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Being brought to existence by a multitude of cosmic events such as the creation of the Multiverse, Altair's genetic composure works in bizarre and unusual ways. One of these ways is how his cells store and utilize energy. The ribosomes, the organelles responsible for the production of energy for the rest of the cell, draw upon energy. It doesn't have a preference on which energy it draws and begins to store it in his vesicles. The vesicles then convert the energy into mass, based on Einstein's equation of mass-energy equivalence (E=mc^2). The, what is now known as the matter is then stored in the vesicles until further use. Once some are used (the matter is reverted back into energy upon usage) the residual matter is used towards increasing the density of the Sentinel‘s muscle tissue. This results in the Sentinel's multi-stellar strength and durability

When being infused with the residual energy, his muscles react by undergoing the same process that his cells us when utilizing energy. It is converted to matter so that his muscle tissue can become in a better condition than it was before.

Not only does the Sentinel's biological cells manipulate energy and matter for the better, but so can the Sentinel. Thanks to the Sentinel's perfect genetic unity through his body, the Sentinel can manipulate any different forms of energy and matter. The different forms of energy he can manipulate ranges from the usual, such as light energy, to unusual energy, like magical. He can manipulate exotic matter, dark matter, anti-matter, imaginary matter and so forth. This allows him a great number of things and makes it nigh invulnerable to a large range of energy blasts, shields, lasers, and etc. Having a broad understanding of the molecular mechanisms of matter, he can create an infinite number of objects, no matter how big or small. He can manipulate matter anywhere at any time and can create new matters and energies not bound by physics.

The Guardian Of Light is capable of flying at beyond relativistic speeds and a can travel faster, than the speed of thought. He can accomplish these great speeds by subconsciously manipulating his own matter, causing himself to fly at no limits. He can rip through dimensions and can create rifts in space-time by sheer speed. He can out-race tachyons by miles and can travel back in time if he wished. He can also travel in timeless voids

The Sentinel's nervous system acts much quicker than even the fastest mutants, allowing him the reaction the instant he feels/hears/sees an object. This helps him navigate his environment whenever he travels at immense speeds. Another feature of his powers is that he's anchored to them and they can't be removed by any means.

Unique Mental State

To make his physical might, The True Golden Warrior also has an extremely strong mind and will. While lacking, offensive psychic powers he does have defensive ones. He can easily deflect mental attacks by mid-tier psychics and can hold his own against high-tier ones. His brain has been developing for the past 13 million years and has gain immense capabilities.

The mind of the Altair is a simple yet difficult one to understand. He thinks in alien languages to prevent others from reading his thoughts and for those who do they can't understand him. Allowing him to complete secrecy and unpredictability. Having near-limitless creativity, he can create many strange objects with his matter of control and with various other means. Alongside having incredible creative abilities he also has great calculation skills; able to calculate the movement of every atom in a person's body in under a few seconds.

His mind can perform supernatural tasks and such, like experiencing higher-dimensions with full understanding. He can analyze many different scenarios and can quickly adapt to them, and could try and to figure out the best case scenario possible for him, with around 75% accuracy. Allowing him time to clear his mind usually raises the efficiency of him adapting.

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