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Being brought to existence by a multitude of cosmic events such as the creation of the Multiverse, Altair's genetic composure works in bizarre and unusual ways. One of these ways is how his cells store and utilize energy. The ribosomes, the organelles responsible for the production of energy for the rest of the cell, draw upon energy. It doesn't have a preference on which energy it draws and begins to store it in his vesicles. The vesicles then convert the energy into mass, based on Einstein's equation of mass-energy equivalence (E=mc^2). The, what is now known as the matter is then stored in the vesicles until further use. Once some are used (the matter is reverted back into energy upon usage) the residual matter is used towards increasing the density of the Sentinel‘s muscle tissue. This results in the Sentinel's multi-stellar strength and durability

When being infused with the residual energy, his muscles react by undergoing the same process that his cells us when utilizing energy. It is converted to matter so that his muscle tissue can become in a better condition than it was before.

Not only does the Sentinel's biological cells manipulate energy and matter for the better, but so can the Sentinel. Thanks to the Sentinel's perfect genetic unity through his body, the Sentinel can manipulate any different forms of energy and matter. The different forms of energy he can manipulate ranges from the usual, such as light energy, to unusual energy, like magical. He can manipulate exotic matter, dark matter, anti-matter, imaginary matter and so forth. This allows him a great number of things and makes it nigh invulnerable to a large range of energy blasts, shields, lasers, and etc. Having a broad understanding of the molecular mechanisms of matter, he can create an infinite number of objects, no matter how big or small. He can manipulate matter anywhere at any time and can create new matters and energies not bound by physics.

The Guardian Of Light is capable of flying at beyond relativistic speeds and a can travel faster, than the speed of thought. He can accomplish these great speeds by subconsciously manipulating his own matter, causing himself to fly at no limits. He can rip through dimensions and can create rifts in space-time by sheer speed. He can out-race tachyons by miles and can travel back in time if he wished. He can also travel in timeless voids

The Sentinel's nervous system acts much quicker than even the fastest mutants, allowing him the reaction the instant he feels/hears/sees an object. This helps him navigate his environment whenever he travels at immense speeds. Another feature of his powers is that he's anchored to them and they can't be removed by any means.

Unique Mental State

To make his physical might, The True Golden Warrior also has an extremely strong mind and will. While lacking, offensive psychic powers he does have defensive ones. He can easily deflect mental attacks by mid-tier psychics and can hold his own against high-tier ones. His brain has been developing for the past 13 million years and has gain immense capabilities.

The mind of the Altair is a simple yet difficult one to understand. He thinks in alien languages to prevent others from reading his thoughts and for those who do they can't understand him. Allowing him to complete secrecy and unpredictability. Having near-limitless creativity, he can create many strange objects with his matter of control and with various other means. Alongside having incredible creative abilities he also has great calculation skills; able to calculate the movement of every atom in a person's body in under a few seconds.

His mind can perform supernatural tasks and such, like experiencing higher-dimensions with full understanding. He can analyze many different scenarios and can quickly adapt to them, and could try and to figure out the best case scenario possible for him, with around 75% accuracy. Allowing him time to clear his mind usually raises the efficiency of him adapting.

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Protection Against Darkness (CV2)

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The citizens of Crania, cheered as their Golden guardian descended from amongst the cosmos. The light the glistened off of his golden attire gave him an almost divine air around him. And to them, he was.

Altair Roark, the long appointed Golden Guardian Of Good, The Sentinell, ventured the universe fighting away the darkness and preventing monasteries from raising. And today, was no different. Little over an hour ago, the people of Crania sent out a distress signal into the far reaches of space. Within the encrypted message, they didn't give the details of their turmoil, only claiming that it was urgent.

He watched the crowds of the aqua-colored aliens as they cleared away for his landing. Their message suggested urgency, yet this joyous assemblage painted another picture. However, he couldn't reach a conclusion just yet. Not until he heard what they had to say. As if on cue, an elderly man in a long luxurious robe came to greet him. He met him before, he was Alo their collective representative his role closer to a president than a monarch.

"I apologize for taking you away from your duties" The elder gave an apologetic bow before he continued. "However, we have a situation that we would be appreciative if you helped us solve." The slightest flicker in the elder's eye was caught by Altair.

"And where are you native heroes and merchants" Their absence only added to number of wrongs in this scenario.

