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Real Name: Anissar

Birthplace: Orion Nebula

Alias: The Reinforcer, Keith Anderson

Height: variable, 5' 10" as Keith

Age: <5,000 years old, considered 'young' for a Celestial

Weight: variable

Hair Colour: variable

Eye Colour: variable

Species: Celestial

Alignment: Lawful Good

Affiliation: heroes of Earth

Orientation: unnecessary

Identity: public

Relationship Status: unnecessary

Gender: masculine

Family: other Celestials, out amongst the distant stars

Occupation: self-proclaimed Cosmic Defender

Anissar the Reinforcer was born in the Orion Nebula some millennia ago, but found his way to Earth through various cosmic channels he unconsciously understood. His landing was peaceful and he grew to mingle with the people of his surroundings. He took a human form, fading into history as records of his existence were lost to the entropy of age.

It hasn't been until recently, with the increasing danger of cosmic intervention, that he has chosen to reveal himself.

Anissar is a vastly immature creature. During the past two-hundred years or so especially, he has grown to become actually rather obnoxious and sarcastic.

His favorite bands include Pink Floyd, Iron Maiden, and The Beatles. He can usually be found eating some form of carbohydrate. It seems that even while his species doesn't necessitate the consumption of food, he finds the process enjoyable - more a hobby than anything.

Possibly as a byproduct of his interest in the consumption of food, he has become quite the handy chef.

Anissar has a variety of collector's items regarding superheroes, some of which he has paid ridiculous amounts of money for. Due to his age and his otherwise frugal expenditures, he has cash to spare.

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The Power Cosmic

Anissar is a master shapeshifter. This is instrumental in the distribution of his other powers.

A Celestial at its normal height of 2,000 feet is a terrifying opponent to face. Capable of earth-shattering energy blasts, rearranging matter, teleporting great distances, impossible physical feats, and healing from damage instantaneously, they are a race of otherworldly beings very similar to omnipotent gods.

While he is human-sized, he has none of these powers. In order to maintain himself as Keith Anderson, limitations must be made. As a result he only has telepathic and telekinetic capabilities as Keith. Bullets can still hurt or even kill him, and he is able to be beaten in a fistfight.

When he is in what he considers "normal combat size", around 40-100 feet in height, Anissar has a bit more fighting capability but is still vastly weaker than his true Celestial form. His strength limitations seem to go by intervals of 12.5 tons per 10 feet in height; at 40 feet he can lift 500 tons and at 100 feet he can lift 1,250 tons. With his demi-Celestial body, he is invulnerable to bullets but concentrated attacks will do harm to his armor casing.

Proficiencies in energy manipulation and psionic powers also scale according to size.

He absolutely refuses to use his pure Celestial form.

As "the Reinforcer", Anissar seems to take an interest in providing a bulwark to others more than fighting. Though he is perfectly capable of defending himself, he has a more clerical approach to battle. These healing and support abilities are directly proportional to his physical size as well, though they are by no means a "perfect" revitalization.