The NEW Fallen Angels

This would be my ideal dream team,

Genetic Misfits, born mutant, seemingly brought together by a twist of fate.

Feeling that they cannot go by the ways of the X-Men or the Avengers this band of youngsters are now The Fallen Angels:

List items

  • Reluctant Team Leader,

    Psionic Power House With Family Troubles.

  • Formerly A Mutant Powered With Energy Based Explosives,

    Now A Vampire Trying To Kick Her Bad Habbits.

  • Virtualy A Mutant Version Of Spider-Man,

    The Jokester Of The Team,

    Trying To Make A Name For Himself.

  • A Mutant With The Ability to Change to Any Matierial Makes Her A Valuable Member,

    Is Truly Here Just To Keep An Eye On Her Best Friend.

  • What Can Be Said About Chamber?

    Half A Face, But Still A Serious Telepathic Power House.

  • A Poor Girl With A Tormented Past.

    Teleporter, The Teams Main Means Of Getting Around.

  • An Anthropomorphic Being Known As A Mannite,

    Homeless This Young Psionic Looks To The Other Team Members As Family.