Age of Ultron was not good.

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Favorite Comic TV Series

Title speaks for itself, my favorite TV Series based on a comic and me giving my brief thoughts on it. This is only live action shows (I might make a list for animated shows later on).

Sorry if I seem really vague on some of these in what I like, but I sometimes have trouble putting my opinions into words.

List items

  • Didn't really know anything about Constantine before watching this, but it gave me the desire to read everything he's been in after watching. John Constantine is a fantastic main character, and Matt Ryan does an amazing job as him. The supporting cast is also good & interesting. Each episode had a unique & creative plot. The show was well-written and had some great interaction between the characters. There wasn't much of a story arc to the show, but the individual episodes were so well-done that I can't complain about that. I really don't have anything negative to say about the show, other than I think it would have gotten even better if given another season or 2 (as all shows do). Hopefully a network that cares picks it up and gives it a real chance, rather than a terrible time slot with no advertising.

  • I was kinda blown away by this when I first saw it and thought it was fantastic. I loved the storyline it told, I loved Charlie Cox as Matt, really like what they did with Kingpin, thought the fights were good, etc. Wasn't a big fan of the red suit, but that's really my only complaint. Let's hope the other Marvel Netflix stuff is as good and this wasn't just a fluke.

  • Most of the characters are great and developed very well, it has some very good storylines, and is just overall very well-done & presented. There are some bad episodes, but not many, and even those are more boring than actually bad. The show can sometimes move too slow to me (especially in Season 4), but it's not enough to make me dislike the show. I have been losing interest in it for a while now, but I still recognize it as a great show.

  • Would be higher, but it kinda went downhill in Season 3 (I don't think that season is as bad as most do, but it was clearly a step down). But I still remember the great stuff from before. I liked the storylines, most of the characters were likeable and/or interesting, the island flashbacks were great, and the premise really grabbed me. Even Season 3 had some positives (Ra's was great). The current season is pretty inconsistent so far, some episodes being great and others being annoying, but hopefully that changes.

  • I love Melissa Benoist as Supergirl. It's fun to watch and shows potential to become great.

  • One of the most stupid premises I could imagine, so I was surprised when I started watching the show and liked it. Had some good characters (especially Penguin; he's great), interesting storylines, and was just overall a good show to me. It has some issues though, mostly centering around Bruce being terrible (he needs to die). Good show overall though, and I need to watch more.

  • I know a lot of people don't like differences with the comics. But I've never read any Lucifer comics, so I really don't care. What I do care about is the very cool premise, and the great actor playing Lucifer. I thought the pilot was very enjoyable, and I'm looking forward to see how the show does in the future.