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Bunn taking over Venom

I am a huge Rick Remender fan! He was probably the best thing that could of happened to Venom. Taking this character and making old and new fans care about him again and making him a pivotal part of the Marvel Universe is no easy task. Bringing back forgotten villains (Jack O'Lantern, Human Fly) as well as supporting cast members (Eddie Brock, Toxin) made for great reading! When I learned Bunn was taking over (after working with Remender on Savage Six) would be another great turn for the character, but after reading some of his plans I'm not as sure...

I didn't particularly enjoy the "Circle of Four" arc, but today I learned that "The 'Circle of Four' stuff is a cornerstone for my very first arc and for my take on the series as a whole."

I don't care for Venom being part of a team environment and his role on the Secret Avengers does nothing for me. If he is going to be part of a team, I would like to see him leading the charge; however, Bunn's take on Venom's solo adventures will be that "They're giving him missions that I've dubbed "Code: Uatu" missions. He is only supposed to go in and observe and recon the situation. His directives are going to be, "Watch. Do not touch."

Finally, with this new run comes a new artists. Tony Moore's covers with Lan Medina's interiors are some of my favorite issues ever. For me, the art is more important than the actual story. I can look passed a bad script if there are pretty pictures to see.

I am trying to keep an open mind until this run starts, but I'm not sure this team can continue to keep readers interested in Venom.