Trafalgar Law Respect Thread [Unfinished]

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Devil Fruit

Law ate the Ope Ope no Mi fruit, which granted him the ability to create a spherical area around himself and freely manipulate anyone or anything within that area, even himself:

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Law creates a large, blue sphere around an area and is able to spatially manipulate any and everything within that room.

(Ch. 661) Law rules completely within his room:

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(Ch. 504) When Marines fire mortars at Law, Luffy, and Kid, each of them deal with the attack in their own specific way. Law, after the shot is fired, creates his Room, "cuts" off a Marine's head, and switches its place with the cannonball before it could hit him:

(Ch. 504/505) When you get a body part cut off by Law in his Room, you don't actually lose that body part, it just becomes detached to you. The same Marine from above that had his head cut off has it thrown back to the Marines and he is perfectly fine. In fact, he can feel his body on fire from the explosion:

(Ch. 661) Law is able to cut basically anything in his field of view in his room, as he cuts some of Smoker's Marines in half even though they weren't his original target, nor were they even close to Law:

Here's a look at it in the anime as well:

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(Ch. 662) Law switches bullets fired from a group of Marines with some snow, making it so that they basically shot at themselves:

(Ch. 662) Law uses a piece of wood to switch places with himself so that Smoker doesn't stab him with his staff:

(Ch. 662) The backlash from Law's strikes cut up the large totem he made with huge pieces of ice and part of the Navy warship:

(Ch. 663) Law was the one who cut up Kin'emon and attached his lower body to the dragon on Punk Hazard:

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(Ch. 664) Law was also the one to provide new legs to Brownbeard's pirates on Punk Hazard, using Room's unique ability to separate their bottom halves and attach newer ones from animals and such:

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(Ch. 666) Law easily cuts up one of Caesar Clown's scientists and leaves his body parts strewn about:

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This is the ability for Law to swap places any objects that are in his room.

(Ch. 504) Law uses Shambles to swap a cannonball heading towards him for a Marine's head, causing the cannonball to explode near the rest of the Marine firing line:

(Ch. 661) Law uses Shambles to switch the personalities of Sanji, Franky, Nami, and Chopper between each other so that Sanji was now in Nami's body, Chopper was now in Sanji's body, Nami was now in Franky's body, and Franky was now in Chopper's body:

(Ch. 663) Law uses Shambles to switch Tashigi and Smoker's personalities so that now they were in each other's bodies, like what he did in the example above:

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This ability allows Law to telekinetically move anything that is within his room.

(Ch. 660) By simply waving his finger, Law flips over a Navy warship and leaves it suspended in the air:

Law manipulates large pieces of ice and part of the Navy warship to create a sort of totem pole:

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(Ch. 662) Law juggles around pieces of the Navy warship and huge pieces of ice, drops some of them on Smoker, and then uses Tact to draw up a large stalagmite from the ground and stab him from underneath:

Mes - Scalpel

Law can use either his hand or his sword to strike at a target's chest and expel their heart out in a small, square container. The heart still functions normally and the person who loses their heart is still alive and well, but there is now an empty spot in their chest and if Law were to squeeze the heart, they would be severely hurt.

(Ch. 662) Law uses Scalpel to take out Smoker's heart:


Law can "scan" his room and locate objects in them.

(Ch. 661) Here he scans and finds every single Marine's Snail phone before teleporting them to him:

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(Ch. 504) Law is able to react to a cannonball fired at him in time activate his Room, separate the head of a Marine, and switch the cannonball with his head before it could reach him:

(Ch. 661) Law reacts to a bullrush attack from Vice Admiral Smoker:

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(Ch. 662) Law reacts to being shot at by a group of Marines in time to switch the bullets with snow:

(Ch. 662) Law is grabbed by Smoker, slammed to the ground, but before Smoker can jab him in the face with his staff, Law switches places with himself a piece of wood from the Navy warship:

(Ch. 662) Law blocks two attacks from Smoker, one of them being his legs trying to stomp him from behind and the other his staff trying to strike him from behind again:

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