Age of Ultron was not good.

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It's Wonderful 4

Ever since I got into comics, I didn’t understand why there wasn’t a Wonder Woman movie. When I started reading her books and got into the character, I was still confused why there wasn’t a Wonder Woman movie but now knew I definitely wanted one. After years of waiting, it’s finally here and I’m extremely happy with the result.“Wonder Woman” takes place during World War I and involves pilot Steve Trevor crash-landing on Themyscira. Diana hears about the ...

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Not Fantastic, but it's a 4 alright 5

When they first announced a Fantastic Four reboot years ago, I was actually pretty excited for it. Ever since I got into comics I’ve been a fan of the FF, and I wanted to see them get a good movie. Sadly, as time went on, everything I heard about this movie kept killing any excitement I had in it. The little interest I still had in it was killed by the overwhelmingly negative reviews it got. I watched it a few days ago, and after giving it a little time think I have my opinions on the movi...

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Proof I still love comics 10

I was a huge fan of Jeph Loeb's Batman: Hush, so I was interested in reading some of his other Batman stories. I always heard a lot of praise given to The Long Halloween, so I decided to give that a try. And I'm happy to say that it lives up to the praise.The story takes place during the early days of Batman's career. The plot focuses on a killer named "Holiday", who (surprisingly enough) kills people on holidays. Batman, along with Harvey Dent and James Gordon, races to try and discover who...

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