Top 10 Best fight scenes in CW's Arrow

This is a ranking of some of my favorite fight scenes from CW Arrow. No fights from season 4 will be included on the list. I'm still doing my best to pretend that season 4 never happened.

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I've also tried to avoid "boss fights" between or heroes and the big bad as well as 1 v 1 fights. I've stayed clear of mid-season finale and season finale fights as they are to be ranked another time. I've ranked these fights mainly based on choreography, camera work and the epicness of the ass kicking. Story telling and emotional impact could also be a factor, but not the main or deciding factor as to where the fights rank. Most of the fights will be against opposition that is often referred to as "fodder" as this list will not focus on 1 v 1 duels.

I will not break down the fights in great detail, but rather give a short description of the fights. Let your eyes do the rest.

Let's jump right into the action:

10. Arrow season 1 episode 2 "Honor Thy Father"

So simple, but yet so good. This is a fairly short, but well choreographed fight which perfectly displays just how brutal and ruthless Oliver is.

9. Arrow season 6 episode 2 "Tribute"

One take, no stunt double, raw strength, not reliant on skill or technique. This is one beautifully executed fight scene. A kitchen fight can never go wrong.

8. Arrow season 5 episode 11 "Second Chances"

Not often we get to see Oliver like this. In pure gun fu style, John Wick Oliver makes his way through a dozen armed man with his handguns. Long takes and well hidden cuts make for and engaging and awesome fight scene.

7. Arrow season 1 episode 21 "The Undertaking"

A highly secure, underground casino full of guards armed with automatic rifles against a guy with a bow and arrow? It's cute that they thought they had a chance. This fight scene really displays just how dangerous a pissed off Oliver Queen really is. A mixture of archery and close quarters combat, with a bulls-eye trick shot to top it all of.

6. Arrow season 1 episode 12 "Vertigo"

A drugged Oliver Queen on a mission without his bow and arrows makes for an excellent fight scene. Oliver is still wrecking fools when he can barely stand on his feet.

5. Arrow season 2 episode 18 "Deathstroke"

Oliver is not messing around. A pissed of Green Arrow makes his way, effectively and brutally, through two dozen of Deathstroke's hired mercs. Nothing is stopping a pissed of Green Arrow looking to save his sister. The scene is beautifully choreographed, even while fighting 3 or 4 opponents at the same time, he keeps them all busy. None of them are playing the waiting game, which so often happens when one character is suppose to fight off a number of opponents.

4. Arrow season 5 episode 11

Some people will claim that this fight is a bit ridiculous and cheesy. This doesn't focus on Oliver's mastery of hand to hand combat, nor does it contain and mind blowing camera work. But let's be honest, this is a Green Arrow fight done right.

3. Arrow season 1 episode 21 "The Undertaking"

Probably the most high paced and intense fight in the entire series. Probably also the most well known and most debated fight scene from Arrow on the Vine.

2. Arrow season 6 episode 10 "Divided"

A nearly 40 seconds long one take with a handheld camera puts you right in the middle of the action. Not only is the camerawork outstanding, but the choreography is really well done as well. A truly amazing piece of television if you ask me.

1. Arrow season 6 episode 5 "Deathstroke Returns"

One take. Deathstroke. Bad ass. Perfection. Don't really know what to say.