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Heatwave Respect Thread

Respect Heatwave

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Mick Rory is Heatwave; a ruthless pyromaniac and long standing member of the Rogues. While he has reformed from crime (on several occasions) he always finds himself back in Central City alongside his long-time partners. Armed with a heat gun that emits flames hot enough to melt Flashes boots, and a custom made suit that allows him to withstand extreme temperatures, Heatwave is one of the deadliest pyromaniacs in the DCU and he lives to watch the world burn.

Table of Contents

  1. Physical Attributes
  2. Heat Gun / Pyrokinesis

1.0 Physical Attributes

While he is a normal human Heatwave has several decent showings of his durability, speed, and strength. This section will also cover the durability of his custom made fire-proof suit.


When his genetic coding was merged with that of his equipment he no longer needed to wear his suit to withstand the heat of his flames. This section will cover both the N52 version (in which he was a meta-human) and his human version (in which he required a suit).

  • Final Crisis: Rogues Revenge #2 - (Human) Withstands heat from his flames and the flames of another flame user named Burn.
  • Flash V2 #190 - (Human) Drinks scalding hot tea that burns Pied Piper; calls it cold.
  • Flash V2 #215 - (Human) Suit is covered in flames, he doesn't mind.
  • Flash N52 #52 - (Meta) Survives a massive explosion from a bomb implanted within Trickster's robotic arm. Trickster is KO'd in the blast and Heatwave carries him out.
  • Flashpoint: Legion of Doom #1 - (Alternate Version; Human) Withstands an energy blast from Cyborg.
  • Forever Evil: Rogues Rebellion #1 - (Meta) Plastique's explosive attacks only increase his own power.
  • Forever Evil: Rogues Rebellion #1 - (Meta) Withstands an energy blast from Deathstorm of the Crime Syndicate.
  • Salvation Run #1 - (Human) Jumps into a hole and incinerates the entire thing, encasing himself in flames. Comes out unscathed.
  • Superboy #77 - (Human) Is unfazed by Liquid Halon.
  • Superboy #77 - (Human) Is able to tackle and hold onto a demonic being whose radiating flames hot enough to melt Guardian's shield.
  • Superboy #80 - (Human) Tanks a heat blast from Pyra.
  • Superboy #89 - (Human) His suit is modified to absorb energy and he can redirect it.


  • Flash V1 #140 - Tags Flash (Barry) two times in a row and KO's him.
  • Flash V1 #226 - Tags Flash (Barry) who comments he has no time to dodge the blast.
  • Flash V2 #218 - Tags Flash with a wall of air burning at 500 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • Flash V2 #221 - Tags Flash with Captain Cold.


  • Flashpoint: Legion of Doom #2 - (Alternate Version) Fights Animal Man in hand to hand combat, wins when he bites his nose off and curb stomps him, killing him.

2.0 Heat Gun / Pyrokinesis

Heatwave's custom made Heat Gun is one of the deadliest fire based weapons in the DCU. In the N52 continuity his DNA became fused with that of his equipment granting him pyrokinesis.

Heat Gun

  • Blackest Night: The Flash #3 - Projects flames that melt Black Lantern rings.
  • Countdown #50 - Quickly creates a blast of flame that scorches the ground & stone walls.
  • Final Crisis: Rogues Revenge #1 - Burns one of Tricksters goons, immobilizing him & hurting him, but not killing him, as per his instructions.
  • Final Crisis: Rogues Revenge #2 - Kills another fire user in a fireproof suit named Burn. Talks about how his flames are hot enough to melt Flashes costume, the same costume that withstands the heat of friction.
  • Final Crisis: Rogues Revenge #2 - Kills Leonard Snart's father by incinerating him inside the freezer he was held in.
  • Final Crisis Rogues Revenge #3 - Melts Inertia/Kid Zoom's boots to the pavement, stopping him.
  • Flash V1 #140 - KO's Flash (Barry) with a blast from his gun.
  • Flash V1 #226 - Generates 'Fire Rings' that surround a police officer, trapping him.
  • Flash V1 #266 - Melts Flash's boots to the floor.
  • Flash V1 #316 - Melts two thug's shoes to the sidewalk.
  • Flash V2 #19 - Melts one of Captain Boomerang's boomerangs in mid-air.
  • Flash V2 #127 - Incinerates a bus full of people in an instant. This was when he and the other Rogues had sold their souls to Neron and went on a rampage through Keystone & Central City.
  • Flash V2 #190 - Melts the front tires off of a semi-truck with a single blast. Then melts a tire iron in someones hand, and lastly, leaves a burn mark on someones face after hitting them with the barrel of his Heat Gun.
  • Flash V2 #218 - Hits Flash with a wall of air that was burning at 500 degrees Fahrenheit. Claims that if Flash wasn't used to the heat of friction that he'd have turned to cinders.
  • Flash V2 #218 - His flames can counter Captain Cold's Cold Gun.
  • Flash V2 #221 - Counters the Cold Gun again; results in a hot steam that wound up burning Magenta's throat.
  • Flash V2 #223 - Projects flames hot enough to burn Tar Pit; a living mass of hot tar.
  • Flash Rebirth #16 - A single blast from his Heat Gun starts a massive fire.
  • Flashpoint: Legion of Doom #1 - (Alternate Version) Kills Jason (one half of Firestorm) with a single blast.
  • Flashpoint: Legion of Doom #3 - (Alternate Version) Melts Plasticman with a blast.
  • Green Lantern #96 - Melts through a thick steel door.
  • Green Lantern #96 - Incinerates two solders.
  • Salvation Run #6 - Keeps Martian Manhunter imprisoned in a fire cage.
  • Superboy #77 - Instantly melts some chains.
  • Superboy #81 - Melts ice that was imprisoning Superboy.



Heat Wave is a valuable member of the Rogues and proves a decent opposite for Captain Cold. It makes you wonder why he'd be able to go against Flash, but when you see that his flames can surpass the heat generated by friction to melt Flash's suit, you start you understand. He was probably one of my favorites when the Rogues became Meta Humans and I really liked his design compared to the others when they had innate powers. I hope you enjoyed yet another RT for one of Flashes Rogues, if you did, keep your eyes out for whoever I wind up covering next!