In the meanwhile, those still upon the planet formed nations that would last into the coming millennia.

The continent of Skellbrieg, largest and most imposing of the landmasses, laid foundation for the borders of northernmost Nvara flanked by the Seas of Bone and Fire, central Rakary, Alany, Mefery, the Iron Road of Taghon, proud Urost, the sister-nations of Belomand and Deroland, southern Sjeshara, and many satellites beyond.

That of Vindbrieg had been long ago dominated by the seafaring tribes who held no interest in the nuclear powers, yet were still overtaken by them. Vindbrieg was therefore turned into a strange land, inhabited by radiation-soaked survivors but also bearing the scarred remnants of many bunkers and shelters. They resented the Titan-worshipers, but their isolation on Vindbrieg brought with it safety from the quickly-multiplying fortresses and nations dotting Skellbrieg.

The dark nation of Kaurbrieg was once the epicenter of the nuclear wars. Bombarded into nonexistence, Kaurbrieg is use mostly for those who would dare the radiation for its vast resources. Very little in the way of sentient life yet lives on Kaurbrieg, mostly those creatures who were mutated by the fallout into lumbering carnivorous beasts.

Yet, for all of their worrying, the humanoids did not destroy their world. Just their way of life.

In commemoration of 'starting anew', they reset the calendars back to zero upon returning to their precious planet. Nearly a thousand years passed, with conflicts rising and falling appropriate to borders or a growing sense of national pride. Those fathers and mothers who designed the Titans died off, replaced by what would become the nieces and nephews of those un-gods of logic and reason, and eventually their grand-nieces and so on.

One day, however, they returned - but only eight. Their mission of seeking knowledge had turned into a bitter civil war. Hundreds of their number were butchered in the conflict, until only eight remained. These would become the Lawmakers who would design the final stage of the future. Their secrets turned into Laws that would govern the creation of the Legions, and of the world's very first true lumbering stride into interstellar progress. Twenty years of combined research, such a time came with its societal ups and downs. No peace rules forever, after all, but by the end of it came the truest understanding of the Laws of the Legion that could be understood and datamined.

The first Grand Legion of these super-soldiers was made, but greed made a dark return upon Skellbrieg. Long had the seeds of it been planted in a certain techno-magus, and he stole away the larger portion of the Grand Legion for the man who would become the Nameless Emperor. Skellbrieg was conquered by this new Empire in little less than a decade, and the world upon which it was to call home was renamed Alastor - a cold irony that the father of the Titans be held in such high honor by one such as the Nameless Emperor. The un-gods of logic and reason would be vaunted as true deities under the Empire's reign, however short that would be.

The Empire continued from the Nameless until Severus the XIIth, a unified period of almost seven-hundred years. During that time, Skellbrieg had only one language, the radiation-bathed generations of Vindbrieg were wiped out, and the clouds of death persisting over Kaurbrieg dissipated as if by a miracle. This was during the reign of Emperor Rastus the Deathless, who gave credit to the Titans who watched over Alastor. Yet, there was little evidence of them even still existing at this point in time. Perhaps, somewhere in the galaxy, they finally destroyed themselves with one last battle or were undone by some cosmic phenomenon. Nothing is known for certain.

Alastor bled when the Empire finally collapsed under its own weight of foolish bureaucracy, corruption, and senatorial infighting. It was nearly dissolved entirely, with a history of attritional wars, excessive taxation, police brutality, and slavery under its belt. Though one Emperor could have been kind, his successor would be the definition of cruelty and ruled for twice as long. Its roots in the nation of Taghon were clipped, and the country was only allowed a fraction of its former military. Of course, that didn't stop it from secretly industrializing and making allies amidst the ensuing chaos.

It was at this time that the Grand Legions started to multiply, with a loose organizational chart divided between any of the nations on Skellbrieg. They worked in tandem with the national militaries, becoming support troops. It was not the intent of the Titans, not that of the planet's namesake.

But war it would be.

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