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Venom - "Boy's Lost Control" 0

Venom is still in the Savage Lands, still on mission four when his 48 window closes.  The General has faith in our hero and decides to not blow him up...yet.   The writing is amazing!  Remender has taken this character to levels never before seen in a Venom story.  Just when things hit an all time low for Venom and you think what else could go wrong - BAM!  Spidey shows up!  However, I didn't feel the same way about the art.  This is the first issue sans Tony Moore, and staring Tom Fowler.  Fowl...

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Venom - The Hunted 0

Being thrown into Flash's fourth mission with the Venom symbiote seemed kind of rushed.  It has already been 47 hours since he was airdropped into the Savage Lands and Kraven began hunting him.  Even though it made the issue feel short, it did successfully allow the reader to feel the same disorientation that Flash is going through.  However, I still would of liked a more fluid transition between issue 1 and 2.  There is no setup as to why Flash even needs to be in the Savage Lands, other than a...

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