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Move over Amazing, Superior Spider-Man is stealing your fans! 0

Month after Month Dan Slott reminds us why he is the best modern Spider-Man writer. Superior Spider-Man is an excellent ride that constantly entertains. As you all know Superior Spider-Man is less about going building to building and more about making real lasting changes to the criminal landscape in New York. Superior has been going around stopping criminals with all of his strength with ferocity we would have never seen from the Amazing Spidey. One criminal in particular met a very gruesome en...

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Everything Looks good ...Untill it doesn't 0

As we move past the momentous 100th issue of Invincible I can’t help but wonder what is in store. Invincible unlike most other comic book characters is constantly growing and through these last few years we have seen him grow from a teen into a man. Throughout that journey there were a lot of missteps but I believe our young hero is legitimately making the right decisions now.In comic books we watch characters stay the same age for years and therefore limiting a characters true potential in gro...

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East of West #2 Review 0

When is it too early to give a series critical acclaim? Now I am completely against people being fan boys of certain writers but come on after the work Jonathan Hickman has been doing on Avengers and now East of West how can you fault me?!When I read the first issue I must admit I was a tad bit lost and I had to reread a couple of times but once I immersed myself within the book I got so excited. Just like the first issue I had to read and re-read for an analysis and boy was it worth it. Last i...

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Bad Spidey Good Spidey 0

I honestly love the fact that Spider-Man comes out every two weeks. I do not think I could ever wait an entire month for the next issue. Dan Slott continuously makes me ask for more and this issue does just that.Last issue it seemed like Doc Ock’s impersonation was coming to an end but after the Avengers run a battery of tests they find nothing wrong with him, nothing that they were smart enough to notice anyway. While looking over his test results Doc Ock notices an anomaly in his brain waves. ...

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Spidey VS. Avengers Part 1 0

The moment is finally here in which the Avengers fire Spider-Man. A few months ago Marvel sent out a teaser picture of the very same cover with words fired over it. Clearly they were not trying to be subtle but now we actually get to see it play out.For the last few weeks we have seen Doc Dock go from relatively tame to an absolute beast. At first his reign as Spider-Man looked to be a prosperous one but then he blinded vulture, killed massacre, beat the living hell out of Jester and Screwball a...

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Does anyone care Robin's gone?! 0

No matter how much I read this series I just can’t get over Chris Burnham’s painful style. I mean come on this is a Batman story and that means A-list artist should be on this book. I hate how the characters always have rounded faces and it just distracts me from the story.The story isn’t much better here either because there barely is any Batman grieving and instead we see this “pissed off” Batman if that is what you can call it. I just feel like Batman seemed mad but at the same time it felt ...

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Evil Spider-Man Strikes again 1

After the events in Superior Spider-Man #5 you would think Otto would tone it down a bit but that’s not the case. After Amazing Spider-Man #700 I thought for sure Otto would meet Peter somewhere in the middle but as the story progresses he is becoming darker and darker.In this issue Spidey decides to avenge Jameson after Screwball and Jester completely embarrass him all over the internet by pancing him during a news conference. At first Spidey doesn’t take the threat to seriously but after he re...

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Batman says Goodbye to the boy wonder 0

In all of my years reading comic books I have never been so touched as I am now after reading Batman & Robin #18. For the first time in my life I can honestly say I was brought to tears reading a comic book. The entire issue is silent without a single word and only through panels do we see and feel Bruce’s pain.Like they say pictures are worth a thousand words and every single panel is worth at least that. Bruce seemed so empty as he moved throughout the manor as if he was dead. Even when he...

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Age of Ultron Book One Review 7

​Writer: Brian Michael Bendis​Penciler: Bryan Hitch​Inker: Paul Neary​Colorist: Paul MountsI often wonder why some comic books are legendary and some are after thoughts and after reading Age of Ultron #1 I think I have narrowed it down. The key of an epic book is having a writer that is in their peak and right now there isn’t anyone like Brian Michael Bendis.While reading Age of Ultron I thought damn this is so good it must be Bendis. This guy is just known for greatness and he does not fall sho...

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Batman Inc. #8 Review 1

Going into Batman Inc #8 I knew exactly what to expect because let’s be honest every comic book site under the sun reported on the notorious NY Post article. I have jumped in and out of Batman Inc. because it has just been awful. I just feel like the whole leviathan story line was drawn out to much and the art by Chris Burnham really didn’t appeal to me.Batman Inc #8 is the biggest story in comic books this week so of course I had to actually read the issue. The issue was basically Damian Wayne’...

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