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Armstrong Academy (SIGN UPS CLOSED)

Welcome to the Armstrong Academy

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The Armstrong Academy is a scenario based "tournament" that takes place in the 'Armstrong' Universe -- a world created by me for the purpose of this scenario. In this world the participants play the part of students attending the prestigious Armstrong Academy, a school dedicated to helping younger individuals (ages 13 - 18) hone their skills and abilities in hopes that they one day become active members of the Hero Program.

Throughout the scenario the participants will have plenty of chances to interact with one another and wild non-player characters controlled by the host(s) to forge friendships, rivalries, and to ultimately push their personal stories forth as each participants discovers their place within this world.


This scenario takes place in the year 2242 on Trion, an Earth-like planet that lay beyond the Outer Rim. Those who settled Trion were affected by a unique radiation emitting from the planet's core; as a result, 72% of Trion's population have developed physical mutations or otherworldly powers -- these individuals are known as EVOS.

To protect the planet from themselves the acting government on Trion established the Hero Program, allowing for individuals to pass a series of physical and mental exams in order to obtain a hero license. This license would allow the said individual to work as a peacekeeper of sorts, either independently, or with an agency. The program proved to be a massive success and quickly became a core component of Trion Society, with the most powerful and well-known Heroes becoming household names.

Of course there are drawbacks -- those who seek to do harm or have criminal intent are now far more dangerous than before. On top of this there are some in the non-powered minority that see EVOS as a threat, and as such anti-EVO groups have been established in certain settlements.

Regardless, being a member of the Hero Program is something that many young EVOs strive to accomplish, and as such, many of them attend schools dedicated to improving their skills and abilities. The reason for joining is unique to the individual, some do it for fame or status, others do it because they feel a responsibility to help those weaker than them -- of course, you will find your own reason, and perhaps discover that the Hero Program isn't the path for you.

Scenario Rules

These are the rules of the scenario.

Posting Rules

  • Posts should have an element of RP (role-play) to them, there will be a Discord Server in which participants can 'interact' with NPCs.
  • Include a tl;dr that clearly states what you are trying to accomplish at the end of each post. I do not want to misinterpret and action simply because I read the RP incorrectly.
  • Tag me in your posts.
  • Avoid meta-gaming; if you present information in a post that your character would not have in-verse then that portion of the post will be ignored and your action may be altered.
  • Failure to post for several advancements may result in your removal from the scenario.

Combat Rules

  • Fights will largely be determined in CAV style matches against other players or non-players/hosts.
  • Players can attack (and be attacked by) other players and NPCs. If a player or an NPC witness an attack happening they will react accordingly, you have been warned.
  • If you enter a fight with a foe who is drastically stronger, or weaker, the debate process may be skipped entirely in order to save time.
  • Post deadlines will be rather short for combat situations, this is to prevent any fight from taking too long. If a deadline is not met then the result of the fight will be determined based on what HAS been posted.
  • Death is a possibility in this scenario.
  • Looting may be done on a case by case basis.

Story Rules

  • Your actions have consequences, you may ruin a potential path with a certain individual or group if you make the wrong choices.
  • NPCs are to be controlled by the host players. If you as a player attempt to force an NPC into performing an OOC action then it will be ignored.
  • If you take an action that may be considered world breaking then that action may be ignored.
  • Not all NPCs have the same character build limits as players. They may have powers that don't refer to a specific character that allows them to do something simply because a host claims they can.
  • Have fun -- it's important!

Character Creation & Class System

To partake in this scenario you must first build your character, doing so by following the creation system and build rules listed below.

The first choice to make in the creation system is choosing your class. Your class will determine the limitations of your body, skills, and powers. There are detailed limitations for each class, so review them and find the one that best fits your play style. Don't stress too much about creating a "perfect" character -- as a host I feel that too many users strive to create 'unbeatable' characters instead of creating enjoyable characters that add elements to the story being told.

There will be opportunities for your characters to grow (level up) throughout the progression of the scenario; however, begging for such upgrades is discouraged and may delay the point at which you receive such upgrades.