"We sent them ahead to fight the beast, but they haven't returned, which is why we sent out a distress call for you. We sent them onto Mount Ikario, where the beast, Giliath waits" Before Alo could point in the direction, Altair's eyes adjusted to the multitude of energies produced from that point. In this perspective, he could see dozens of figures silhouetted with an aureate aura. One of them appeared to be a multitude times larger than a sky scraper, the the others were around his size. However, he also caught another off-putting detail, they were all standing still.

He nodded, but before he took off in a brilliant spectacle of light, he caught a glimpse of sweat on the elder's forehead...and a prayer from someone among the crowd.

He arrived at the mountain's entrance not even a moment later, it was a small door way leading down into darkness by a snaking stairway. The light emitted from his body vanished as he descended, a shadow streaking across his faces as he prepared himself.


Half an hour passed when he reached the bottom of staircase, which opened up to enormous open, the shadows hiding away the majority of the den. High above him, a pair of crimson eyes looked down upon him. A beastly breath of air was emitted from the beast's nostrils, a catalyst from what ws about to come.

"KILL THE TYRANT" A bold voice roared from the depths of darkness, a cold metallic blade hit the back of Altair's neck, shattering against his skin. The voice Altair knew well, it belonged to the leader of the Cranian's most elite heroes. The man named Liberator. The lights flashed on, as hundreds, as opposed to the dozens he expected, of heroes, the beast Giliath among them, charged at Altair.

"WE'RE THROUGH WITH YOUR ONE-MAN RULE!!" One of the heroes cried as they rushed him, however, Altair has yet to move from his spot. The slightest glow in his eyes appeared as they closed in on him. This planet, its people, had agreed to become a part of his Worlds Of Light, he'd protect them as long as they followed his rules.

Ahead of him, the contract the multitude of nations signed in agreement to his terms was teared in half and nailed high above for everyone to see. They rejected his offer of light, and shrouded themselves in darkness to attack him. He knew what he had to do to.


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Alo let out the smallest of sighs, there wasn't any way that the man who claimed to be the Golden Guardian Of Good, could stand against the untied forces of the Liberation Front, and the various of elite members across their planet. The elder slide down his throne, letting out an exasperated sigh of relief as it seemed their plan had worked. He could now sleep at night knowing that he possibly saved many other worlds from suffering the same fate. Then, he blinked.

Now he was in front of the Centric Establishment, the building that housed him and the many Elders before him. Then suddenly, something fell besides him. He looked down to see what it was, and fear took hold. It was a hand not connected to anything. And it wasn't just any hand, it was Liberator's. He looked to the sky, but stopped halfway, as what provided it stood there. It was the Tyrant, the man who offered oppression in exchanged for "protection". A world added to his domain of unforgiving law in exchange for a guardianship against 'darkness' and the Elder before him so foolishly agreed.

Now, standing on top of the Centric Establishment, he stood before him. A self-righteous light bellowing down from his body. Behind him were the bodies of the many heroes that were a part of the plan to rid him. The head of the Liberator was in his hand. "Alo, I give you peace, protection and most importantly , love. In exchange that you do what I ask."

The same voice the multitude cheered on was now dripping with venom. "And in return, you...No. You're planet attempt an attack on my life? You wished I was dead? When I did nothing but cherish you and everyone here." Behind Alo, the same masses that gathered before gathered again, but instead of joy they were in afraid. Afraid for their lives.

The blue skies turned into carmine. "But what's the point of protecting you from what you wish to become.."


The extinction of a species occurred in under an hour, and now Altiar looked down upon the planet, not with regret, but with contempt. He wanted to leave it, wanting to forget about it altogether, but knew he couldn't accept that. He gave way to his conscience, and approached the planet, stepping foot upon the life-enriched soil. He formed a new template for life, a man and a women, filled with light but lacking of the want to do wrong. Before leaving the planet and venturing off into the cosmos.


The Corruption of Light (Crisis Short Blog )

Within the confines of his home, the Golden Beacon of Security rested among the cosmos. He meditated regularly, before it was for peace of mind, but now it was for reflection. The universe -no- Creation as a whole has had its laws rewritten before, by accident and intentionally, however, a small series of events played out , they revealed hidden pathways and dark secrets. Secrets about another place, another existence that mirrored this one but where evil was prominent, The Dark Multiverse. He could feel its presence as miniscule traces leaked into this Multiverse. It played with his connections, the ethereal star-strings that tethered him to the cosmos.

