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Thirty pieces of Silver? 0

By far one of the most interesting .1 issues released by Marvel, Secret Avengers 12.1 presents a thought provoking self-contained tale of espionage and morals that deals with many lingering discrepancies between Steve Rogers' political stance before and after the Civil War.  In crafting this tale guest writer Nick Spencer also provides a rare insight into the impacts of espionage that are often glossed over by writers, whereby every action has definite ramifications for the civilian population. ...

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Not your run of the mill crossover 0

(Note: This review covers both books 1 and 2).  Having strolled down to my local comic-shop in order to kill time, (i guess i really don't have much to do), i couldn't help but notice a peculiar black and green book skulking at the back shelf.  Drawn by the allure of its dark hued pulpish cover, i decided to purchase said comic as i believed that it would provide an intriguing and unusual read.  Suffice to say i was not disappointed, as Matt Wagner provides a stellar piece of work that can be en...

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An Excellent Collection 0

Arguably presenting Judge Dredd at his finest, volume 14 of the complete case files features the crucial storyline of 'Necropolis' and its associated tie ins, a fundamental story arc that lays the seeds for the following Strontium dog crossover 'Judgement Day'.  In terms of content, volume 14 provides great value for money and an engrossing insight into the psyche of Dredd himself; an aging lawman who must confront his younger clone Kraken and his own doubts concerning the righteousness of the J...

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Meh 0

Drawn to ultimate spiderman 160 like a moth to a flame, i toddled down to the local comic shop to purchase an epic issue.  Or so i thought.  This issue was disappointing to say the least, with Peter Parker essentially being killed by an accident.  That's right.  Not a supervillain, bomb or mystery illness. A "£$%ing accident.  This was a giant slap in the face and defeated the purpose of the Green Goblin's presence and spiderman's maturation as a crime fighter; would it have been acceptable for ...

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A Blast from the Past 0

Having just attended a recent London comic-con, i snapped up the first volume of the Shadowhawk Chronicles seeing as how rare image graphic novels are these days (at least in the U.K).  I must say that i was pleasantly surprised by the quality of the story-telling and art-work, whereas the collection provides a copious number of important issues and crossovers (i particularly enjoyed 'Enter: The Savage Dragon').  However, i did have a number of problems with this collection.  Most glaring is the...

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