The greatest Martial artist in Marvel universe?

He has beaten Iron Fist and Steel serpent single handedly. He has fought Wolverine and triumphed.  He has the ability to absorb the power and skills of all his victims.  Who can defeat Junzo Muto? Is he the most skilled martial artist in the marvel universe or an overblown villain?


Who is the new Ultimate Spiderman?

This has probably been done to death by now, but i just checked in on Marvel's advertisements for a new 1610 Spiderman and a new character that will wear the mask.  I personally have not read the 'Death of Spiderman' yet, though the possibility of a new character is intriguing.  Who could he be? Is he an Ultimate version of Ben Reilly? Any thoughts would be welcome.
Oh, and for your enjoyment, the new spiderman:


Super soldier mashup

considering the parallels between captain america and deathstroke (at least in origin and abilities), who would win in a fight between the two? Who would win in other possible super soldier fights: i.e. Jack Monroe vs Grant Wilson etc


Jack Monroe vs Deadpool

I was prompted by an image in the Monroe gallery to ask the question; who would emerge the victor in a fight between the two? Any thoughts would be helpful+it'd be cool to see dome suggestions for other match ups

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Empress and anti-life equation

I'll admit that i don't know much about empress, but the profile description of her claims that she possesses a piece of the anti-life equation.  How did this happen? Did her appearance in final crisis 1 (brief though it was) have any baring on Darkseid's quest for the complete anti-life equation? Any thoughts?

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What are they doing at the moment? I know that Flash Thompson went nutso and ate Flag Smasher's arm, but ULTIMATUM seems rather docile for an international terrorist group; why haven't they taken advantage of the dissolution of Shield/Hammer and events in secret warriors? Does anyone have any updates on this, would be appreciated.


Nakh who?

Recently appeared in sex and violence. Any thoughts? cool, or simply a rip off of Manslaughter?

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