Aside from the mechanics, please provide an image of what your character looks like and a short background of who they are, where they're from, likes/dislikes, etc. I can provide general information about the locations of Trion if asked, so please ask if you're curious, and lastly, you will be attending a high school on Trion (Armstrong Academy) so keep in mind that your character's age is likely between 13 and 15 years old.

NOTE: If you want your character to be a different 'species/race' then talk with me -- the world of Trion is a blend of fantasy and science-fiction, with the power manifestations of some individuals altering their appearance to be more fantastical or mutated. Just let me know and we can try and work something out within reason.

Here are the general rules for each part of character creation.


First you must choose a body. The body is where you get all of your physical attributes, including the following:

  • Strength - How hard you can hit (striking) / How much you can lift (lifting)
  • Speed - How quickly you can move (travel speed) / How quickly you can react (reaction speed/combat speed)
  • Durability - How hard you can get hit (blunt/piercing resistance) / How other effects may affect you (elemental/poison/etc., resistance)
  • Senses - How you perceive the world around you. Some senses may be too great and will be considered a power because of how enhanced they are (being able to track people from blocks away or read minds because of how well you can hear are examples of this)

For each of these categories there are specific limitations. Be sure to look at them and follow them. It may be tempting to try and find a body that gets as close as possible to all of these limits. I suggest you use a body that you're comfortable with that is well within the limits, you will have opportunities to enhance your physical attributes during the course of the scenario.

You may not choose a body like Superman and NERF them down to the limits.


This scenario will is handling the skill system and skill-sets in a way that is more reminiscent of table top RPGs such as D&D and will utilize a dice roll system to determine if certain actions are successful or if they are failures.

COMBAT SKILLS: Your combat skills will be chosen by taking the combat skills of any character whose fighting abilities are within the skill limitations, this is because the majority of fights will be handled in CAV style matches. As an example, if you chose Batman for your combat skills then you'd get his martial arts ability, his marksmanship, etc., but you would not get his detective skills, his computer skills, etc.

The list below includes the limitations for combat skills:

  • No skills that allow you to memorize/copy/replicate the skills of other players just by observing them. This goes for characters like Taskmaster or Jin Mo-Ri.
  • No skills that include mystical abilities/chi-amplifying/accessing the 'limitless potential' of your character, etc., anything of this nature is considered a POWER not a skill.
  • No skills that exceed the limitations of your physical body. If you chose Professor X for your body and then picked the skills of Spider-Man then he would not be able to perform his acrobatic feats; his body wouldn't allow him to.

Follow those rules and you'll be okay.

NON-COMBAT SKILLS: All non-combat skills will be handled by the roll of a dice. Certain classes may offer a proficiency or bonuses in these skills that can add to the roll of the dice to increase a successful action chance. It is also possible to gain more skill bonuses as story rewards.

A list of non-combat skills and their general descriptions will be provided below. It is possible that you may attempt an action in which I will ask for a certain skill-check, resulting in a roll. You may also attempt a certain task and ask if you can apply a certain skill to potentially increase it's success.

