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Cool Hispanic Characters

Hispanic characters in fiction are almost non-existant. Hispanic characters with decent powers who don't dress like colorful circus clowns are doubly rare. I always laugh when my black friends complain about how they only get token black characters. At least you guys get the tokens. So this is a list for the precious, precious few hispanic characters who don't make me ashamed of my ethnicity.

Note: I've recently come to understand the difference between Race and Ethnicity, and realize I use the word "Hispanic" pretty inaccurately in several places. I should go edit them. But I won't. Cuz I'm lazy. But i'm not lazy because i'm hispanic. I'm lazy because i'm American. :)

List items

  • When Black Tarantula wasn't treating Spiderman like his own personal pet punching bag, he was pretty much strutting around being all badass. The Luchador-style costume is a tad on the stereotypical side...especially since, if memory serves he's Brazilian, not Mexican...but when you're trying to find hispanic characters in comics who don't utterly shame you, beggars can't be choosers. Besides, he's actually pretty cool all things considered. Powerful enough to completely punk spiderman, he can heal himself and others, and shoot powerful energy blasts. He's also cunning, intelligent, and a masterful unarmed fighter. usual, they kinda punked him out. They let a smalltime punk like Bullseye take him out, and later they had him take on the role of an understudy to Daredevil of all people. Black Tarantula went from treating Spiderman like a ragdoll, to Daredevil's understudy. Sigh.

    However, his son over the in the MC2 Universe retains the badass cred his father once had. He's got all the power, skill and intellect his father had in his prime, plus he's totally macking on Spidergirl. A very smooth operator in the romance department, and a suave Kingpin of crime. Black Tarantula 2.0 is awesome. Let's hope they keep him that way.

  • He has all the smooth, sophisticated, criminal mastermind badassery the 616 version of Black Tarantula had before they reduced him to being Daredevil's thugnificent sidekick.

  • Though they had that chump Cannonball trivialize him during the Messiah X storyline, Vargas almost single handedly deconstructed a lineup consisting of some of the most veteran X-Men around. Rogue was only able to beat him when she was channeling many powers she had absorbed in the past simultaneously and she had to touch and mimic Vargas too. In one fight he killed Psylocke, and crippled Beast. He even beat Gambit in a card game. On the best day of Cannoball's life Vargas would treat him like public washroom toilet paper. Keep that in mind the next time you speak dismissively of your betters Guthrie. My only gripe is they appear to have killed him off, and they had him killed off by those chumps the Marauders. Like Black Tarantula 1.0 he fell at the hand of a dramatically inferior foe. Sigh. I HOPE they will eventually resurrect him. He does appear in X-Men: The End as one of the good guys, so there IS potential for his triumphant return. And as a hero no less. Technically he doesn't actually have any super powers. Basically, he's like Captain America. A peak human. Imagine the level of skill and intellect this guy has to be bringing to the table to take on some of the X-Men's heaviest hitters with nothing but peak human physical abilities? Also, keep in mind Captain America needed super-steroids to become what he is. Vargas was just born that way. A natural born Ubermensch, at the pinnacle of human physical and intellectual ability. Respect bro. Respect.

  • Ah, Victor Mancha, aka Victorious. Ok, technically he's only half hispanic(the other half is robot), but hot damn this is one you can actually be proud of. Well, if he's handled properly anyway. His powers are still on the lower scale right now, but he has the potential to easily be a Marvel A-Lister on par with(and maybe even superior to) the likes of Thor, and Sentry. When he fully matures that is.

    More importantly however, he's a genuinely well rounded, multi-dimensional character who doesn't have to constantly throw out broken bits of spanglish in order to keep reminding people he's filling the token minority character spot. He's intelligent, powerful, and in almost every regard a perfect "boy next door". And, apparently he's hung like a tripod. I suppose that's a bonus...of sorts. Also, his "codename" if he ever decides to use it is just badass. Victorious. No complaints here, though if Vargas, and Black Tarantula are any indication, I expect they'll start punking Vic sooner or later.

  • I wasn't sure if I should include Kyle here. Frankly, I think the way DC retconned him into a half-hispanic character was just a weak attempt to avoid the "White Wash" criticism they richly deserve.

