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The Urban Avengers

A council of urban vigilantes determined to rid America of all criminals.  Each member monitors one part of the U.S.A with all members coalescing to meet in times of desperation (i.e. an urban vigilante version of the Illuminati).

List items

  • Field leader and weapons expert. Provides resources for the team. Monitors the California region.

  • The mentally unstable odd job of the team. Close combat specialist and amateur political theorist. In charge of culling crime in the state of Florida.

  • Former ally to the Punisher and right hand man of Americop. Oversees crime in the Wisconsin area.

  • Former ally to the Punisher and partner of Payback. Works in concert with Dyson in the Wisconsin area.

  • Native American vigilante. Uses his cultural ties to his advantage in guarding Iowa.

  • Vigilante and specialist in dealing with Mutant criminals. Watches over California with Americop due to the large Mutant community in San Francisco. Currently dealing with the Hellfire Cult and mutant hate crimes.

  • Former Hitman and ally of the Punisher. Keeps watch over the Chicago area, using his former mob connections effectively.

  • (New Character Bearing the armour)Technological vigilante who guards Michigan from the criminal underworld. Operates out of an abandoned Car factory in the 'Rust Belt'.

  • Operates in the New York region.

  • The most infamous member of the Urban vigilantes, Castle shares his experience with newer members in the fight against crime. A free agent, though he prefers to operate in the New York region.

  • Partnered with Savage Steel. Operates in the New York region.

  • Urban Super Soldier in charge of the Oklahoma region.

  • Resurrected in order to continue his fight against crime. Guards the Ohio region, with particular focus on crime in Cincinnati.

  • Guardian of Louisiana. Uses his mystical equipment to fight the growing number of supernatural enemies in Louisiana.

  • Partner of Enforcer. Makes use of his equipment to deal with supernatural threats, in particular werewolves.

  • Subsumed into the larger Urban Avengers Council. Occasionally called upon to deal with threats too big for the Urban Avengers to deal with.

  • Active in Minnesota.

  • Active in Minnesota.

  • Active in the Washington region. Specializes in counter-terrorism.

  • Gladly subsumed into the Urban Avengers. Active in Virginia.

  • Nannite using vigilante. Active in Georgia.

  • Bounty hunter hired by the Urban Avengers. Operates in the State of Texas.

  • Old hand and skilled vigilante. Active in Kentucky.

  • An unwilling recruit, Cage decides to join the group in order to moderate the more extreme methods of the Punisher and similar 'killers'. Hated by other members due to his association with criminals and murderers on the Thunderbolts team. Operates in the Harlem area of New York and specialises in bringing the fight to drug dealers.

  • One of the more traditional members, D-Man frowns upon the killing of criminals. However, the group provides Dunphy with the opportunity to improve the living conditions of the homeless, an issue rarely dealt with by main stream teams such as the Avengers. Operates as a free agent and maintains contact with a network of homeless informers.

  • Recovered from a stasis tube in a remote Hydra facility, the previously deceased Monroe is quickly absorbed into the group and given the codename 'Scourge of the Underworld'. Though a vociferous supporter of Cage's 'Moderates' faction, Monroe also sympathises with Americop and realises from experience that imprisoning criminals rarely works. A valued member of the group, Monroe acts as a free agent partnered with his old ally D-man. However, Unbeknownst to the other members Monroe is a ticking time bomb and Hydra's tampering with his mind may later return to haunt the group.

  • Technological vigilante. Guards the New Mexico area.

  • Free agent and mystical bounty hunter. An outsider at heart, Shiver gets on famously with fellow social pariahs Blistik and americop.

  • Joins with the urban avengers in order to protect their dwindling community. Headed by Carl Denti (X Cutioner).

  • Luchadore vigilante and protector of the innocent. Works with Annex in New Mexico.

  • Amateur and running joke among other members. Much underestimated and fairly skilled fighter. Taken under the wing of D Man.

  • Veteran vigilante who patrols the chicago area.

  • Guards South Dakota.

  • If Marvel ever decided to bring back the malibu characters, Solitaire would be a great addition. Guards San Francisco.

  • Fellow Malibu character. Partnered with Solitaire, X-Cutioner and Americop.

  • Free agent and thrill seeking mercenary. Jumps at the opportunity for action.