  • Animal Handling - The animal handling skill allows you to tame the creatures native to Trion. Those with a high animal handling skill may be able to obtain animal followers that will aid them in various situations.
  • Bluff - The bluff skill allows you to hide your true intentions from other individuals. Those with a high bluff skill can easily trick less insightful persons or even feign death in combat.
  • Computer Science/Hacking - The Computer Science/Hacking skill allows you to navigate advanced technological systems with ease, you may be able to bypass a security system, gain confidential information, or manipulate robotic entities. Those with a high Computer Science/Hacking skill may have an easier time navigating some of the technological mega-cities on Trion.
  • Diplomacy - The diplomacy skill allows you to change the minds of others, another name for it would be persuasion. Those with a high diplomacy skill can win over even the most stubborn individuals.
  • Driving - The driving skill allows you to drive/pilot various vehicles on Trion. Those with a high driving skill can expertly maneuver any craft that they pilot.
  • Engineering - The engineering skill grants you the ability to build or deconstruct technology and machinery. Those with a high engineering skill may be able to modify robots or weapons, or to build new vehicles.
  • History - The history skill grants you knowledge of the history of a certain person, place, or thing. Those with a high history skill are able to recall information more easily about the world of Trion.
  • Insight - The insight skill grants you knowledge on the true intentions of someone, allowing you to determine if they're lying or telling the truth. Those with a high insight skill can accurately deduce the intentions of those around them.
  • Intimidation - The intimidation skill allows you to intimidate another into helping you or performing a desired action. Those with a high intimidation skill can force foes to flee in terror.
  • Intuition - The intuition skill grants you knowledge on an opponent or a mission, allowing you to deduce how dangerous something might be or to determine what someone's weakness or strengths are. Those with a high intuition skill can gain addition information on various situations and opponents.
  • Investigation - The investigation skill allows you to inspect a location or an area to try and obtain more information from it. Those with a high investigation skill may find clues more easily and can locate hidden rooms/pathways that a common investigator may miss.
  • Medicine - The medicine skill allows you to correctly assess a wound or ailment and provide treatment. Those with a high medicine skill may be able to treat severe ailment or injuries with improvised materials.
  • Performance - The performance skill allows you to entertain other individuals. Those with a high performance skill can dazzle any crowd and win favor among groups with their stellar displays.
  • Slight of Hand - The SOH skill allows you to pickpocket or reverse pickpocket. Those with a high SOH can easily plant/steal larger objects.
  • Stealth - The stealth skill allows you to sneak throughout your environment more easily. Those with a high stealth skill can more easily infiltrate secured areas and may avoid combat because of it.

NOTE: A power may negate the need for a certain skill-check, for example, an individual with technopathy may not need to provide a skill-check to hack a basic security system or a computer, or someone who can manipulate animals will not need an animal handling check in most cases.


Some character classes have access to powers. There is a high degree of character specialization in the creation phase for this scenario. As you grow and learn in this world you will gain more versatile abilities; however, these abilities will stick to a specific theme, similar to how the quirks of characters from MHA develop and become stronger.

Regardless of what class you choose the following power limitations are in place:

  • No reality warping
  • No time travel/time manipulation
  • No probability altering
  • No pheromones
  • No teleportation
  • No power stealing/copying/duplication
  • No insta-kill moves (tele-frag/death touch/etc)
  • No internal attacks (blood bending is an example)
  • No offensive intangibility (attacking while intangible)
  • No precognition (future sight; Spider-Sense is okay, a danger sense is okay, but nothing that tells you exactly what is about to happen and let you plan 5 moves ahead constantly)
  • Telepathy is limited to street level telepathy such as Gorgon or Mister X. Cannot use their power to attack, only read minds. Limit may be reduced as scenario progresses, and some characters may have a natural resistance to telepathy.
  • Telekinesis cannot be used directly on people or gear. Strength of telekinesis is limited to that of their physical body as per build requirement. Limit may be reduced as the scenario progresses.
  • Stat amplification cannot exceed limitations of the body.
  • Healing Factors cannot be so great that you can regenerate from a single drop of blood or a small piece of flesh, killing blows should incapacitate or KO at best.
  • Energy Absorption & Projection is limited to tank busting blasts. If a blast has more power than that you will be unable to absorb it all and will be hurt.
  • Magic is a case by case basis, talk with me if you wish to use magic. It is very likely I will not grant ALL the abilities of a magic user for your base power, an example being William Gravel -- you could perhaps get his TK or his Gun Charging, but not all of it for one package deal.
  • Invisibility cannot make it impossible to sense your character. You can be 100% invisible to ONE sense, but not all senses. So if your character cannot be seen, they must be able to be heard, smelled, etc.
  • Summons/Cloning/Duplication will be dealt with on a case by case basis depending on the number and strength of the summons/clones/duplicates in question.

Other powers not listed here may have specific rulings, but those will be found in the class selection.

Character Classes

As part of character creation each participant will choose a character class -- this decision will dictate the foundation of their character build and will determine their strengths and weaknesses.

A classes skill point count is for each participant to spend on the various skills listed above; some classes will have bonuses to certain skills w/o having to spend any points.


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Bricks are those whose display raw physical might and an unyielding endurance, while not as 'flashy' as some of the classes they're incredibly effective in hand to hand combat, choosing often to punch first and ask questions later.