    And of course, roughly around the time Kyle is suddenly revealed to have been half latino all along, he gets bumped down to second string status in favor of Hal Jordan. But all of that said, the fact is Kyle was pretty badass for a while there and when he's not playing second banana for Saint Hal, he's an A-List hero.

    So what if they shoehorned in his latino-ness at the last possible second? I'll take what I can get.

  • I almost put her on the lame list. I still might. Frankly, Fire here isn't particularly impressive in any regard, nor has she ever been more than a B-list hero. If that. She doesn't even have a particularly imaginative codename. All of that said however, she has never been portrayed as a negative stereotype, she does have a personality and some interesting personal interaction storylines with Ice and Guy Gardner, so she's not quite pathetic enough to make the lame list. She has potential to be a great character, and respectable powers so for now, she can occupy this list.

  • I almost put her on the lame list too. BUT, she's an FBI agent, so that right there tells you she's tough, and smart. She has a fairly succesful and respectable hero career to start which is more than many can say. She's well drawn, and even though her powers and skills aren't particularly impressive(Even though the amulets give her superhuman agility she still only barely manages to keep up with Daredevil who, despite his crazy ninja crap is still just human in physical abilities), that's forgivable when you remember what a rookie she is. So of course, they killed her off and returned her as a mindless undead assassin for the Hand. You'd think Uncle Iron Fist and Uncle Luke Cage would have something to say about that. You'd think wrong. Way to banish yet another of your precious few good hispanic characters to obscurity Marvel. Thanks. Still, beggars can't be choosers so once again i'll take what I can get here.

  • Ok Jaime is pretty awesome. He has a great "boy next door" vibe that he shares with Victor Mancha. He's smart, he's capable, he looks cool and he has respectable powers. Nothing to complain about here. I hope more characters like Jaime are forthcoming in the future. I hope some of the lamer characters who already exist will be retconned to be more like Jaime. I'm looking at you Vibe.

  • I'm not even a hundred percent sure this guy IS hispanic. He might be italian. But I am going to put him here until I know for sure, because it's so hard to find hispanics worthy of this list. The Scorpion here just about has it all. Skill, style, wit, charm. No complaints here. A very cool pulp hero.

  • Technically only half-hispanic but as i've said before, beggars can't be choosers. Besides, there's something to be said for the combination of hispanic and irish ancestry. Can you imagine what THAT household must be like on Christmas? Ye Gods...anyway, Miguel or "Miggy" here is another solid Total Package akin to Blue Beetle and Victor Mancha but with a good deal more maturity and perhaps a touch more jaded up until his crossover with the original Spidey, so i'm glad to put him on this list. Brilliant scientist, cool powers, and solid character growth and development. All in one package. What's not to love? And I for one always apprecciate it when a writer understands that he doesn't have to constantly bombard us with spanglish to remind us that they're writing for a hispanic character. His recent jaunt in Exiles seems to have rekindled some interest in this old favorite character. I hope he sees more use in the future.

  • She is normally identified as Native American, but a surname like Lopez says at least one of her parents was at least partially hispanic. Good enough for me. By now you know the mantra well. Beggars can't be choosers. The Mute/Deafness was initially a turnoff for me, but it's been written very well into her character for the most part and now I think it's a definite part of her charm. Photographic Reflexes is a cool power/skill for a street level vigilante character. It makes her arguably a match for anybody she meets on her level. Pretty solid chick here.

  • This one was a tough call. He's rich, he's a corporate titan, he's good looking. Now i'm generally not a fan of solar-fueled powers. Unlike Superman, Roberto's batteries tend to run out very quickly when removed from direct sunlight which makes for a rather crippling weakness. That said, when his powers ARE operating at peak, they're pretty respectable(though certainly not enough to justify that crippling weakness) and he looks badass when he changes form. He's got a decent personality and characterization. The problem is despite all of that, Berto can at best be called a B-List character. That's being generous. Still, there's nothing significantly negative to be said about him, and there is a few mildly positive things to be said. So I suppose we can put him here on the cool list.

