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Portgas D. Ace Respect Thread

"I don't want to live a thousand years. If I just live through today, that'll be enough."

This thread will be divided into the following sections:

  • Accolades
  • Devil Fruit
  • Devil Fruit Attacks
  • Haki
  • Strength
  • Stamina
  • Durability


Ace is regarded as having amazing fighting power even without using his Devil Fruit to fight:

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Ace is said to have challenged battleships and burned down entire cities:

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Ace was even offered a spot on the Schibukai:

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He was also the Commander of the White Beard pirates' Second Division:

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Devil Fruit

Ace ate the Mera Mera no Mi fruit, which is a Fire logia type fruit. With it, he can literally become fire, preventing physical attacks (not powered by Haki) to be ineffective against him:

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Here's an example of his logia abilities, where bullets just passed right through him and he reformed right after:

Devil Fruit Attacks

Fire Fist

Ace's signature move, he throws a large fireball out of his fist that is strong enough to destroy five good-sized Baroque Works ships:

He uses this against Blackbeard and his crew and blasts then through a large house (0:47):

Fire Pillar

Ace can create a large pillar of fire that extends above him. It's strong enough to destroy a large sized house:

Flame Spear

Ace can create spears out of his flames, which cause both piercing and burning damage:

Holy Cross

When Ace crosses his fingers in a cross, he can fire off a cross-shaped attack that is visible from hundreds of yards away and strong enough to topple Banana Rock:

Flame Net

Ace can create a wall of fire that can either cut off and prevent an enemy from advancing or trap them inside:

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Firefly Light

Ace can create dozens of lights that float and surround around a target then explode on them:

Mirror Flame

Ace cancels out Aokiji's Ice Pheasant attack with one of his own, creating a wall of fire but different than his "Flame Net" technique:


Ace's most powerful attack, where he creates a large fireball that has the DC to cover half of a medium sized island:


Ace has Conqueror's Haki but was never trained in its use. However, when he first used it, he knocked out all of the Bluejam Pirates except for Bluejam himself:


When he was a kid, Ace had defeated a large bull by himself:

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Luffy tells his crew that he was never able to defeat Ace in a fight, even though he had his DF and Ace didn't:

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Ace was strong enough to send his single boat flying under the surface of the ocean and beneath five large ships while he himself jumped over all of them:

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Ace has enough stamina to fight Jinbe, a powerful Fishman, for five days straight:


Ace tanks an attack from Blackbeard that, according to him, almost broke his neck:

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