He continued to reflect in silence, not bothering his children with his own problem, knowing that their reaction would only cause more chaos in trying to stop the inevitable. Through the manipulation of chronons, he tried to see how own future, to receive an alert on things to come, but his was dark. Nothingness surrounded him, giving himself a feeling of tranquility but of worry as well. It could only mean his death, something he once longed for, but the question that followed , was how? Did he fall alongside of the rest of the Multiverse, did his death mean the death of many heroes in whom he killed, or was this an honorable death, one where he fought alongside the many guardians of the universe.

His thought were soon met by a voice, an intrusive one that shook and destroyed mountains when it spoke. His deepest and darkest secret and fear. Throughout the many centuries of his existence, he had kept it contained but now, with the corruption of his connection. It has only become less contempt, it has the very void that laid within himself, The Hollow. <Your time is ending, you may rest now. Let me take over, for the little amount of time we have left. You know we can't fight it. So let me take control, so you can finally receive your well deserved sleep> While the entity seemed as a separate being, the Hollow was infact all the same as Altair, it was his evil inspiration all that he wish and knew that he could do, and so it talking to him was him talking to himself and the corruption of his connections meant the weakening of his moral standards.. And he gave in, setting aside his morals and giving himself the rest he deserve, however he didn't wish to cause too much harm and so, he set his own limits. However, before he left, he made a promise to himself that his mayhem will result in greatness, and his death will grant rebirth.

He opened the gateways of Elysium, and took his leave, he didn't address the Architects of his decision, but he did bless them, giving them the only thing they never truly possessed, free will. That was Altair's second to last act of goodness, as all things began to go black. The Hollow has arrived.

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Architect Vita- The Masters Of Life

Architect Vita-The Masters Of Life

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Life...although it was everywhere it was deeply misunderstood. It seemed as if life was only material,that only breath was required to provide life. Altair has understood that life wasn't just the organism's ability to live, but to bond and to carry. He knew that it wasn't just something he could experience, but mastery of it was to be shared with those who were worthy of it.

Very few were...many took life as something to just take. To prevent the further learning of what life was, ultimately using life to kill others or for its mastery to die. So Altair created his own conduits, his own image of what he believed to be life and its worthy masters. He molded them in his own ideals and granted them his blessing of not just creation...but the creation of life and to tend it.

Then the first Architect was born


Base Operation: Elysium

Current Leaders: Vita Alpha/ Altair Roark (Latent)/ Vita Exma/ Vita Omega

Aliases: The Greenkeepers, The Children of Altair, Golden Hands of Life, The Bringers of Birth

Population: 4,302

Universe: CnVU


The Architects were originally simple constructs that were made by Altair to maintain the gardens and endless forests of Elysium, until one of them, Nil Alpha, gained conscience. It questioned its existence, asking the same questions that Altair once sought out. In an effort to give it a mission, Altair granted its brothers the blessing of self awareness and consciousness, along with the meaning of what life is and its origins. He taught the Architects what he has learned from his excessive knowledge of the cosmos above and eventually, they began to develop their own culture.They began to experience the joys that came along with self-awareness and the freedoms of it. All as Altair shielded them from the curses of self-awareness and the questions it brings, by not truly giving them full sentience.

Until, they learned of the outside world, the dying universe that was just outside their gates. The wars that expanded and led to inhabitable worlds, as well as the already barren worlds. It introduced the concept of death, and that they too were capable of dying. They fretted about the outside world, where paradise was nowhere. Until, one of them stepped, Vita Exma, and took on the outside world, and then the rest followed, bringing life where there was death and dying.


Anatomy Of An Architect Nil

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The Children of Altair were built in the image of their creator, so they share many similarities with Altair and other humanoids, for example, they’re bipedal. However, their differences are much more vast, even among each other. Their limbs vary greatly, some have the hands of a human while others have daggers as large as swords, speaking to the great biodiversity that Altair has seen throughout his lifetime. Additional to their limbs, the Architects wear a series of different crests, each on showing the personality of the user that wears them.

