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Jaden Windspeaker, once a proud warrior and demon hunter of the Twilight Elves, now a renegade of his own people. He was blamed for the great disaster that befell them and cast their civilization from the stars and onto the surface of Skellbrieg. In order to survive, countless thousands of Twilight Elves had to sacrifice their immortality to build the Nardras Tree and the guardian forest of Gal Marad around it. Jaden, having sacrificed his soul to the Infernal Phalanx, was instantly chastised and cursed as a monster. The immortal magics of the Twilight Elves prevent him from returning to this day.

Yet was it truly his fault?

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He always lived in the shadow of his brother, the great World-shaper and mastermind of his race: Saimhann. Jaden had been blind since birth, which caused him to be treated differently. He often thought he was being coddled because of his inability to see, but he tried to do his best. Eventually, his natural sightlessness caught the attention of the demon hunters. He secretly joined their culture, drinking in the blood of those they must hunt in order to gain their powers and use them against the growing evil.

For, no matter where the Twilight Elves traveled or how far they journeyed, they could never escape the grasp of the Infernal Phalanx. The war above the clouds of Skellbrieg lasted many generations, as the demonic legions crept under the atmospheric line while the Twilight Elves bombarded their formations from the heavens. The works of the Titans guaranteed safe havens on Skellbrieg's continental mass, yet they were hard-won bastions.

Jaden pursued his dream of becoming a demon hunter despite his brother's warnings. Three years passed, and the two grew even further apart with Jaden taking longer and more dangerous missions into the heart of the demonic swarm. Saimhann sacrificed much on his part as well, as World-shaper. He lost an arm in a great battle, yet was still considered among the mightiest sorcerers of his age. Of course, the demons of the Infernal Phalanx were drawn to potent magics, and Saimhann grew weary of the endless war plaguing not only his body but also his mind and soul. Each spell taxed him to his limit as the claws of the Primordial Enemy sank deeper into his ethereal being.

Jaden only saw weakness, though he also loved his brother and wanted him to get well. He neither hated his brother nor envied his position as World-shaper. He merely continued his duties as a demon hunter. That is, until he met a new recruit named Sylvania Silverstar. He instantly became enamoured with her, and she with him. After several months of battling at each other's side, he brought the good news of their marriage to his brother, whom he expected to be elated to hear it. Instead, Saimhann again criticized Jaden for his rash judgment. He wanted Jaden to at least wait until peacetime to love and father children, during which time they could know the splendor of a Skellbrieg without war or hatred.

Jaden, however, grew angrier and angrier the more Saimhann spoke. A spark of corruption dawned in his heart that day, something that went unnoticed by Saimhann during their heated conversation. Jaden accused his brother of sitting idly by, watching the world burn, knowing that peace would never come. He commented that Saimhann had enough power to close all of the Wombs of Evil, and end the demonic threat forever. Yet even in his fiery oratory, he knew such a thing to be impossible. He dismissed himself, having sullied his own honor with the poison of rage. Saimhann had warned him before of the demon blood having adverse reactions upon his brother. He never once dreamed of warning him about the horrors it could inflict upon any possible children.

But those days of happiness never came. Jaden returned to the battlefield, and was lost one day. Sylvania went after him and returned only as a corpse in his mutated arms as he marched out of the Felfire Wastes, drenched head-to-hoof in slick demonic gore. Saimhann took her body and ordered it to be buried in the mausoleum where it would be safe. Meanwhile, Jaden, his new monstrous form unbound, told Saimhann that he managed to close three Wombs of Evil by himself with his unholy power. That is when Sylvania found him, and thought for an instant to be face-to-face with an abominable demon lord. He lashed out in self-defense, thinking her to be yet another enemy, only to find her blood splashing across his face. His heart cringed in horror as he recognized her at last, coming out of the blood-haze inflicted by his battle madness. In that moment, she too, recognized that he was not the monster she thought he was. With a final, cold, kiss and a tender embrace, their love came to a bitter end.

Saimhann took Jaden into the clouds, where he thought he could cure his brother of his demonic bloodlust. Shamans and mages gathered around him for hours, until the setting sun revealed only their final wisps of desperation. Saimhann was faced with two options: to kill his own beloved brother, or banish him forever to the demons. As he thought long and hard about this, Jaden experienced a nightmare he would always relive until even this very day.

He dreamed that his brother, Saimhann, took Sylvania for himself and ravaged her, that he altered her mind and sent her out to be murdered by her own lover. He dreamed that his brother, Saimhann, planned to murder Jaden in a very similar fashion. It was all so real, and only after he woke up did he know it was the work of the demons once again seeping into his mind. Yet, when he awoke that first time, another part of the dream made itself manifest. It would be a part forged in reality, forged so distinctly and branded into his soul so that he would never forget.

He awoke that first time, to the waking world, with his blades covered in blood once more. Saimhann lay at his feet, butchered like a wild animal, and he with the murder weapons. The guards found him first, and forced him from the heavenly kingdom. Screaming in unfathomable agony, Jaden was blamed for the ensuing downfall of the Twilight Elves. Without Saimhann, their World-shaper, to keep their cities afloat, they all careened towards the surface of Skellbrieg. He knew he had been possessed by a demon in his lowered state of self-awareness following his accidental murder of his own beloved. His mind was in a shattered and broken state, the perfect playground for the dread Kalgoth the Truthslayer.

It was Kalgoth who masterminded the downfall of the Twilight Elves, using Jaden as a pawn.

The history of Skellbrieg is a tale for another time, as Jaden has been banished forever from that place. An exile and a renegade, he has traveled to Earth in an attempt to find at least a shred of redemption. For now, he is merely known as The Betrayer.

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Superhuman Attributes

Winged Flight

Twin Warblades of Gehenna

Dark Mastery

Grand Artisan of Necroplasm

Demonologist Extraordinaire