  • Strength: 10 Tons
  • Durability: Bullet Proof/Small Building Busting (ex: Tombstone or Netflix Luke Cage S1)
  • Speed: Non-Casual Bullet Dodging (ex: Batman or Captain America)
  • Skill Points: 10 points to spend / +5 Bonus to ONE of the following skills: Animal Handling, Intimidation, or History

Class Power: A Brick may have a defensive power. Examples include Kirishima's Hardening Quirk or Wolverine's Regeneration.


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Cybernetics are technologically enhanced individuals who have resorted to modifying their bodies with cybernetics to compete against other EVOs.


  • Strength: 5 Tons
  • Durability: Peak Human (ex: Captain America)
  • Speed: Casual Bullet Dodging (Cassandra Cain)
  • Skill Points: 7 Points to spend / +3 bonus to TWO of the following skills: Computer Science/Hacking, Driving, Engineering, Intimidation, Investigation, or Sleight of Hand

Class Power: A Cybernetic gets ONE piece of integrated technology, an example being Kano's Bionic Eye. As the scenario progresses they may make further modifications to add more technology to their being.


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Elementals are those chosen by nature to manipulated one or several of the major elements such as air, fire, water, or earth -- some Elementals become to closely connected to their element that their body undergoes a metamorphosis, transforming them into the embodiment of that element.


  • Strength: 2 Tons
  • Durability: Peak Human (ex: Captain America)
  • Speed: Non-Casual Bullet Dodging (ex: Batman or Captain America)
  • Skill Points: 10 Points to spend / + 5 bonus to ONE of the following skills: Diplomacy, History, Insight, Intuition, Medicine, or Performance

Class Power: An Elemental is allowed to choose ONE Elemental Mastery such as Aang's Airbending or Zuko's Firebending. A note that some abilities may be limited in versatility (to allow for growth) and it may be possible to eventually begin developing control over other elements.


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Those under the Empowered label have powers or abilities that don't fit in a certain category; they're simply wildcards.

  • Strength: 2 Tons
  • Durability: Peak Human (ex: Captain America)
  • Speed: Non-Casual Bullet Dodging (ex: Batman or Captain America)
  • Skill Points: 7 Points to spend / + 3 bonus to ANY TWO skills.

Class Power: An Empowered is allowed to choose any power that may not fit under the other class descriptions.


No Caption Provided

Fighters are those who may not be as physically imposing as a Brick or Bruiser, but has spend immense time training their skills in combat, mastering one or several different types of armed/unarmed arts.


  • Strength: 5 Tons
  • Durability: Peak Human (ex: Captain America)
  • Speed: Non-Casual Bullet Dodging (ex: Batman or Captain America)
  • Skill Points: 10 Points to spend / + 5 bonus to ONE of the following skills: Bluff, Diplomacy, History, Intuition, or Sleight of Hand

Class Power: A Fighter is allowed to choose TWO individuals to use for combat skills and is granted a weapon of their choice to be approved by the host.


No Caption Provided

Gearheads are those who rely purely on their technical knowledge to create weapons or equipment that give them an edge over others.


  • Strength: 2 Tons (5 tons with equipment)
  • Durability: Peak Human (ex: Captain America) (bullet proof with equipment)
  • Speed: Non-Casual Bullet Dodging (ex: Batman or Captain America) (casual bullet dodging with equipment)
  • Skill Points: 7 Points to spend / +5 bonus to TWO of the following skills: Computer Science/Hacking, Driving, Engineering, Insight, Investigation, or Sleight of Hand

Class Power: A Gearhead can choose TWO pieces of gear of their choice to be approved by the host. Examples of approved gear include Spider-Man's Webshooters or Captain America's shield -- you may not choose full body suits (ex: Iron Man's Suit) as a single piece of gear. Gear cannot be integrated technology, that type of 'gear' is for the Cybernetic Class.

A Gearhead can also build more equipment throughout the scenario as long as they obtain the proper components in-game.


No Caption Provided

Infiltrators are those whose powers allow them to easily sneak about or misdirect those who seek to harm them, they are known for being crafty and deceitful.