Along with their cosmetic differences, the The GreenKeepers are functionally different from the rest of the world. They were molded to survive the harshest of conditions from the universe so their ‘skin’ was molded from the same matter that forms a neutron star, as well as some space-bending particles to allow to them to not be affected by the gravity they would normally experience due to their heavy densities. They can pull themselves through space by using the cosmic energies from the universe to propel themselves across space with almost instantaneous speed, making them appear as streaks of gold across the skies. Using this cosmic energy also grants them

However, their greatest attribute is the nigh-limitless life energy they hold within themselves. They channel this lifeforce, using it to bring life to the barren planets they visit, returning to Elysuim to recharge. However, the Death of an Architect is a very fatal matter, as then the lifeforce they contain, corrupt and instead of bringing the life it was meant to bring. It brings decay,disease and death. Just as how a singular Architect can bring life to planets upon end, the death of one can spread and cover solar systems, bringing with it death and decay, making it uninhabitable for centuries on end. This life force allows them to create more children, of course, the Island itself regulates how much

Physical Average Of Architects

Strength: Large Moon

Durability: Multi-Stellar

Speed: MFTL+ (Flight)

General Personality of The Architects

The Architects are sentient life-forms with variations in their psychology and ideologies, however, being designed by the same being, they share an overall similarity with their creator. Like the sun in spring, the Architects can be warm and gentle, but just as the sun in summer, they can act fiercely using their mastery over life as a destructive force. Yet, while they all share this trait, what causes them to act is different, as some are more erratic than others As well as their duality of nature, they also share their creator’s patience and tolerance. Not quick to anger unless provoked to act, especially if they’ve witnessed a death of an innocent person.

Much like any sentient being, the Architects are fully capable of adapting to new situations, but due to being life givers, they have a dogmatic view on life being the ultimate gift and by providing it, they are helping the universe heal and grow.


Any Questions or Concerns please DM this Alt or @ignaticus__

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Elysium-The Cosmic Island of Paradise


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"The power of creation lays in my hands. And yet, I still have yet to find a way to create anything that makes me feel as if I accomplished anything. Perhaps...perhaps life itself will help me."

-Altair, to himself

The Cosmic Island Of Paradise

After the Golden Guardian left his duties as Earth's guardian. He went on to explore the infinite reaches of the galaxies in a search for himself, as well as act as guardian to others who aren't as capable. Yet, even in the role as guardian, he has never found the fulfillment that he wished for. Instead, he found himself locked into systems of chaos and vulgar. Eventually he picked up a new role, one as a creator. He created Elysium, not as a base of operation, nor as a headquarters, but as a home. A place to hang his cape and retire into himself, surrounded by his accomplishments.

Elysium was created from nothing, carefully molded into existence by Altair in an attempt to create a utopia in and of his image. It was molded upon the basis of life, and with it an abundance of flora and creatures scurry across its surface. While this masterpiece indeed exists, it is hidden from the rest of the chaos of the universe, wrapped deeply behind its fabrics thanks to Altair's prowess, making it inaccessible through magical or physical means, unless the Golden Creator allows it himself.

Elysium- Island Description

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The Island of Elysium is just as its name suggests, an island in the middle of an endless space of clear blue sea and cloud filled skies. There is no night and there is no sun, with the light from Altair to provide it an eternal morning. Being based upon life and the concept of it, Elysium has an abundance of it, ranging from it's unrivaled flora to its creatures that scurried across its surfaces and took the skies and seas. Time moves through the plane of Elysium at a much faster pace than the rest of the universe, allowing events that would seem like a year to take place in the span of a minute.

Island Size: 5.347 million mi²

Dominant Species: Architect Vita

Founder: Altair Roark

Universe: CVnU



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The land of Elysium is full of life, its biosphere thrives, and the source of this life is Altair himself. Embedded into the very being of the forest is extremely potent, unlimited life-energy. It pours into the land and waters of Elysium, granting them life of all kinds, planets and animals, organisms the size of a single cell to towering peaceful giants. The Land of Elysium is home to many organisms, who feed on this life force itself, ridding the need of predation as Elysium continues to expand its land to support the growing group of immortal animals.

The dominant species on Elysium is the Architects, the gardeners and explorers of Elysium. The Architects tend to the gardens and share the unlimited life source of Elysium with the outside world. They shape the lands of Elysium with their own intelligence, building structures of grand to house their own kind. They share their knowledge with native and foreign creatures far and wide. All in the name of life and Elysium’s abundance.