  • Considering his descendant Jackie is Italian, I was surprised that Miguel here turned out to be spanish. I guess it just goes to show that if you go back far enough we all have a little bit of some other ethnicity in us. I remember not being terribly impressed with the powers of The Darkness, but it's been so imaginitively weilded that I now consider it pretty sweet. Miguel here weilded it with style and panache, even if he did only have a breif appearance.

  • Ok, I don't actually know much about this guy. But based on what I have been able to dig up online, he seems like a decent enough character. He's a cop by day and a vigilante by night. That's a respectable combo. No actual powers, but he is the leader of what appears to be a fairly prominent team in his little slice of the multiverse. Apparently he used to be the sidekick of the extremely lame "El Hombre"(Featured on my Lame Hispanic Characters list), but he seems to have gotten past that and become a solid hero in his own right. Of course all of this is subject to change if/when I find out more firsthand information on the character.

  • Score! Cool name, and easily the best power set combos for scrappers in all of City of Heroes. Trust me on this. A "normal" human who kicks the crap out of celestial aliens and demons and more with nothing but the awesome power of Kung Fu. I suddenly want to sing the old Power Rangers theme song for some reason...

  • All in all, a pretty fun character. Her original costume was kinda doofy looking, but she had a fun storyline and developement with respectable(though hardly earthshaking) powers. I wasn't terribly thrilled to learn they depowered her however. It's a bit murky on what, if any powers she has now. Still she had a good run before they depowered her, which is more than can be said for most hispanic characters in comics.

  • Yanno, chances are this guy is gonna end up on my Lame Hispanic Characters list eventually. He's a D-lister, he's obscure, and he's got brown skin. That means it's only a matter of time before the folks at DC kill him off like he's nothing but a background extra...which is basically all he really is. BUT...there are some positive things to say. First I always respect a human character with the intelligence and resources to create their own suit of power armor. He's an astronaut for STAR Labs...I suppose that's a check in the positive column. He's a bit of a fanboy for Superman, but that's forgivable in a rookie. Still, I don't expect this character to live long. In fact about the only chance he has of living long is if the writers as DC completely forget that he even exists...which is a distinct possibility. You best cross your fingers and try not to draw any attention to yourself Iman.

  • I'm tentatively putting Lorena here in the cool list. Right now all I have to go on is her comicvine entry, but nothing immediately glares out at me as lame. Her powers seem kind of low scale, but they're not too shabby and she seems intelligent.

  • Technically Jackie is mostly Italian...but my cool hispanic characters list is looking a little short, and the last few additions to it are frankly kind of unimpressive so I thought the list was in desperate need of a bonafide badass. And Jackie's earliest known ancestor Miguel(Featured above) is a full blooded spaniard. So Jackie's hispanic enough for me. Jackie's badassery practically jumps the shark at times. I mean, what can you say about a guy who lost his virginity at the age of 14 to the police woman who was interrogating him right in the police precinct? Wow. Ok. Nuff said. Actually there is one more thing worth saying. He knocked up Sara Pezzini. Respect bro. Respect.

  • Generally speaking Vampire powers are fairly cool, and this one has a whole "Chosen One" destiny thing working for her which all but garuntees greatness...and death apparently as she died saving the cosmos. Hey, there are worse ways to go. Just ask Vibe.

  • The "broken home runaway" shtick seems to be a comic writer's go-to origin when writing for minority characters, but I'll forgive that since Risque here actually had a pretty decent storyline with Warpath. Hardly an original storyline, but a decent one nonetheless. Then one day a marvel writer was looking for somebody to kill off in a random off-panel scene, and chose Risque. I am not surprised. She's back as a Necrosha mutant, but many of the Necrosha mutants were promptly re-killed and she was probably one of them.

  • I can't find much on him but what I can find is surprisingly fairly respectable. His powers are pretty good. There are some interesting aspects to his character. He's gay and unlike Rictor or Living lightning his homosexuality seems to be treated seriously. He's in the closet, living in fear of being outed and with an unrequited love for a team mate. That smacks of a dangerous level of character depth. Of course, he's also incredibly obscure. You've probably never even heard of him and I get the sense he was a pretty minor and inconsequential character. Still, he doesn't suck so he can be here on the cool list.

