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Is it wrong that I want to kill people for a living after this? 0

SummaryI've got to say I am particularly fond of the set up for Jacamon and Matz's character study of The Killer. That is to say I really enjoy that there is no set up at all. The scene is set with almost no background information on who this assassin is or why he is there. We are simply riding shotgun to the Killer's story. This adds a crime noir mystery element to the book which engages the reader while keeping him aloof from emotionally attaching to any of the characters at the same time. Whi...

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There's A Story Bartenders Tell About The Devil 1

Mephisto, fresh from his pact with Hela and Loki, unloads his stresses on an unwitting bartender. And considering what's happening on account of a certain Asgardian god of fear, that's certainly a lot of stress.The GoodPacing wise this issue is a pleasant surprise. I wouldn't have thought I need to take a break from Loki's adventures and machinations to bring down the Serpent, but I enjoyed it nonetheless. What other reviewers might consider filler I consider a fresh perspective. It's true that ...

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