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10 Favorite Sith

A list of my ten favorite Sith Lords. Numbers 1 and 2 are interchangeable, depends on my mood and the day, but the others have mostly been set for a long time.

List items

  • He's the main reason the Darth Bane Trilogy is my favorite EU series. Loved his travels and thirst for knowledge, and if I were a Sith I would want him as my Master. He wouldn't tolerate any weaknesses, would teach me everything I needed to know while teaching me to be secretive and stealthy (during the Rule of Two time) and I would employ his philosophy as a Sith: "Those who have to beg for mercy, don't deserve it."

  • Outside of post-ROTJ material, he was the only character I would exclusively read EU material about. And being one of the most skilled duelists and martial artists in the mythos isn't bad either.

  • ILS pretty much laid out all the reasons why I like this guy: epitomizes strength gained through struggle/suffering, amazing military leader, believes violence is essential to the Sith, etc. He even gets jacked and becomes false Emperor.

  • An interesting character who got me back in the EU from reading his studies and explorations in the Force. I actually liked his "partnership" ideology when training Sidious.

  • Wasn't originally one of my favorites, but lately I've been noticing just how beast and powerful he is. The OG Sith, he's a ruthless man who only became evil in an attempt to save his family. Can't say I wouldn't do the same.

    But I would respect the high ground. Lol

  • Ruthless, smart, manipulative, sorceress, hot. . . what more can I say.

  • Darth Caedus. Haven't really read too much into him outside of SW wiki, but always love knowledge-seeking characters who have a plethora of Force abilities.

  • I never used to like this guy, but coming to his defense a few times on here has given me some respect for him. You gotta give him props for all he's been through and still became a powerful Force user.

  • Darth Revan. Revan himself is probably my second favorite character in all of SW, and I haven't even played the first Kotor yet. Crazy, huh?

    Had to give him this recognition.