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Bunn taking over Venom

I am a huge Rick Remender fan! He was probably the best thing that could of happened to Venom. Taking this character and making old and new fans care about him again and making him a pivotal part of the Marvel Universe is no easy task. Bringing back forgotten villains (Jack O'Lantern, Human Fly) as well as supporting cast members (Eddie Brock, Toxin) made for great reading! When I learned Bunn was taking over (after working with Remender on Savage Six) would be another great turn for the character, but after reading some of his plans I'm not as sure...

I didn't particularly enjoy the "Circle of Four" arc, but today I learned that "The 'Circle of Four' stuff is a cornerstone for my very first arc and for my take on the series as a whole."

I don't care for Venom being part of a team environment and his role on the Secret Avengers does nothing for me. If he is going to be part of a team, I would like to see him leading the charge; however, Bunn's take on Venom's solo adventures will be that "They're giving him missions that I've dubbed "Code: Uatu" missions. He is only supposed to go in and observe and recon the situation. His directives are going to be, "Watch. Do not touch."

Finally, with this new run comes a new artists. Tony Moore's covers with Lan Medina's interiors are some of my favorite issues ever. For me, the art is more important than the actual story. I can look passed a bad script if there are pretty pictures to see.

I am trying to keep an open mind until this run starts, but I'm not sure this team can continue to keep readers interested in Venom.


Atrocity vs Monster-Ock [Edge of Time Spoilers]

The Spider-Man: Edge of Time video game was released this week. Much like the classic PS1 Spider-Man game, the final boss is a Doctor Octopus/Symbiote hybrid. In Edge of Time its Atrocity or Anti-Venom/Doc Ock and in Spider-Man its Monster-Ock or Carnage/Doc Ock:

Atrocity in Edge of Time
Atrocity in Edge of Time
Monster-Ock in Spider-Man
Monster-Ock in Spider-Man

Are game developers seriously running out of ideas? Am I the only one who hates the way symbiotes are handled in video games - Venom in Ultimate Alliance 2, Carnage in Shattered Dimension, and now Anti-Venom in Edge of Time?

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How many Symbiotes are too many?

As you can guess, I have a little place on the Internet called where I keep up-to-date with everything Venom.  I've visited the Vine before and thought it would be great to share a blog with the CV community.
How many Symbiotes are too many?   I understand that a majority of Venom fans do not like Flash as the new host.  I can agree with the fact that Eddie Brock will always be Venom to most people.  However, I view Flash only as another version of Venom as oppose to the Venom.  I think Marvel got it right with this formula - expanding on the Venom character by having the symbiote jump from host to host.  Could you image if there were four more 'Venoms' running around?  I think this would be an easy way out for Marvel; just keep the symbiote on each host and do a simple thesaurus lookup to get a new name (Brock-Venom, Fortunato-Grudge, Gargan-Malice, Flash-Rancor).  By jumping hosts Venom is allowed to stay fresh and keep the symbiote population under control.  
By introducing symbiotes for a couple books and then casting them away (see Toxin and Anti-Venom), I think Marvel is tarnishing the idea of the symbiote character.  It would be different if they were more original, but it feels as though they are just recycling ideas at this point.  Hybrid had a handicapped host way before Flash became Venom, Toxin was a 'good' symbiote before Eddie Brock became Anti-Venom, and Carnage was a murderous villain before the beefed-up Gargan version of Venom.  
I guess what I am trying to say is that I prefer symbiote host jumping to create new characters (even if they use the same name) rather than creating new symbiotes.  I never had a problem with Carnage.  Sure he is a bit one dimensional, but he does his job well as Spider-Man's version of the Joker.  I commend the writer of the new Carnage mini series for keeping the symbiote with Kasady.  Marvel gave the character some time off by 'killing' him, but was smart enough to bring him back with the same host.  I would of hated to see that part of the symbiote returned and found a new host (New Symbiote Massacre is created!) only to find out later that Kasady/Carnage was still alive.  
I also loved the idea of Toxin; finally, a symbiote host that only wants to do good.  The conflict between host and symbiote made the story more interesting, but Marvel tossed him aside after two mini series.  Eddie Brock will always be my favorite character, but I can't say the same for Anti-Venom.  It will be great to see him return this summer, but it feels as though he is another symbiote that was put on the back burner after his 'origin' story.  We also can't forget about Hybrid and Scream.  Two more symbitoes that are running around out there without any recent stories.
I think Marvel needs to slim down their symbiote count.  Keep Kasady as Carnage (for the main antagonist), bring Eddie back as Venom (because EVERYONE wants that), have Toxin jump from host to host (as a young symbiote learning by jumping from hero to villian would be interesting), and kill off the rest (Hybrid, Scream, and even Anti-Venom).  
Who am I kidding though, I will jump at the opportunity to by any comic with a symbiote in it!! 
Thanks for listening to me ramble ComicVine!  Until next time.
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