However, while Elysium thrives with life, there are darker powers within its soils. Whenever the Island feels as if the population is too great or senses malice, it will remove the life-force from the problem entity and bury them in the soil, saping the nutrients from the being into the already rich earth. This makes use of the corpse, while also alerting Altair of the intrusion.


While Altair is the Creator of Elysium and its residence, he is neither worshiped nor an active leading member, unless the Island as a whole suffers troubles. Instead the leading heads of Elysium are the Architect'sThree Council-heads; Vita Alpha, Vita Exima, and Vita Omega. This Council consists of the most influential of the Architect. The reason for the council is to watch over the expeditions and sectors of the outside universe, while also deciding who tends to the Gardens of Elysium and who explores the universe.

Defense Mechanisms

Asides from Elysium’s life-force defense systems, the Cosmic Island of Paradise has more ways to defend against predators, both naturally and artificially made by the Architects.

-Force Fields:The Island of Elysium has its own natural force field that acts as both a protective aura and repelling force, protecting those and strengthening those insides while actively repelling the intruder. The force field itself isn’t a physical space,but an infinite outward curvature of space-time, preventing the attacker and their attacks from entering.

-Origin Bombs: These weapons of mass creation, made from the Architects, are launched towards an enemy. These bombs create new life, either by changing the genetic code of an existing template (ex: The bombs hit someone and they would rearrange that beings genetic code, using deteriorating it), or by creating a new life-form to attack the enemy.

-Series of other Biological Weapons

Lumen-Vite Capital (LightLife Capital-Home of the Architects)

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The Great Island Capital, Lumen Vita. was created by the efforts of the Architects with the materials produced by Altair to create this great city by the waters. It was designed with the elegance of the modern and ancient Greeks. The Capital consists of a marble-like matter, adding to it an atmosphere of beauty and elegance. Throughout the Capital, the subtle sounds of a series of different string instruments, both man made and alien. can be heard being played throughout the skies, an eternal harmony within the air, adding on to the beauty the city already had. Welcomed newcomers will cross the bridge into Lumen-Vita, over the infinite blue of the crystal seas below. The Capital city contains many beautiful gardens tended to by the Architects, which are seen as a symbolism to how they will tend to the dying planets beyond their gates.

Along with it's elegance and beauty, the material that the Capital was made from actively holds itself together with the power of the fundamental song-force, making it extremely durable and even have basic regenerative properties


1) As you may have noticed, Elysium has extremely difficult to find. So, if you do wish to find it, set up a series of posts explaining how you found it.

2) For any major destruction, contact me or my many alts, most notably @ignaticus_

3)Have fun, cause I'm gonna!

(I'd like to thank @shield-maiden and @mister_surreal for helping me with this)

For Information about the Architects (Here)


The Skyfather

No Caption Provided

The Skyfather is a possible future for Altair where he becomes a Warmonger bent on destroying Creation.

Omni-Matter Manipulation

Omni-Energy Manipulation


Altiar's Ideologies and Personalities

No Caption Provided

Altair is a calm,yet authoritarian person, usually only acting out when trying to intimidate or mock someone. He is an expert at analytical information gathering and that allows him to predict what is going to happen before it does, whether his is in combat or isn't. He never underestimates his opponent due to the numerous years of himself being underestimated. Another aspects of his personality, is that he's constantly on high alert which makes him less vulnerable to attacks. Whenever he tends to feel that he is going to be victorious in any action, unless other important things are distracting him,he will divert all attention from anything else he was doing and would focus on that,improving his efficiency

Altair is a strong believer in ‘an iron fist leadership ‘he believes that the humans he protects are the threat to themselves and can't do anything right without otherworldly assistance.Earth's strange attraction to alien being seem to provide evidence to his usually referred to Earth as a complete garbage pile, and believes that if they were to just bow down to him that they'll just do better. He blames the Olympians for creating Earth in such a disastrous state because of the Olympians constant cruel and horrid ways. This belief led to the battle of him going against Ares and Other Olympians.

He views freedom as chaos throughout his years of watching many civilizations destroy themselves with this freedom. He sees strong leadership as a way to keep peace and happiness throughout life knows that he can shape the lives around him and can manipulate them for the better.