  • She's not all that powerful, but there's just something fun about her. She's more seductive than slutty, and when you're writing for a secutress character that is pretty tricky to pull off. So far every appearance I have seen her in, she pulled it off. I approve.

  • Decent powers. Sort of an amped-up Beast Boy. She changes into weird alien versions of animals. Presumably these weird alien versions are more dangerous. She can shapeshift into other people too so that gives her a bit more versatility than Beast Boy too. She seems reasonably intelligent, if a bit overly manipulative...which means she's pretty much every girl I ever dated. She uh, "gets around" a bit but hey, she's not a maid, a drug mule, or a migrant worker so that's actually a positive step forward in the characterization of a hispanic woman in comics. Of course technically she's not hispanic at all since she's an orphaned alien raised by humans. Which just goes to show you the mentality over at DC. If an orphaned space alien just happens to look caucasian when they reach earth, they'll be powerful enough to obliterate moons with a punch and reignite dead suns with a stare. If an orphaned space alien on earth happens to look hispanic when they reach earth they'll be a slightly more versatile version of...Beast Boy. Yeah. Moving right along...

  • Still digging up info on her but so far I like what I see. Kinda low power, but she exists in a setting where that's not such a setback. Cool theiving skills, a bit of magic to round it out. I like her.

  • Pretty cool dude. Physical powerhouse, AND tactical whiz who is patient and thoughtful on the battlefield. I'm not actually a hundred percent sure he IS hispanic but I think so and so he can stay here until I learn otherwise.

  • He's definitely suffering from a serious case of "I wish I was Zorro" but he's definitely one of Hex's more competent allies. And considering he's a mexican in a Wild West setting it's utterly amazing that he's not running around in a poncho, sombrero, and handlebar mustache.

  • Sigh. I'm sure he's gonna be well written. I'm sure he's gonna be likeable. And once again, only half-hispanic. Technically. Because one look clearly shows he's alot more black than he is puerto rican. Seriously Marvel, come on already. You've got T'challa, Storm, and Luke Cage totally holding down the fort for Marvel blacks. Can't we finally have one prominent purely hispanic character? Just one for heaven's sake? But fine. He's half hispanic. So he can be here. Grudgingly. Sigh. EDIT: So yeah, I love Miles now. Though you'd never know he's supposed to be mixed the way they draw him. He's sort of a reverse Kyle Rayner that way. But as I initially expected he's a fun and well rounded character.

  • Like the new Ultimate Spiderman this is yet another black character who has simply had a hispanic name slapped onto him. But i'll take what I can get. I kind of like the idea of a new Power Man to sidekick for Iron Fist now that Luke Cage has moved to such a prominent role in the Avengers.

  • Alright, let's get a few disclaimers out of the way first. Number One: I'm not a hundred percent sure he is hispanic. The name sounds German. The white hair and blue eyes don't quite fit the hispanic profile either...but this is a Marvel Mutant, and where marvel mutants are concerned green, white, purple, and blue are natural hair colors so the hair and eyes might not mean anything. Number Two: In both the comics and the movie he's got all the personality of a cardboard box. Number Three: His comic incarnation is routinely killed, then cloned, then killed again. Now, all of that being said he does have pretty solid and respectable powers...and for a disposable henchman type of character he used to be a very fearsome foe back in the old days. He badly maimed Nightcrawler and Colossus(in his armored form no less) but was ultimately killed by the enraged ruskie. There's no shame in being killed by an angry Colossus, so I won't hold that against him. Sadly since then his clones are routinely and easily killed off. Still, back in the good ol' days he was a bonafide badass, as far as henchmen go.

  • I am cautiously optimistic about Gabe. I'm pretty sure the next X-Writer to come on board will rapidly throw him under the butcher-bus when he needs to randomly kill someone off, but until then the character is intelligent, funny, and has decent powers. A bit quirky and limited right now, but there is definitely potential to be a heavy duty time manipulator in the future.