  • Strength: 2 Tons
  • Durability: Peak Human (ex: Captain America)
  • Speed: Casual Bullet Dodging (Cassandra Cain)
  • Skill Points: 10 Points to spend / +3 to TWO of the following skills: Bluff, Computer Science/Hacking, Insight, Intuition, Investigation, Performance, Sleight of Hand, or Stealth.

Class Power: An Infiltrator is allowed to choose a power that renders them invisible to ONE sense, allows them to shape shift, or allows them to create illusions that are detectable by one of the five senses.


No Caption Provided

Psionics are those whose mental attributes are enhanced, allowing them to read the minds of others or move objects with raw, psionic energies.

  • Strength: 2 Tons (TK limited at 2 tons)
  • Durability: Peak Human (ex: Captain America)
  • Speed: Casual Bullet Dodging (Cassandra Cain)
  • Skill Points: 10 Points to spend / +3 to TWO of the following skills: Bluff, Engineering, History, Insight, Intimidation, Intuition, or Investigation.

Class Power: A Psionic is allowed to choose a power that lets them read minds OR to utilize telekinesis to move objects or conjure armor/weapons.


No Caption Provided

Summoners are individuals who are able to conjure weapons or other beings to aid them in various situations.


  • Strength: 2 Tons
  • Durability: Peak Human (ex: Captain America)
  • Speed: Casual Bullet Dodging (Cassandra Cain)
  • Skill Points: 7 Points to spend / +5 to TWO of the following skills: Animal Handling, Diplomacy, History, Insight, Intuition, Medicine, or Performance

Class Power: A summoner is allowed to summon weapons or armor (limit is case by case basis) OR to create fiends, clones or duplicates (limit is case by case basis).


This scenario will begin in Early April.

If you have suggestions please make them, be it balancing, additional classes, questions, concerns, etc.

Sign Up List

Limits and allowed abilities are subject to change when the scenario is closer to starting -- this is simply to get a general idea of the players who are interested and to help me not create NPCs that are too similar to PCs.



  • Name: Danny Murphy
  • Body: Nosferatu Zodd (Berserk)
  • Combat Skills: Berserker Herakles (Type-Moon)
  • Non-Combat Skills: +5 animal handling, +5 intimidation, +5 performance
  • Class Power: Hercules Method (Luther Strode) (Body Control/Healing Factor)


  • Name: Tanner Ben Allister
  • Body: MCU Luke Cage
  • Combat Skills: Bane (DC Comics)
  • Non-Combat Skills: 15 Intimidation
  • Class Power: Wolverine's Adamantium Skeleton



  • Name: Dane Morgan
  • Body: Adam Jensen
  • Combat Skills: Ninjak
  • Non-Combat Skills: +6 to Stealth, +4 to Computer Science/Hacking
  • Integrated Tech: Full Access to Jensen's Eye Augment (Smart Vision, LiDAR Mark-Tracker and Wayfinder Radar System)



  • Name: Vivian "Torch" Moreno
  • Body: Grifter
  • Combat Skills: Backlash
  • Non-Combat Skills: 7 to Engineering, 3 to Medicine , +5 to Diplomacy
  • Class Power: Mo Fan's Fire Element (allowed abilities pending)

Nashiruu (Potentially Empowered Class)

  • Name: Ari Rizashu
  • Body: Kazuma Satou
  • Combat Skills: Joseph Joestar
  • Non-Combat Skills: +5 to Performance,+7 to intuition, +3 to bluff
  • Class Power: Cobra's Poison Dragon Slayer Magic (allowed abilities pending)


  • Name: Amari Tamotsu
  • Body: Ninjak
  • Combat Skills: Doppo Orochi
  • Non-Combat Skills: 5 Points Intimidation, 5 Points Intuition, + 5 Bonus insight
  • Class Power: Kaminari's Electrification Quirk


  • Name: Blast
  • Body: MCU Captain America
  • Combat Skills: TBD
  • Non-Combat Skills: Insight (5) Investigation (5) and Intuition (5)
  • Class Power: Bakugo's Explosion Quirk (may need to be limited to a certain point in Bakugo's history; as I'm not sure of his current power level)



