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Happy Birthday RHCP

29 years ago today the Red Hot Chili Peppers released their self titled debut album. Their first music video, also went into production on this date. In order to celebrate I will post their first album, their first music video, and my favorite album.


Everybody Says It's The Thought That Counts Until You Give Them A Bad Gift.

I was leaving the cafeteria, on my way to p.e. when I noticed a twinkie on the floor. It was still wrapped up. I thought that I'd give it to my coach. Well when I got to p.e. I handed him the twinkie. I wen't into the locker room and started changing. Well I hear him Yell "Hey,Burns how old is this twinkie?"

"Is it good?" I ask.

"It's stale," he responds

Then I tell when where it came from and I had to run track that whole day, when we were going to play capture the flag.

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The Problem With Age of Ultron.

Age of Ultrons' first issue debuted last week. It has been teased for months to be something huge and life changing. Well how could it not. Ultron launching the world into some kind of dystopian future would definitely be entertaining. But there is a major problem that keeps the series from being enjoyable; W.T.F. happened.

How did we get to this dystopian future, how come this isn't showing up in other books? There will be tie-ins, but unlike AVX we don't know how we got here. Dark Avengers, AVX, Fear Itself, Secret Invasion, these series were marvel. These were what was happening in Marvel, it felt like that because it was in the now. Age of Ultron isn't marvel. It's future marvel. Even Daredevil: EOD isn't to distant.

The first issue is enjoyable and I will buy other issues. But this problem needs to be rectified.

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This years most shocking comics.

Batman 10

Did Bruce Wayne have a brother, let me just say it was convincing. Even if Bruce didn't have a brother the idea that he might is just to shocking. This is the issue that won me over Scott.

Amazing Spider-man #698

This was amazing. It leaves asking if this will be permanent and is this Superior.

AVX #12

We all knew the events in this issue had to happen. But it is cool that they happened, mutants are persecuted, jean returned, hope fulfilled her destiny.

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thespideyguy's top ten covers of the week 12/15/12

If you have been reading what I have been posting on the best covers of the week article, this takes place of that. These are done in no particular order.

First up is Point of Impact #3. It reminds me of sin city, and it does deliver an impact.

Next up would be Age of Apocalypse #10

Scarlet Spider #12 takes third this week.

Amazing Spider-man #699.1

Avengers Assemble #10 variant.

Dark Avengers #184.

Fantastic 4 #2 variant.

Clone #2.

Batgirl #15

Deathstroke #15

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Hold the phone.

Spoilers to ultimate spider-man 16.1 are below. We finally got ultimate Rocket Raccoon.

No Caption Provided

So he is a fat New York criminal.


The Good, The Bad, The Ugly.

This Week's Good,

  • Punisher Warzone #1
  • Batman Inc. #4
  • Avengers #32
  • A-babies Vs. X-babies.

This Week's Bad.

  • Superman #13

I know that it is pretty major to change status quo's in comics, but we all saw it coming and it feels like we have been desenthesized to comic deaths so it wasn't that surprising. But it was a good comic.

This Week's Ugly

  • Red Lanterns #13

There are so many good villains these days that don't make good anti heroes, do we even need this book.

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