Age of Ultron was not good.

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Video Game Ideas

Just some characters/franchises I'd like to see get video games, and some ideas I had if games for them were made.

I was going to put a little list here for characters I'd like to see get games that I don't have ideas for, but it was so long that I'll just make another list.

List items

  • Iron Man: Heavy Metal

    It would take advantage of the multiple armors. Each mission would allow you to pick an armor to use on that mission. All of them would be built differently, having advantages and disadvantages compared to others. Every mission could be completed with any armors, though some missions would be easier and more made for certain armors. And the armors can also be upgraded as the game goes on.

  • An RPG where you make your own mutant, choose a power(s), and determine his/her personality with choices throughout the game. You can choose a few X-Men to come with you on missions. It'd be kinda like the Mass Effect trilogy, only hopefully with your actions actually have consequences and not just giving the illusion that they do (and without a horrible & nonsensical ending).

    And yes, I know this does sound kinda similar to X-Men: Destiny. But that game was lackluster, and I think what I'm describing is more what people were hoping the game would be.

  • An open-world game set during the early stages of Superman's career. This would make it where certain powers weren't available from the beginning and you'd have to unlock them as the game went on. You'd also become more skilled at things like flying as the game went on, which would make it easier to go back and explore old areas.

  • Open world game in a similar style to GTA, only with Walkers roaming the city instead of civilians.