"I will defend."

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Protection Against Darkness (CV2)

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The citizens of Crania, cheered as their Golden guardian descended from amongst the cosmos. The light the glistened off of his golden attire gave him an almost divine air around him. And to them, he was.

Altair Roark, the long appointed Golden Guardian Of Good, The Sentinell, ventured the universe fighting away the darkness and preventing monasteries from raising. And today, was no different. Little over an hour ago, the people of Crania sent out a distress signal into the far reaches of space. Within the encrypted message, they didn't give the details of their turmoil, only claiming that it was urgent.

He watched the crowds of the aqua-colored aliens as they cleared away for his landing. Their message suggested urgency, yet this joyous assemblage painted another picture. However, he couldn't reach a conclusion just yet. Not until he heard what they had to say. As if on cue, an elderly man in a long luxurious robe came to greet him. He met him before, he was Alo their collective representative his role closer to a president than a monarch.

"I apologize for taking you away from your duties" The elder gave an apologetic bow before he continued. "However, we have a situation that we would be appreciative if you helped us solve." The slightest flicker in the elder's eye was caught by Altair.

"And where are you native heroes and merchants" Their absence only added to number of wrongs in this scenario.

"We sent them ahead to fight the beast, but they haven't returned, which is why we sent out a distress call for you. We sent them onto Mount Ikario, where the beast, Giliath waits" Before Alo could point in the direction, Altair's eyes adjusted to the multitude of energies produced from that point. In this perspective, he could see dozens of figures silhouetted with an aureate aura. One of them appeared to be a multitude times larger than a sky scraper, the the others were around his size. However, he also caught another off-putting detail, they were all standing still.

He nodded, but before he took off in a brilliant spectacle of light, he caught a glimpse of sweat on the elder's forehead...and a prayer from someone among the crowd.

He arrived at the mountain's entrance not even a moment later, it was a small door way leading down into darkness by a snaking stairway. The light emitted from his body vanished as he descended, a shadow streaking across his faces as he prepared himself.


Half an hour passed when he reached the bottom of staircase, which opened up to enormous open, the shadows hiding away the majority of the den. High above him, a pair of crimson eyes looked down upon him. A beastly breath of air was emitted from the beast's nostrils, a catalyst from what ws about to come.

"KILL THE TYRANT" A bold voice roared from the depths of darkness, a cold metallic blade hit the back of Altair's neck, shattering against his skin. The voice Altair knew well, it belonged to the leader of the Cranian's most elite heroes. The man named Liberator. The lights flashed on, as hundreds, as opposed to the dozens he expected, of heroes, the beast Giliath among them, charged at Altair.

"WE'RE THROUGH WITH YOUR ONE-MAN RULE!!" One of the heroes cried as they rushed him, however, Altair has yet to move from his spot. The slightest glow in his eyes appeared as they closed in on him. This planet, its people, had agreed to become a part of his Worlds Of Light, he'd protect them as long as they followed his rules.

Ahead of him, the contract the multitude of nations signed in agreement to his terms was teared in half and nailed high above for everyone to see. They rejected his offer of light, and shrouded themselves in darkness to attack him. He knew what he had to do to.


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Alo let out the smallest of sighs, there wasn't any way that the man who claimed to be the Golden Guardian Of Good, could stand against the untied forces of the Liberation Front, and the various of elite members across their planet. The elder slide down his throne, letting out an exasperated sigh of relief as it seemed their plan had worked. He could now sleep at night knowing that he possibly saved many other worlds from suffering the same fate. Then, he blinked.

Now he was in front of the Centric Establishment, the building that housed him and the many Elders before him. Then suddenly, something fell besides him. He looked down to see what it was, and fear took hold. It was a hand not connected to anything. And it wasn't just any hand, it was Liberator's. He looked to the sky, but stopped halfway, as what provided it stood there. It was the Tyrant, the man who offered oppression in exchanged for "protection". A world added to his domain of unforgiving law in exchange for a guardianship against 'darkness' and the Elder before him so foolishly agreed.

Now, standing on top of the Centric Establishment, he stood before him. A self-righteous light bellowing down from his body. Behind him were the bodies of the many heroes that were a part of the plan to rid him. The head of the Liberator was in his hand. "Alo, I give you peace, protection and most importantly , love. In exchange that you do what I ask."

The same voice the multitude cheered on was now dripping with venom. "And in return, you...No. You're planet attempt an attack on my life? You wished I was dead? When I did nothing but cherish you and everyone here." Behind Alo, the same masses that gathered before gathered again, but instead of joy they were in afraid. Afraid for their lives.

The blue skies turned into carmine. "But what's the point of protecting you from what you wish to become.."


The extinction of a species occurred in under an hour, and now Altiar looked down upon the planet, not with regret, but with contempt. He wanted to leave it, wanting to forget about it altogether, but knew he couldn't accept that. He gave way to his conscience, and approached the planet, stepping foot upon the life-enriched soil. He formed a new template for life, a man and a women, filled with light but lacking of the want to do wrong. Before leaving the planet and venturing off into the cosmos.