Respect Thread | Black Alice

Respect Lori Zechlin

  • Name: Lori Zechlin
  • Alias: Black Alice
  • Hometown: Dayton, Ohio
  • Morality: Anti-Hero
  • Team(s): Birds of Prey, Secret Six, Shadowpact, Justice League Dark
  • Bio: An average girl with average friends and an average life, until the day her mother died. Lori found her body floating in a pool, having died from an overdose of lethal drugs. That night Lori discovered she had magical powers and could harness any magical abilities she desired. With her newfound powers she became Black Alice, the boogeyman for magic users in the DCU.

Let's get to the respect.

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Table of Contents

  1. Powers Explained
  2. Pre 52 [ Power Copying ]
    1. Alan Scott
    2. Banshee
    3. Blue Devil
    4. Deimos
    5. Doctor Fate
    6. Doctor Occult
    7. Enchantress
    8. Etrigan
    9. Felix Faust (and Cheetah)
    10. Giganta
    11. Ibis the Invincible
    12. Misfit
    13. Nightshade
    14. Phantom Stranger
    15. Raven
    16. Shazam
    17. Spectre
    18. Thunderbolt
    19. Traci Thirteen
    20. Wonder Girl
    21. Zatanna
  3. Pre 52 [ Magic Senses ]
  4. New 52 [ Power Copying
    1. Black Orchid
    2. Giganta
    3. Multiple People
    4. Orko
    5. Zatanna

1.0 Powers Explained

Black Alice has the power to borrow powers from any user of magic; but there are a few rules:

  1. Alice can only borrow the powers. She cannot permanently keep them.
  2. When Alice borrows the powers the original user of them becomes powerless.
  3. The stronger the magic the harder it is to hold onto the powers; so she gets less time with them.
  4. She does not FULLY understand the powers she's using, but has a general knowledge. In her words, her spells aren't always perfect.

Due to how her powers affect the other magic users in her world she's become known as the boogeyman, because she may steal your powers right when you needed them most.

2.0 Pre 52 [ Power Copying ]

Stealing powers is her primary ability. Below is a list of every character she's ever taken powers from.

2.1 | Alan Scott

Villains United Infinite Crisis Special: Harnesses the power of the Starheart and bowls some thugs over with a construct.

Teen Titans #83: Harnesses the power of the Starheart when battling the Demons Three alongside Traci 13 and Zachary Zatara. While using it she creates several constructs and a force field.

Secret Six #29: Harnesses the power of the Starheart to create a giant baseball mitt to catch the other members of the Secret Six as they fall from an exploding building.

2.2 | Banshee

Secret Six #16: Takes Banshee's power and fights several members of the Secret Six; shows enhanced strength and durability during this fight.

2.3 | Blue Devil

Secret Six #16: Takes Blue Devil's power which enhances her strength and also replicates his magical trident.

Teen Titans #85: Takes Blue Devil's power while fighting Traci 13; states that his power also comes with a healing factor which she utilizes.

2.4 | Deimos

Secret Six #28: While on Skartaris she was unable to harness any magical abilities, or so she thought. She feels the presence of Deimos and takes his power, transforming into a massive fire-breathing serpent who roasts several warriors.

2.5 | Doctor Fate

Birds of Prey #76: Takes Doctor Fate's power to create a shield, protecting herself from bullets. She also transmutes cement around someone's legs and lifts/throws a car.

Day of Vengeance #5: Detective Chimp explains that when Doctor Fate lost his powers for 30 minutes that Black Alice was using them. This is a good number to know since Fate is an incredibly powerful magic user and she was able to borrow his powers for such a lengthy period.

Teen Titans #85: Takes Doctor Fate's power while fighting Traci 13 and summons a wave of mystical knives to impale her, unfortunately for Alice, Traci phases through the knives.

2.6 | Doctor Occult

Secret Six #17: Takes Doctor Occult's power and replicates his talisman; the Mystical Symbol of the Seven.

2.7 | Enchantress

Teen Titans #86: Takes Enchantresses power to utilize her mystical tracking abilities.

2.8 | Etrigan

Birds of Prey #118: Takes Etrigan's power while in a metahuman gladiator arena where she is fighting Misfit. Utilizes his flame breath.

Secret Six #21-22: Takes Etrigan's power to have a short brawl with Scandal Savage. The fight isn't a serious one and Alice only began fighting because of how much stress she was under.

