My current Pul list as of 7/6/ (+ranking)

I made alot of tough decisions but this is how my current pull list looks after trimming down on some titles.

It wasn't easy but i feel these titles are worth my money on going.

Some new titles are added in place of old ones.

I kept all the green lantern titles obviously because they are my favorite. grew up with Green Lantern all been reading Green Lantern titles for about 15 years, plan to never stop even through bad times(which is RARE.)

i also took the liberty of RANKING my pull list from titles I think are currently the best on my pull list to the ones I like more than others, the bottom of my pull list are always ones i consider dropping if they don't improve or sometimes they are good but i like other better than them. Larfleeze currently just began and was OK have to see more but will most likely keep it because yes I am a green lantern fanboy lol

List items