  • I'm a bit unclear on whether or not this is the Hector who once helped Jaime or not. Assuming it is we have a fairly sympathetic villain here who misunderstood Jaime's role in his sister's death and then was presumably taken over by the Black Bettle Scarab. Plenty of good storytelling potential there.

  • She's only on this list because she birthed Jaime.

  • He's only on this list because he fathered Jaime.

  • She's only on this list because she emerged from the same spectacular Uterus that once housed Jaime. It stands to reason some of his residual awesome clung to her as she was squeezed out into the world.

  • A pleasantly realistic and well written character, but very breif.

  • I almost put her on the lame list. She talked Hank Pym out of suicide. That should earn her some kind of demerit right there. That said, all in all despite her obscurity there's nothing glaringly wrong with her. She had a few decent story arcs, respectable(but not particularly impressive) powers, and is a genuinely good and decent person. I can't complain here.

  • Intelligent, wealthy, connected...other than mild obscurity, no reason to complain here.

  • Not a hundred percent sure she's hispanic, but until I know otherwise for sure here she is. She's hot, has a variety of solid powers that all fit her theme, and a somewhat sympathetic background story. I approve.

  • Nothing glaringly wrong. Decent powers. Decent background. I'd be amazed if any of you ever heard of her though.

  • I have kind of a love-hate relationship with Rex. Rex's powers are always kinda hit and miss for me. Sometimes I dig 'em...sometimes not. But then I remind myself he's a cartoon character aimed primarily at the younger generation and i can forgive some of the sillier aspects to his abilities. And I must say that despite being targeted at a younger Demographic Rex does occasionally display startling signs of good character developement and growth. That said it sure would be nice if he started learning some of those uber-badass skills from his mentor Agent Six. With powers like his, there's no reason in the world Six should be able to dominate him so easily as he typically does when they've fought. I'd like to see him start getting a bit smarter too, but overall I do like this character. He's fun, a bit goofy, and he's NOT a total lame goody two-shoes all the time. He has a few vices. But they're not offensive vices. They add to him as a character. Now if only his two romantic interests weren't heinously deformed...

  • My first thought: Sweet Costume; Lousy Helmet. My second thought: How the hell is a mexican a blonde haired blue eyed peice of aryan perfection? But fine. Whatever. It's a comicbook. There are caucasian hispanics(arguably they're the original hispanics) same as there are black hispanics. I guess. Us beggars can't get too picky. I never read this series, but from what i've found online I may have missed out on a pretty good run. He seems to have A-List powers, even if he was sadly a B-List hero. Hey anybody that can go up against Amazo and even stalemate, let alone win is one badass mofo. I see no glaring flaws(outside of his distinct lack of spanish physical characteristics. I mean c'mon! If you really want him to "pass for white" fine, keep the light skintone. At least give him dark hair though...ok i'll stop griping about that now) and it looks like his storyline had a pretty good run and conclusion even if the character never quite caught on. Respectable death too I suppose, though comic deaths are so utterly irrelvent that the only real relevance they have is whether or not the character actually STAYS dead...and if they do stay dead that's kind of an insult. If I had to guess i'd say the goofy looking helmet doomed him :)

  • I should probably put this guy on my Lame list. I probably will. I can't find much info about him besides what's available on Comicsvine which just isn't much. But I like his look. I like that he was a member of his City Council which suggests he's reasonably well educated and personable. So at least until something glaring presents itself i'll let him pad space on my Cool List.

  • Shame on me for forgetting about Sofia. I actually liked this character quite a bit. Not so thrilled with her ever since she lost her Wind powers and traded them in for robot tentacle arms, but at least up until then she had a good run. I havn't kept up with her since she became Renascence but I like to think she's still a likeable and well written gal.

  • She's like DC's Beast Boy, but she turns silver instead of green! Actually from a purely aesthetic standpoint I suppose that is an improvement of sorts. But despite having a fairly decent characterization at the end of the day she's a D-list hero few people have heard of, and that's not likely to change. I do like the fact that she has a storyline or two under her belt, but let's face it. She is kinda lame. Still i'll put her on the cool list because she's not half as bad as she could be.