2.9 | Felix Faust

Birds of Prey #97: Takes Felix Faust's power (as well as Cheetah; we can see the spots) and uses it to teleport Faust, Cheetah, and the Birds of Prey away from her. This is an important showing because she takes on two different powers at once.

2.10 | Giganta

Secret Six #30: Takes Giganta's power to have a brawl with Elasti-Girl.

Suicide Squad #67: Takes Giganta's power to tear through a prison fence and smash through the walls.

2.11 | Ibis the Invincible

Reign in Hell #3: Takes Ibis the Invincible's power to teleport herself to hell.

2.12 | Misfit

Birds of Prey #116: Takes Misfit's power to fight against her, utilizing her teleportation.

Birds of Prey #118: Takes Misfit's power to teleport herself and another unfortunate soul out of the meta-human arena. Misfit's powers cause other people who are teleported to explode, so Alice accidentally tele-frags the person she took with her.

2.13 | Nightshade

Birds of Prey #115: Takes Nightshade's power to teleport herself back to the Birds of Prey HQ.

Secret Six #17-18: Takes Nightshade's power to fight Nightshade and Count Vertigo, then opens an extra-dimensional portal to escape from the Black Lanterns.

2.14 | Phantom Stranger

Secret Six #16: Takes the Phantom Stranger's power to spy on some thugs/infiltrate a building.

2.15 | Raven

The Helmet of Fate - Black Alice: Takes Raven's power to heal a boy named Kendall whose was being forced to dance so aggressively that his bones were being broken.

2.16 | Shazam

Birds of Prey #76: Takes Shazam's power and begins fighting against Black Canary.

2.17 | The Spectre

Day of Vengeance #5-6: Takes the Spectre's power to try and kill it. It doesn't work to kill him, but she does manage to render him powerless long enough for the Shadowpact to defeat Eclipso.

2.18 | Thunderbolt

Secret Six #16: Takes Thunderbolt's powers; she never uses them for anything but hey, she can do it if she wants and he's a 5-D Imp, so it's impressive.

2.19 | Traci 13

Teen Titans #85: Takes Traci 13's powers to teleport away and so Traci can't use them against her.

2.20 | Wonder Girl/Wonder Woman

Birds of Prey #96-97: Takes Wonder Girl's powers to fight against the Birds of Prey. She is able to emulate the Lasso of Truth to get Black Canary to speak truth and the Bracelets of Submission to deflect gunfire.

2.21 | Zatanna

Action Comics #896: Takes Zatanna's power and attempts to turn 'weapons into twinkies' but her foes had magical resistance that prevented the spell from working.

Birds of Prey #76: Takes Zatanna's power and uses a spell to bind Black Canary with trees (very Evil Dead of her) and also fly.

The Helmet of Fate - Black Alice: Takes Zatanna's power and uses a spell to lock her diary.

3.0 Pre 52 [ Magic Senses ]

Alice has the natural ability to sense or feel magic around her; here are some examples.

Birds of Prey #96: She smells "wild magic" on Cheetah and can see her true face; also calls out Faust because she recognizes him.

Birds of Prey #115: She picks up on arcane residue that is left at a crime scene.

4.0 New 52 [ Power Copying ]

In the New 52 she had the same powers but her characterization was a bit different. Regardless I've separated her N52 feats from her Pre 52 feats.

4.1 | Black Orchid

Secret Six #6: Takes Black Orchid's power and threatens to drop a house on the S6 members. An explosion goes off before she can and she uses her powers of flight and saves Ventriloquist.

4.2 | Giganta

Secret Six #14: Takes Giganta's power and uses it to destroy a building and crush some soldiers.

4.3 | Multiple People

Secret Six #7-8: Takes the powers of several magic users. It looks like she has Swamp Thing, Black Orchid, Cheetah, Felix Faust, Blue Devil and Red Devil (as she has two sets of horns) but I may be incorrect about that. Regardless, she took a whole lotta' powers.

4.4 | Orko

DC Universe vs Masters of the Universe #6: Takes Orko's power and breaks the mind control spell he had put on every hero and villain during this crossover event.

4.5 | Zatanna

Secret Six #1: Takes Zatanna's power and uses it to send Catman flying backwards.


Black Alice is a pretty interesting magical force to go up against. She's an absolute terror for any magic user as she can simply strip them of their powers, regardless of how strong they are (as we saw with the Spectre) and use them against them. While she may not fully understand how to use the powers she steals, she has enough knowledge to use them effectively and make her a threat against most foes.

As per usual; if there are any context issues let me know, and comment if you want to see me make a thread for a specific character!