  • Name: Gregorio Trimble
  • Body: DCEU Batman
  • Combat Skills: MCU Hulk
  • Non-Combat Skills: 10 (7 and 3) for Bluff
  • Class Power: Wendy Marvell's Sky Dragon Slayer Magic (Physical Stat Boosting or Healing only)



  • Name: Leon Cozart
  • Body: Trevor Belmont (Netflix)
  • Combat Skills: Reborn (Katekyo Hitman Reborn) & RJ (Power Rangers Jungle Fury)
  • Non-Combat Skills: +5 to Bluff (5), Intimidation (5), Intuition (3), Driving (2)
  • Gear: Viper Handgun (World Trigger)


  • Name: Billy the Kid
  • Body: Gilad Anni Padda
  • Combat Skills: Best Tiger & Ninja E
  • Non-Combat Skills: +5 Insight, +5 intimidation, +5 bonus Intuition
  • Gear: Gilad's Revolvers


  • Name: Missy Misako; Codename: Mystery
  • Body: Black Canary (Pre/Post N52)
  • Combat Skills: Lady Shiva and Barbara Gordon (Pre/Post N52)
  • Non-Combat Skills: +Intimidation (6 points) stealth (2 points) Intuition (3 points plus bonus 5 points)
  • Gear: Asajj Ventress’ interlocking lighsabers (black)



  • Name: Brian Eliss
  • Body: James Rogers
  • Combat Skills: TBD
  • Non-Combat Skills: TBD
  • Gear 1: Kyu the Weapon
  • Gear 2: MCU Webshooters (With AI bluetooth for quick web changing)


  • Name: Edward 'Eddy' Geppetto
  • Body: Zuko
  • Combat Skills: Edward Elric
  • Non-Combat Skills: (+5 Bonus) +5 Engineering, (7) +3 Stealth, +3 Computer Hacking, +1 Investigation
  • Gear 1: Crow (Puppet from Naruto)
  • Gear 2: 10 T-Spheres (T-Sphere ability limit TBD)


  • Name: Sol 'Soup' Sullivan
  • Body: Percy Jackson
  • Combat Skills: Deathstroke
  • Non-Combat Skills: +15 Engineering (double bonus + regular points), +2 Investigation
  • Gear 1: 616 Iron Man Gauntlet (Freeze Pellets & Diamond Saw)
  • Gear 2: 616 Webware/LYLA-included Spider-Mask (hacking/hack resistance, 3D video capture, 360 vision/danger warning)



  • Name: Charlie Ribas
  • Body: Claire Stanfield (Baccano!) (Anime & Novel)
  • Combat Skills: Kaku Kaioh (Bakiverse)
  • Non-Combat Skills: Bluff (6), Insight (4), Sleight of Hand (6)
  • Class Power: Mystique (X-Men: Evolution) (Includes Horseman of the Apocalypse Feats)


  • Name: Rip Cloverfield
  • Body: Lycan (Underworld)
  • Combat Skills: Amai Mask (One Punch Man)
  • Non-Combat Skills: Bluff (6), Diplomacy(5), Performance(5)
  • Class Power: Mastermind (X-Men)



  • Name: Kassandra
  • Body: Elektra (Marvel; 616)
  • Combat Skills: Elektra (Marvel; 616)
  • Non-Combat Skills: 5 Stealth, 3 Bluff, 3 Insight, 3 Intuition, 2 Diplomacy
  • Class Power: Kwannon's Telepathy (Marvel; 616)



  • Name: Larry L. Lawrence
  • Body: Batman (Comics)
  • Combat Skills: Batman (Comics)
  • Non-Combat Skills: TBD (you wrote Intuition & Insight, don't know how many points for each you want)
  • Class Power: Multiple Man's Cloning (limited to 2 active duplicates with a 5 minute recharge for creating a new duplicate)

Just Banter

  • Name: Lilli Noxus
  • Body: Kotomine Kirei
  • Combat Skills: Kotomine Kirei
  • Non-Combat Skills: +7 Hacking/Computer Science, +3 Medicine, +2 Intuition
  • Class Power: Mao Pam's Wings