  • Most speedsters are basically just speedsters. But she has LITTLE bit of unarmed combat skill...not that it did her much good against Gorgon. But Gorgon's such a Gary Stu, I can't fault Yoyo for losing to him. And boy did she lose to him...but hey she came back even better with cyber arms. Superspeed, Cyber Arms, and real martial arts training? This is one to keep your eye on folks.

  • Oooh boy...oh boy. DC I swear to God if I find out you killed this guy off in some casual, offhand way just to set up the villain of the month as a "scary threat" I will go down to your studios and pull a Vulcan on you! Anyway...ASSUMING he was not dismissively killed off this one seems like a pretty decent, respectable young hero. The powers could be better, but Pyrokinesis ain't too shabby, and augmented with super-technology it's all the better. Let's keep our fingers crossed for this one gang. His current status of "Alive or Dead" is ambiguous...

  • I suspect she's gonna end up on the lame list when I learn more about her. BUT until then...she's a supermodel. So she's already starting ten steps ahead of the other 90% of hispanic characters who default to thug, illegal immigrant, maid, janitor, or luchador. And Gravity and magnetic powers can be EXTREMELY devastating and powerful when in the hands of competent writers. So i'm gonna be optimistic about her for now, and hope she doesn't dissapoint me later.

  • His powers are a bit on the lower scale, but in the hands of a competent writer I could see them being used very effectively and creatively. He's got a respectable background, and he has not(yet...) been killed off by some villain of the week. I like what I see here.

  • Regular guy minding his own business...just so happens to have one of the sweetest "Under the Radar" powers out there. He's Darwin, without Darwin's hideous permanent disfigurement.Looking at that picture I kinda wish he had better fashion sense, but all in all he seems like a worthy addition to this list.

  • Frankly Gideon never really impressed me. And considering his hair style I always just sort of assumed he was Asian. Some kind of Shaolin monk or something. Anyway to his credit, he IS a skilled warrior, a brilliant business man, and near-immortal. He's also sadly a B or C-list character at best...but compared to other hispanics who often rank D-List, hey that's not too shabby. And Selene is a fairly respectable character to be killed by, so I won't begrudge him that.

  • I debated this one, but ultimately decided that lamer people than him are already on my cool list. Sebastian here actually has a sympathetic origin here, but he is a victim of the liberal mentality that prevails amongst comic writers. Experiencing extreme poverty as a child though(something I am intimately familiar with) I can understand why he opted not to follow in the failed footsteps of his forebearers. He lifted himself up out of poverty. But clearly Sebastian's story was written by one of the self-styled "99%"(Who probably drives a luxury car)who decided that wealth and success is synonymous with Evil. So Sebastien quickly became comicbook evil, had a moderately respectable run as a villain, and then got killed by a moderately respectable villainess. Not great, but not too bad either. Just a self-made man who flew a bit too close to the Sun. The evil, wicked sun.

  • Not alot of info to go on, but he appears to be a futuristic hispanic version of of the more obscenely powerful Marvel mutants. Fairly well drawn. No obvious deformities. So I am gonna be cautiously optimistic on this one. Considering how many ass-sucking hispanic mutants Marvel has given us, perhaps making a hispanic mutant the future savior of mutant kind was their attempt at an apology?

  • Again not much info to go on here. Not particularly impressive powers either. But her uterus did produce the future savior of mutant kind, so i'll cut her some slack.

  • Dominic should have been the main character of Gears of War. His personal storyline is far more compelling. He is sympathetic. He is badass. He is everything a main event headline character should be. But his fundamental failure to be born white has condemned him to the perpetual role of sidekick to the cut-and-paste generic "badass" otherwise known as Marcus Fenix. I'd be annoyed if this wasn't already so common i've gotten used to it.

  • Ok. The jury's still out on Scott himself, but the actor playing him is Half mexican. This may ultimately prove to be true of Scott himself, as we have yet to meet his father in the series. So until we know for sure one way or the other, Scott can be on my list. A fun, cool, all around awesome character. Likeable, solid powers, and easy to root for. Werewolves rule!! Little known fact about me(unless you saw my other list). I really dig werewolves.

