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My Favs

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  • She is my absolute favorite. I love everything about her!!

  • Her nuturing nature and unbridled power over weather makes her my solid second.

  • One cannot lead without being taught. His compassion is unmatched.

  • I love the "elf". His spirit and personality drew me in.

  • Looks and power like her mother, but personality and identity all her own.

  • He is the perfect soldier. But the moments where his vunerability shows are his best.

  • His primal instincts mixed with his complex history/life makes it hard not to love.

  • To see a big hearted southern belle unable to have human contact was most intriguing.

  • There isnt anything I didnt like about him.. loved every aspect

  • DIDNT like her in the beginning, she was a real b*tch. Then I found myself liking her more after she switched sides.. (SHE RATES BELOW A CORPSE THO)..LOL