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Uneasy Gaming (CvNU Business)

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Welcome to Uneasy Gaming!

Uneasy Gaming is a game developing studio made by the same minds that made the Swindle Archives. Uneasy Gaming has a wide variety of platinum -ranking games such as the following: Jaws of Ignition, Fundertale, Land of Power, Wisdom That Gains, WallDown, and many more. Each game is developed and tested by dozens of our certified beta testers.

All of Uneasy Gaming's come in both VR (only compatible With the Illuminate© VR Headset) and Regular cartridges. While many of the other gaming companies are crashing and burning, Uneasy Gaming is currently selling more than twelve million copies online, so come on and join the fun, and pick up a game at you local store.

Hidden Disclaimers

Uneasy Gaming and its allies are not responsible to memory wipes, accidental or intentional consciousness transfers. Malicious glitch entities in the game, and physical manifestation of our game's characters. Some games may leave younger children audiences scarred and begin to act strangely, such as stalking, quivering, and whispering. If any of these cases show, call Uneasy Gaming and collect your compensation, do not turn to the authorities. We are also not responsible for accidental or not-so accidental death

Uneasy Gaming Overview.

In 1969, the Uneasy Gaming studio was founded by Jack’s Father, Raul De’ Resmo, in his basement. While the motive behind was a little dare so he could pay for his student loans. The first game released by the Uneasy Gaming was ‘Alice in The Prodoria’, which is a side scroller horror game, based on the fictional story, ‘Alice in Wonderland’. However the game was soon taken from off the shelves when a mass number of missing persons reports were made concerning the game, and many of the relatives of the missing people have noticed drastic behavioral changes concerning the missing individuals. While a bunch of charges were pressed against Uneasy Gaming, any investigation would result in futile evidence against the company. However, the disappearance of one of his victims caused him to shut down shop, the victim was his eldest daughter, causing him to disappear..


Jack bought the shop back in a few years back in 2012, and opened it up as a part of his massacre scheme. He released a few games in the recent years, such as the Jaws of Ignition. So far the company has released a few million games with no related casualties, ranking it one of the top independent gaming studios in the world and recently they opened an arcade called The Gamer’s Cove.

Location: Gothic City

The Gamer’s Cove

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The Gamer’s Cove is an adult arcade that features many of Uneasy Gaming arcade games as well as many classical games. It has a prize corner, which features a few video game consoles. The arcade games themselves have special countermeasures for those with superhuman abilities to ensure perfect equality among gamers, such as slowing down the character in the game for those with superhuman speed, or making the joystick heavier for those with superstrength. Currently, they are working on a show stage for a few comedians and upcoming singers.

The Security of the Gamer Cove consists of a bunch of security cameras, lasers, motion sensors, however, one of the most expensive and most prominent parts of the security system are the robotic security guards. They are hidden in special compartments of the cove and are released at a specific time. When they are released, they search the Cove for any intruders, by analyzing the biological along with the identification of the individual, if the subject of the scanning is found guilty the security would escort them out the cove, forcefully if needed.


The Swindle Market


You've come to the right place

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Name: The Swindler's Archives

Location: Bludstone (CVnU)


The Swindler's market is a unique place where millions of documents of sacred information is kept through the use of corrupted technology. That thing your girlfriend did behind your back? Seen and Recorded. Your ultra secret nemesis is eating at her not so secret cafe? Recorded! Basically, if they've been seen in the city, and other locations, they more likely then not dirt has been collected.

However, The Swindler's Archive is more than just an information storage. Said information is up for sale at private auctions and direct sales and trades. And if you're feeling guilty for coming to his shop, your can rest assured knowing that your blood money is being sent to charities all around the world.

Levels Of Information

The types of information are stored are organized by the content that information holds. The further down the levels, the higher the prices.

The following are what each level and type contain, and their price range.

Level 0($20-100)

-Type 1: Life's Little Questions

  • (Ex: That dog you like's species)

-Type 2: Annoying Nuggets

  • (Ex: That song stuck in your head)

-Type 3: Pirated C-list Movies

  • Bug’s Life

Level 1 ($100-$500)

-Type 1: Some Cheat Codes

  • Your GTA cheat codes

-Type 2: MVA-Level Information

  • (Ex:Your Own Personal information (Each document sold separately)

-Type 3: Social Media Passwords

  • (Ex: Your Ex’s Snapchat)

(Not All Documents listed here nor are saved Electronically)


The Swindler's Archives is much more than just a place to receive information. It is also a place to either better or worsen the life of someone you know. These services are priced at a much higher expense than the information listed.

Blackmail ($5,000): Jack's personal moral code causes him to despise blackmail and all that comes with it. Yet, for a fee, he will send out information on that target to the outside world. Just tell him the name, and the target's physical description.

Whitemail ($5,000): The opposite of blackmail. By paying the fine for this service, the Swindler would make said-target look like God on earth.

Background Wipe ($25,000): Got a humongous criminal record? Just don't want anyone in your business? Come to the shop and pay the fee to have your past wiped out from behind you.

Social Media Boost (Various): Not as internet famous as you want to be? Jack can be your solution. However, the amount of followers you want is also the price of the use of service plus 10%.

Simulation Service ($1,000): If you need a plan laid out to you then ,ask for the S.O.S (Superiority Observation Simulator). This will map out your plan with almost perfect efficiency. However, you must feed it with the information you already have.

Bank Zero ($100-$200,000: Bank Zero is where the Swindler would break into the virtual bank of the target to either transfer a certian amount of money (not all...) to the buyer's bank. Or erase the Victim's wallet clean.

Black Market Access ($500):Want to enter the black market with full secrecy and full protection. Then pay up to fine.

Library Card (Free): Read a little, have a library card to any library of your choice for free!

Location Description

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The location of Jack’s shop isn’t a warehouse nor, a super secret mansion, but in his apartment complex (Who he threatened to expose the landlord’s affair is he charged any more than 100 dollars per month). There are no trap doors are secret entrances, the most secret thing where is his one-way windows.

However, while the room itself is pretty unsecured, the internet and software around him is beyond military grade. There are several hundred kinds of pass-codes that are neither Earthly nor Alien, simply made up from the complex mind of the Swindler.

His encryption system is possibly the best in the world, and most program codes are understood by how Jack perceives things and certain little references. Even if his computers are hacked, they have multiple backup plans at hand


  • Please don’t DESTROY his home….this is not only his work space but his living space as well. (Ask for Permission first)

  • If you’re planning to steal his computer...let me know.

  • You can’t just ballerina you OC here and ask for information gotta do your research or have a reasonable explanation.

  • No blood on the carpet...period