He prefers equity over equality and that certain lives are much more valuable than others. He doesn't see wealth as a factor however, and usually measures lives on what that person has contributed to life and the lives around them. Usually not intervening unless the person is worth it , Altair isn't above no saving someone based on their life choices a and actions towards others. Resulting in him letting civilians plummeting to their deaths and even watching some burn. In a few cases the Sentinel would kill others cause of how they mistreated people, dubbing him the title The Golden Angel of Death.


Connection To Earth

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[May 7, 1940]: In a city of Themyscira , a mother and her daughter in tattered attire run down a blazing road. Demolished buildings align along the side of the pit-ridden ground. Screams of distress and despair can be heard in the far distance as the family decides to hid inside of what remains pf a devastated structure. The mother places her back against the corner of the structure. The sun of that planet shines behind a figure in the distance, creating a silhouette of a caped man with long shoulder length hair. The man walked down the pitted terrain ,his footsteps were the only sounds in the otherwise silent area. A golden and radiant glow emitted from his eyes as he gradually progressed down the road. The Amazonian heard the footsteps and clamped her hand over her daughter's mouth, who was on the brink of crying, and indicated her to remain quiet until the man passed them. As the man proceeded down the road his silhouette has disappeared, revealing a combination of yellow and blue, along with an 'S' symbol across his stomach which also shined with a golden light. The father shivered as the footsteps of The Etheran Executioner approach them. The two hidden bodies remained completely still, ,until the daughter made a noise ,a whimper which was muffled by the mother 's hand . The warrior's heart beats hasten as the echoing footsteps ceased. A long silence, lasting a few minutes occurred, until a hand would grab the her and pulled her out of the building quickly. The hand belonged to Vaskrsija the Executioner. He would lift the woman over his head with his right hand and with his left hand an aura of energy appeared on the palm of his hand. The little girl began to cry for her mother and attempted to batter The Executioner's leg . He would then avert her attention to the little girl.

He would crouch down and attempt to grab the girl ,but a loud booming voice from the heavens yelled "ENOUGH!!! YOU, VASKRSIJA ,SON OF SURTR, ARE TO BE PUT ON TRIAL BY THE GODHEADS FOR YOUR DESTRUCTIVE AND MURDEROUS ACTIONS!!!!" Vaskrsija would disappear in a flash of blue light . He would would appear bound by metals enchanted by Zeus himself. At his side is the God of War,Ares and Athena, Goddess of Wisdom. He was in the center of a Colosseum like area, where multiply deities from polytheist beliefs sit in the audience as they watch the trail of the Godhead take place. Inside the Colosseum there was three thrones of great beauty which belonged to Zeus ,Chief of Olympus,Odin King of Asgard, and Jupiter ,King of Gods in the Roman Pantheon. They were there to cast judgement on Vaskrsija for his involvement for the extinction of multiple species. Odin stood from his chair of authority and held his spear near him, along with a scroll with three golden seals on it. Odin would being to speak, "Vaskrsija Stošić, son of Surtur of Muspelheim and of Gaea of Greek, you have been condemned guilty for multiple acts of municdes , or destruction of entire worlds and all life on it. Your most recent event of your current invasion of Themyscrira, and the genocide of the Amazonians. We, The Heads of The Council of Gods, made the declaration hereby that you must provide your services to a planet of our choosing, for thousands millenniums. We have also given you a disease that will irritate you like you irritate us ." Odin is handed another scroll by Hermes and would gradually unrolled it "The planet that was agreed on was the planet Earth,inhabited by the Humans. Here are the regulations that comes with this is. 1) You are not allowed to marry a human, if you find a being that is partially human matrimony will be permitted. 2) Your are not allowed to kill a human, unless we deed it a righteous attack. 3) You must assist humans in their personal lives, but you must have their permission. If you have been denied permission ,then you must find another human to assist." Odin would hand the scroll to one of his crows and handed it to Vaskrsija and an inked feather. Ares let one of Stošić's arms go. He looked at the scroll and back at the multiple deities and sighed, he figured that if he fought against the Gods , his death would be certain. He took the feathers and signed the scroll with a sour look. The ink would turn into stars and Odin would speak one more time. "From now on you are no longer going to be labeled as The Executioner,but you will be called The Sentinel, The Amber Archangel of Dignity and Humanity." This ended with the remove of the Sentinel's Mind from his body, allowing his body to protect Earth while his mind remained imprisoned elsewhere.

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