  • Putting this in as a Placeholder until Comic Vine gives Nick Cruz his own page. Everything i've found so far makes Nick sound like a well rounded, compelling, entertaining character. I look forward to both the upcoming movie and finding the comics.

  • Her powers are kinda low scale for the DC universe, but I for one find them wonderfully versatile and imaginative. Other than that though, she's a somewhat obscure character that never really got explored much. Pity.

  • Not a particularly remarkable character, but considering how epicly the last three Marvel "Tarantulas" sucked ass, this girl accomplished a whole lot just by not sucking.

  • Don't know much about this character but by virtue of having served as a mentor to a fairly cool Spidergirl, I'll give him the benefit of the doubt and put him here.

  • If anything more is ever revealed about this character he'll probably end up on the lame list. But for now he appears to be a medeival Knight version of Spiderman, and that's kinda cool.

  • Again, giving this Spider Society fella the benefit of the doubt.

  • Only on this list because she carried the fairly cool Anya to term. Score one for anti-abortionists everywhere.

  • A good father, an educated man, and all around decent human being...and then Marvel killed him. Get bent, Marvel.

  • A spider-themed Hispanic character. Who'd have thunk it? Well Wanderer's actually a pretty decent package. She's no Cassandra Caine sadly, but she has a decent origin, sweet skills, and a death touch power. I've riffed on the "Death Touch' power before...and rightly so. But at last Vitoria here has real martial arts skills to fall back on when dealing with characters who are assured Plot-Immunity to her Death touch.

  • Kind of a screwed up origin story(sold to some creep in a tomb by her pathetic dad) but I gotta say all in all this is a pretty decent character. I imagine she'll be about as popular as She-Thing was, but hey...coulda been worse.

  • Pretty obscure, but Vampire powers are respectable and she kicked that pesky Daylight weakness. Decent enough origin story. Not spectacular but not bad either. I see no glaring reason to put her on the lame list.

  • Forgot about this one. The character herself doesn't grab me all that much but I like that she's closely related to someone Jaime knows well in his personal life. Puts an extra edge of drama in their antagonism toward each other. Bonus points for being a mythic criminal "bogeyman".I think she might actually be italian, but i'm not in a particularly picky mood today.

  • I remember liking him well enough when he was just Jaime's friend. I don't recall reading anything about him as Blood Beetle though, but I can't imagine that made him less likable.

  • I debated long and hard about what to do with Renee. I always liked her, but she suffered from being a Comicbook cop...which made her completely ineffective against all but the most comedic villains. Learning she'd been made the new Question did little to help her cause since I never found the Question a particularly compelling character. But i've thought it over, did some research, and all in all I gotta character. Nothing wrong here whatsoever. She'll never be a Batgirl or even a Huntress, but she's a solid all around well-developed character. And arguably she's one of the most well rounded characters in Gotham city, in terms of actual characterization. It helps that she spent so long as a supporting character before being upgraded. Supporting characters always seem to be a bit better written than main characters for some reason. The good ones anyway. And she did always have that going for her. Even as a supporting character, she was a good one.

  • A pretty powerful witch who easily overpowered the Darkness. She didn't last long but she could have been a real scary villain. Shame they threw her away.

  • The Catwoman to Zorro's Batman. I approve.

  • I've tossed alot of Zorro wannabes onto the lame list, and rightly so. Most of them were not only pale imitations, but bad imitations. The original remains an iconic pulp hero for a reason though, and shame on me for leaving him off this list for so long.

  • Nothing glaringly wrong with her. She saved Lady Rawhide and vamp powers are generally pretty respectable.

  • Okay he's a horse...but damnit he's ZORRO'S Horse!

  • Nothing particularly impressive here frankly. Lackluster powers. I doubt she could give any serious DC martial Artists a noteworthy fight, but she does have some degree of skill. Despite the lack of potent powers, her powers can be used creatively and effectively, but she's not likely to ever really accomplish anything noteworthy from what I can gather here. Still she has a pretty decent background story from what I see so far, and though she's far from exceptional she does seem to at least be competent. Good enough to slide her into this list by the skin of her teeth.